“April Foolery”

Photo review with; SAVANU,


Twas a fine gathering of Poets & Fools, Jesters and Japesters and Jollity in general,

as the Water rats held their APRIL FOOLERY event, their annual salute to the humorous, light-hearted and satirical in Poetry.

Naturally, Poets being what they are, some chose to read poems of Heart break, Desperation and Despair, but we laughed at those too, though the laughs on such occasions were often bitter or hollow.

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At this stage I must confess that while I took quite substantial notes during the Open Mic sessions and thru-out the day generally, alas, they have disappeared somewhere in the unholy depths of my In Tray, where no man goes..no, nor woman neither. Or possibly I lost them during happy Hour later that evening?..

So my review is sketchy at best this month. My apologies to the Open Mic folks. Fortunately we have the candid photography of Visual Arts Director Shane K to fill in the blank spots.

Singer/Songwriter QPapaYandi

Opening the day as we gathered to share our Words & Thoughts was street troubador and latest Water Rat recruit, Nigel QPapaYandi, with an upbeat set of his own thumpin & honkin’ tunes, playing his own material, both recent and new.

Brother Nige’ has played for the Kurilpa Poets a couple of times now, and it seems to me that there’s definitely a growing sophistication in his song-writing abilities. Certainly they were all well received by the steadily filling hall.

A shorter than usual Open Mic session nonetheless displayed much Heart, and anyway, this made some space for the days’ TWO Feature Poets.

First up, unless my memory fails, and it sometimes does, was one of Brisbanes most notoriously individualistic Poets, the ever sardonic SAVANU.

SAVANU practises his rabble rousing!

Despite his years as a fixture on the Brisburg Poetry Scene, this was SAV’s very first Feature Spot, if you can believe that, and he rose to the occasion confidently, delivering an upbeat and entertaining performance.

“I’m out of my HEAD-Head-head..!”, SAV assured us,

as he gave one of his distinctive cackles, the Laugh of the only Sane Man left in a World gone Mad, and by the end of his set his audience was laughing like that too. The Kurilpa Poets are proud to have had the honour of hosting this holy (if not wholly) madman.

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Refreshments were needed after that, and while QPapaYandi chanelled the spirit of early Bob Dylan, the strange images of Aus. Artist Jeffrey Smarts’, hyper-realist 20th century Landscapes of Urban Alienation played across the Virtual gallery.

QPapa sings the blues!

As always the generosity of the Kurilpa Crew provided a varied fabulous feast. While even the Vegans found enough to graze on, other tastes were well catered for and I for one particularly liked those tasty cocktail sausages Jezza bought..yum!

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A Spectre is stalking the Greenhouse!

After the break the ever eclectic Frank Jordan (a fount of all sorts of unsuspected knowledge)preached the Butterfly Revolution, as mug shots of the usual insect suspects fluttered on the Virtual gallery’s Big Screen. Frank gave a very entertaining and informative talk, peppered with obscure facts and showing us humans how even Kropotkin Ants and Imperialist Butterflies can co-operate! All Power to the Hive Soviets, comrade!

Preaching Insectism to the Masses, revolutionary etymologist, Comrade Frank.

Then it was time for the days main feature Poet, the Runner up in this years Kurilpa Poetry Cup, Mr Loc Tran.

Mr Loc Tran and awestruck audience

Reading selections from his 2011 slim volume of verse, OPEN HEART SURGERY, and other more recent work, he won over the audience from the start and held their attention through out. Loc has an ability to cut straight through with an open hearted commitment to emotional honesty in his Poetry. Here is a poet who understands that the only Great Poetry is the Poetry that speaks as True as you can possibly make it. I’ve sometimes chided Loc that he’s wasting his time with Architecture and should get serious and settle down to his poetry. I’m only half joking.

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The day ran a little late, as it always does when we’re having a good time, and the sun was setting by the time the last poems were read and the last stragglers were making their way to the LIZARD down at West End, for  Happy Hour, to continue the conviviality.

Where possibly I lost my notes..

See you all next month!

Damn! What WAS the next line???!!!

Photos; SHANE K








Sunday 30th April, 2pm

The Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, Sth Brisbane.


Yes it’s that time of the year when the jolly Jokesters, Japesters and Jesters

here at the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity

celebrate the Poetry of Mirth.

