2019 Kurilpa Poetry Cup! Line Up & Rules

Line Up & Rules for the fabulous


Sunday 30th June, 2pm

with Feature Poet & Guest Judge


& Mystery Musician


Ooh it Sparkles!

& the unsuspected Artistry of


the enigmatic Shane K

Master of Ceremonies


Yes once again the Kurilpa Poetry Cup is upon us,

a chance for all local Vocals & vociferous Versifiers to strut their stuff

and win fabulous prizes, including, of course,

the multi-purpose magnificence of the CUP itself,

as well as the traditional Bottle of Wine,

a Loaf of Bread & a Book of Verses,

and a small cash prize of $50,

plus a number of other subsidiary prizes to be awarded

to sundry contestants at the discretion of our esteemed Judge.

Jonno at Kurilpa poets 2016


This year we are honoured to have help with the Judging duties for the KP CUP, non-other than our very own Political Firebrand and Poetic Maverick, local Greens councillor, Jonathan SRI.

Jonno has always been a keen supporter of the Kurilpa Poets and Poetry in general. Indeed, he is a polished and articulate poetic performer in his own right, and we look forward to his return appearance at the Croquet Club for the 2019 Kurilpa Poetry Cup.

Judging Poetry can be a difficult business, (Poets have been known to bve overly sensitive!) and we thank Jonno for taking the time out from his busy schedule to take on yet another “civic duty”.

2013 kurilpa cup

The guidelines are pretty much the same as in previous years..


*There is no fee for competing in the Cup.

*Sign up is from 1.45.

*The first round will start approx 2.20.

*A number of finalists will be selected to go on to the final round, so have at least 2 two poems prepared.

*You can use props or musical instruments or assistants.

*There is not usually a time limit, but if there are a large number of entrants we may have to ration out reading time on the day. We therefore advise keeping yr poems under the 4 minute mark.

The Winning Poet will be showered with prizes, these being;

*An elegant, re-purposed Trophy (reputed to possess Mystical Powers!)

*A handsome certificate suitable for framing or wrapping fish

*$50 in cash,

and of course, the traditional

*Loaf of Bread, Jug of Wine and Book of Verses.


There will also be a Peoples Choice Award, and worthy competing Poets this year may be awarded various other trinkets for their efforts as the Judges whim or fancy dictates.

For those interested in learning more about the origins and history of this Iconic Event, the Reverend Hellfire has produced an historical monograph, which can be read



Kurilpa Cup 2019

Hear ye, hear ye, ratbags and misfits of Kurilpa!

(and Brisbane Poetry in general).

The time is nigh once again for the fabled

Kurilpa Poetry Cup


The previous year’s cup, (rumoured to hold mystical powers)…


Stay tuned, gentlefolk, as the final details for this noble tradition of the spoken word are even now taking shape. An esteemed guest poet will shortly be




invited to act as judge for the day’s contest, which will see entrants competing not only for the fabulous Kurilpa Cup itself, but also for the associated subsidiary prizes traditionally presented to the winner, these being;

a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and a book of verse.

There will also be some cash and some handsome certificates presented not just to the Winner but to the Runners Up to commemorate their Triumph, and indeed there will be a general grab bag of prizes to be presented, as whim and fancy dictates, to competing poets on the day.

So get ready, Brisbane! Gird your loins, sharpen your teeth and bring your bitter words! Bring your sweet sonnets! Bring your sarcastic satires!

Bring your sonorous Odes!

Sunday, 30th June,

Door Opens 2pm with our

 Mystery Musician of the Month!!!

at the West End Croquet Club,

91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane.

More details TBA soon!

2018 KPcup



2014silver cup forest cropped

The 2014 Kurilpa Poetry Cup

Sunday, 28th February, 2016

The Kurilpa Poetry Cup


starts 2pm at the Olde Croquet Club,

Musgrave Park,

91 Cordelia Street, West End.


Fabulous Prizes to be won!


Special Feature Poets!


Amazing Mystery Musicians!


Free Food! Free Parking!


And More!! Stay tuned for further details..

2013 Cup winner Tony Kneipp

2013 Cup winner Tony Kneipp

Yes the Kurilpa Poets are back and are starting 2016 with a big bang!