Feature Poet for this Feast of Frivolity

will be our very own Laughing Buddha,


Wordsmith most Wondrous,

Architect most Awesome

and Runner-Up at the celebrated

2017 Kurilpa Poetry Cup.

Loc Tran receiving award at 2017 KPC from a saintly Cam Logan

Meanwhile, providing a rockin’ and a rhymin’ soundtrack

as Mystery Musician, will be local singer/songwriter


Aside from solo appearances around the usual dives, Brother Q can be found performing regularly with the fabulous Whoopee-Do Crew, who appear at West Ends’ People’s Park every Wednesday and at West End and Gailes Community House events.

Q-Papa-Yandi is also a regular reader at the Kurilpa Poets’ Open Mic sessions, where he has often impressed the crowd with his free-flowing improvisational rap/poems.

Check out some of the Big Q’s sound at:



Up on the VIRTUAL GALLERY‘s big screen

we have a double- feature this month;

First half of the show we’ll be exhibiting the supra-surrealistic visions of expatriate Australian artist

Jeffrey Smart

best known perhaps for his grim, foreboding, urbanised landscapes, largely deserted but for the occasional appearance of lone, curiously vulnerable, human figures. Surely an amusingly ironic (if a little rusty) backdrop for the occasion.

After the tea-break the Human spirit soars aloft once more, rising from the Mud to the Stars, via the flittery, fluttery wings not of Angels but of Butterflies!


Local anarcho-entomologist Frank J will be

showing Butterfly & Flutterbug photos from his personal Collection throughout the second session, and will later expound on the Mysteries of these magnificent sea-creatures.

Anarcho-entomologist and precipitating agent for foreign powers, Frank J.


And of course as always, there will be






Meet our friendly kitchen staff! 

All this and more for a mere $5/($4 for members)

So come along and bring your funniest poem to read,

or bring your saddest and we’ll laugh at that!

But bring along your words, be they Prose or Poetry.

Or just come to Listen, and lie back and See!

Master of Ceremonies  & Figure of Fun, the Reverend Hellfire welcomes you aboard!


2013 in PHOTOS; June Poetry Picnic


The Year in Pictures

Photo-review of the Poetree Picnic

30th June 2013

We few, we happy few.. sheltering from the storm

We few, we happy few..
sheltering from the storm

Photographs taken and edited by Shane Kneipp

Words by the Reverend Hellfire 

From the Heart- Mr Loc Tran

From the Heart- Mr Loc Tran

Well, Sunday 30th Day of the Poetree Picnic dawned cold and wet.

Possibly the coldest, wettest day of the year in fact. Typical. At least there were no ants. (They probably drowned in their nests.)

Nontheless a hardy handful braved the storm to hear the poetry of one of the “League of Extraordinary Poets” bright, young stars, Mr Loc Tran.

There was a poem this big somewhere round here

There was a poem this big somewhere round here


Giving up all hope of picknicing we took shelter from the storm in the Olde Club-house.

An Architect by trade, by night Loc constructs dizzying,

archtectonic palaces of verse. His poetry is always deeply personal, honest with a raw edge of genuine emotion. Though there were a bare two dozen of us there that day (ah we Few! We happy Few! We band of Brothers! And gentlemen now safe abed will think themselves cursed they were not there!) Loc held nothing back and delivered a powerful performance.

I’ve seen Loc perform a number of times over the past year, and personally I think his delivery matures with each performance.

Sweetening the sour weather that day was the splendid catering of “Edge of the Plate” Catering. Ms Phaedra’s delicate sandwiches and delightful desserts brought compliments from all.

The Rev and Edge-of-the-Plate founder Phaedra sample the food.

The Rev and Edge-of-the-Plate founder Phaedra sample the food.


Thanks is also due to our Mystery Musician, young Danny, who was supposed to be part of a duo, but his partner got lost in the storm. Nontheless young Dan soldiered on by himself and we thank him for his contribution.


New Committee member Cam Logan tells us about his "Gentil Cock"!

New Committee member Cam Logan tells us about his “Gentil Cock”!

Rachael sees the light!

Rachael sees the light!

Fats Parameter pushes the boundaries

Fats Parameter pushes the boundaries

POW supremo Tony M steps forth

POW supremo Tony M steps forth

Poet Glen Manga on the Go!

Poet Glen Manga on the Go!

Poet Glen Manga on the Go!Poet Glen Manga on the Go!

Bill H shares his thoughts

Bill H shares his thoughts

Poet and Architect; Loc TranPoet and Architect; Loc Tran

Poet and Architect; Loc Tran

Poet and Architect; Loc Tran

el presedente considers his responsibilities

el presedente considers his responsibilities

el presedente considers his responsibilities

Thanks also to the brave poets who gathered today and contributed to the Open Mic sessions. Surely quality was not measured by quantity that day.

Later we watched Allen Ginsberg’s courtroom drama’s with HOWL on the big screen

As the light faded we set forth ravens and when they did not return we knew the selfish bastards had found land and so we departed till next month.


Post Script; It was also the day of the election of the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc.,’s new Executive Committee. KICI is of course the legal umbrella under which the Kurilpa Poets shelter.

Elected President was non-other than the Reverend Hellfire.

Also elected Secretary is the well-loved Linda Loop

Treasurer is Carol Balfour, trusted by all.

Also joining the Committee as non-office bearing members are Kurilpa plucky newcomers Rachael Dean,

and Cameron Logan

and the grave counsel of John Treason.

An exciting new team to take us into 2014!

Overcome with emotion, the Reverend duly was crowned with the Presidential crown. The crown (bearing a suspicious resemblence to a Fool’s Motley) was proudly worn by the Reverend for the rest of the afternoon

as a symbol of the gravitas of his High Office.


Introducing LOC TRAN- Junes feature poet

loc tran



Mild mannered poet by day..Batman by night?

If you were hanging around the Sunnyvale Art Gallery a few years ago, you may have seen a figure sitting at a table, pen in hand with a mad look in his eye as verse and rhyme crumbled and fell upon the page.

Loc Tran is a globetrotting wunderkind: originally a Seattle native, he began writing poetry at the age of 14.  In 2008, while working in Irvine, he joined the Uncultivated Rabbits– one of Southern California’s prominent poetry groups.  In 2009, he began experimenting with spoken word and performance poetry around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as the occasional foray into the Seattle poetry scene.  That same year, he performed his first feature set in San Francisco to an exuberant reaction, leading him to perform throughout the Bay Area until 2011 when he decided to head to Australia.

A man of versatility, Loc Tran has collaborated with various poets, MC’s, pianists, beat-boxers, guitarists, bassists, violinists, song-writers, and once found himself drinking on a rooftop with Emilie Autumn and TV on the Radio.  He has published one book to date, “Open Heart Surgery: A How-To Guide” (2011) and is constantly working on new material to experiment with on and off stage.

Architect by day, poet by night, Loc Tran is possibly Batman. We may never know, but the fact that he is an acknowledged member of the League of Extraordinary Poets may give us some clue as to his true identity.


LOC is the Kurilpa Poets feature poet for 30th June’s “Poetree Picnic”

home of the water rat



Sunday 30th June Poetree Picnic!

Kurilpa Poets

The Kurilpa Poets present

“A Poetree Picnic”

2pm Sunday 30th June


The Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia street, West End

The olde Croquet Club beneath the trees of Musgrave Park

The olde Croquet Club beneath the trees of Musgrave Park

Yes it’s another big event on the last Sunday of the month as the Kurilpa Poets gather beneath the shade of the trees of Musgrave Park.

First up is the KICI/Kurilpa Poets Annual General Meeting at 1pm. Please note that only registered members of KICI are entitled to vote at the AGM, though active supporters of the group are welcome to attend.


Business out of the way, we ‘ll be heading out doors this month to enjoy the “cheap showiness of nature” with a Poets Picnic on the lawn of the old Croquet Club, starting at 2pm.

All welcome! Bring a poem and a plate!

There’ll be an extended Open-Air Open Mic, and as usual the air will be filled with the sweet sounds of our Mystery Musician of the Month!

Feature Poet for June is the quietly extraordinary Loc Tran of the League of Extraordinary Poets.

Local Councillor Helen Abrahams has graciously loaned us a Marquee for the occasion and we thank her for her support.

Cucumber sandwiches & pikelets will be provided courtesy of “Edge of the Plate” catering.


As if all this is not enough, for those who want to shelter indoors, at3pm we’ll bescreening Rob Epstein’s 2010 film “HOWL”. Howl isa “non-linear”, arthouse style exploration of Allen Ginsberg’s epic screed of the same name. Described as an

exhilerating tribute from one Artform (cinema) to another (poetry)“,

Howl is partly animated, using the work of illustrator Eric Drooker and partly re-enacted history shot in a documentry style, with montage sequences dispersed throughout.

So, you get Poetry, a Picnic and a film for a mere $5 at the gate

($2 for Kurilpa members & the poor),

Talk about value for money!

But of course we ask the community minded to contribute to the feast by bringing a plate or a bottle of something.

And yes there is off-road parking.


So come on down Sunday 30th and join the fun.

Don’t worry if it rains! We’ll just set up the Marquee inside and Picnic on the Carpet.

Kurilpa Rat