The fabulous Kurilpa Poetry Cup returns for the fifth year to open the 2016 Brisbane Poetry Season, and competition for the coveted Cup (renowned for it’s mystical powers) is sure to be keen. As always the winner will receive not only the esteemed Artefact itself, but also fifty dollars cash in hand, the traditional “book of verses, loaf of bread and jug of wine” and a handsome certificate suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

The runners up will get something nice to console them.

So brush up your poems, practise your declamation,

comes the hour, comes the poet!

2015 Cup winner Cam Logan with Judge Archie and the Reverend

2015 Cup winner Cam Logan with Judge Archie and the Reverend

We’ve also got some amazing artists lined up as Feature Poet and Mystery Musician for this event, whose presence alone would make the day worth attending. Details TBA in the coming days.

A history of the Cup and the “rules of engagement”

will also be posted here before the event.

Any queries drop us a line, either on Facebook or to kurilpapoets@yahoo.com.au*

The 2015 Kurilpa Cup

The 2015 Kurilpa Cup

Price of entry $5 at the door. Free to enter Competition


2015 KURILPA POETRY CUP returns, 22nd February

“A Loaf of Bread, A Jug of Wine and a Book of Verse!”

What’s this, you say? An old shopping list found in Judith Wright’s pocket?

NO Friends! It’s time for


2014 cup look silver cropreduced

Yes, on Sunday 22nd February, 2015, starting at 2pm,
the highly esteemed Kurilpa Poetry Cup
will be held once more.
The prize for First Place includes,

as well as the traditional loaf of bread, jug of wine

and book of verse, the sum of $50 in unmarked bills,

a handsome certificate suitable for framing, the esteem of your peers and of course, the fabulous Kurilpa Cup itself.

dushan with bread and wine

2014 Cup winner Dushan Bojic contemplates the vintage..

We are also proud to announce that our Feature Poet for February and also Honourary Judge for the Cup,

will be non-other than respected local Uber-poet,

Robin Archbold.
And a special Mystery Musician is waiting in the wings,

flexing his fingers. His identity TBA!

A cupwinner & Rev

Surely a special occasion is in the making. But there is one Fly in our ointment..

All this could be yours. 2013 cup winner Tony Kneipp gloats over his haul..

All this could be yours. 2013 cup winner Tony Kneipp gloats over his haul..


The Reverend prays to the Great Water Rat to lead the Kurilpa Poets to a new home..

The Reverend prays to the Great Water Rat to lead the Kurilpa Poets to a new home..

Please note that the Kurilpa Cup will not be held at

our regular venue this year.

Due to long awaited renovations to the old Croquet Club

in Musgrave Park finally commencing, the Kurilpa Poets will be

“Cultural Couch Surfers” for the next few months,

and thus popping up in strange and unexpected places.

(For example we will be appearing at the Kurilpa Hall

for our 29th March show.)

Discussions are currently being conducted with a number of suitable local venues and we expect to be able to confirm our

location for the Kurilpa Cup on 22nd February

before the end of this week.

In the meantime; Polish those Poems!

More details will be appearing in the Water-Rat Gazette
in coming days. Stay tuned..

contestants line up

The contestants line up


 home of the water rat2


A Call for Poems!
Esteemed local independant magazine, The Westender, in conjunction with Bent Books is relaunching it’s monthly Poetry Competition and
is now calling for submissions.
The winning poet for the month will recieve a $50 book voucher from Bent Books. And of course the winning poem will appear in that months edition of the Westender.
So send your poems (up to three at a time ok. Shorter poems are preferred)
to; Westender Poetry Prize
PO box 5789
West End, 4101

And for you young ones who don’t know how to use snail mail,
send your poems email,
headed “Poetry Prize” to

Or just go thru the Westender Website at http://www.westender.com.au and follow the links to the Poetry Prize.

Closing date for the March Edition is February 21st so better get to it lassies and lads.

The Kurilpa Poets are are proud to be helping to administer this competition, and thank the Westender and Bent Books for supporting the Muse in our local area. Indeed, there are more Poetic Plans afoot for the Kurilpa Peninsula in the coming months so stay tuned, Water-Rats.

Walk Into the light