March Photo Review; Having a Ball with Tom & the Crew

March Photo review;

Tom Ball and his band of Merry Makers Whoop it Up!


No, you weren’t seeing double. There were two Men in Black at Kurilpa Poets this month as the Reverend Hellfire & the Water-Rat Crew were joined by West End’s very own Johnny Cash, journeyman Troubadour Tom Smith and his crew of merry Muso’s.

The Men in Black; Reverend Hellfire & Tom Smith

Open Mic saw a fine line up of Poets who brought us back in touch with our roots, delving deep into the earth, sprouting lines like vines of verbiage blending with the foliage of the trees of Musgrave Park around us.

The Rev opened the show with some fine alchemical ramblings on the nature of Earth; “Earth is a girl with a Dry sense of Humour”, quoth he.

A dapper Thomas Nelson delivered philosophical Earth musings that evoked the sweet smell of rain on the Earth, as the monumental figures of William Blake’s Angels & Spirits arose like statues of rock on the Virtual Galleries Gig Screen.,

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Jeffrey “Shakey” Evans, claiming to channel the Spirit of William Shakespeare (with perhaps a dash of Keats thrown in)delivered a rapid fire barrage of words, ultimately working himself up to an epileptic like peak of passion! You could really see where the “Shake in “Shake-speare” comes from!

SAVANU assured us what a Wonderful World it could be, and deplored a life where everything has become a job.

Visual Arts Director Shane K delivered a montage of urban images delivered with a surrealist intensity and later gave us a few thoughts on the Art of Visionary Genius/Madman; Mr William Blake.

and a little child shall lead them

Linda Loop emerged from the kitchen after the break to sing sweet, sweet music,/Words emerge from unlikely sources/

more voices speak in tounges and teeth/ my notes fall apart and are lost/

lines emerge from my jumbled notes;

“Our children are not our Children, they are Life’s”

The most powerful poems of the Open Mic sessions were undoubtedly those the “other Shane“, a young man whose writing is delivered thru the medium of his mother Val and a laptop. Unable to communicate as you and I do, Shane types out his poems on the keyboard, with the assistance of his Mother helping to steady his hand as he does so. Val then reads out the Poems and communications in general thus composed. The result is a surprise, stunning poems of Flight and Freedom that left a stunned audience sitting some moments in silent appreciation before erupting into heart-felt applause.

Open Mic Time, Shane and Val step up

But the day truly belonged to Tom Smith and his ever shifting, kaleidoscopic assemblages of musicians, who really lifted the Spirits of all attending, creating a great Community Atmosphere/ a tribal togetherness with his vagrant band of buskers and strummers.

The first set Tom started off with his ongoing Community Group, the Whoopee-do Crowd, the second set was supposedly Tom & the “Songs of Tom Smith Band“, the free-floating ensemble of muso’s dedicated to playing the actual songs of Tom Smith. Confused yet? Doesn’t matter, it all sounded great, and anyway there was a certain amount of leakage of personel between the two groups anway so boundaries were fairly fluid.

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Special note must be made when brother Nigel QPapaYandi joined the Tom & the SOTS to blast out some sweet, sweet blues harmonica riffs. Nice. Also really liked the Cohen-esque song Tom chose for the SOTS opener in the second set, called, so I’m told; “I don’t care what people think“.

All in all a great afternoon, fine food, rousing music, thoughtful words, amusing company. Dig it.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

See you all next time.

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words; Unckle Rat

Photos; Shane K



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Introducing March Mystery Muso TOM SMITH

The Songs of Tom Smith


It can be hard to have a Big Heart in this unfeeling, materialistic society, but our Mystery Musician for March has found a way to survive & thrive through the healing powers of Creativity & Community.

Journeyman-Troubadour Tom Smith and his guitar are familiar figures at Kurilpa Cultural Events in recent years, often organising his own events whilst appearing regularly on street-corners & bars, Festivals & jams, weddings, parties & anything.

Back in January 2013, Tom half-jokingly put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to have his songs as they were of no use to him!

He certainly never expected the creative surge that produced the ‘You Do It, I Can’t Be Bothered!’musical artefact, an album of 25 songs he had previously written but had never played live or recorded.

He was deeply heartened by the results of this Project and was inspired to once again  present his songs in performance. Needing a vehicle to drive his Dream to it’s Destination, he created the free-form ensemble known as; ‘The Songs of Tom Smith’- a band with a floating membership. Indeed Tom is not necessarily always in the line-up even! The only constant is, as the name suggests, that the actual songs of Tom Smith themselves form the groups repertoire.

Tom also runs the ‘Whoopee-Do Crew’ who are a community song writing collective, perhaps most often seen performing on Wednesdays at the little People’s Park on Boundary Street, opposite the Big Lizard.

You can see Tom & the jolly Whoopee-do-Crew whoop it up via the wonders of technology here;

So come along on Sunday the 25th

to witness this fab local Entertainer in action, and who knows, maybe some Whoopee-Doers will make an appearance as well.


Sunday 27TH July- 8 Minutes withKURILPA POETS

Hey thats NOW!!!


greetings from Nimbin

Main Street Nimbin, High Noon for Performance Poetry looms..



8 Minutes till Nimbin!

Special Extended Open Mic Sessions!!

Sunday July 27th, 2pm

91 Cordelia Street, West End,

on the edge of sacred Musgrave Park,

in The Olde Croquet Club

The July Kurilpa Poets Get Together this month features a special “extended Mic Session” where those local Poets preparing to journey south next week and appear

in the esteemed annual poetic event,

The Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup

(occuring as always

over the first Weekend of August)

will have the opportunity to have a trial run

to test their material out on a friendly audience,

and to get their poetic timing

nailed right down to the second.

(Those Nimbin judges can be right funny about Time).

Main street Nimbin

High Noon for Performance Poetry looms in the Main Street of Nimbin!

Reverend Hellfire will be MC‘ing

as well as running thru his own Nimbin Set,

his first performance since returning from

his recent much publicised, “Mysterious Disappearance”.  (see; 

Join the REV and other Water-rats

as they prepare to strut their stuff.

But it doesn’t matter

if you’re not going down to the Cup

or if you only have one short poem

or you have a ten minute story.

We’d still love to hear your Words.

(tho the story might be cut into two episodes!)

crowd shot


Also featured this month will be

the frentic video madness of Japanese Pop Artist,


and who knows what other AV madness

our Visual Arts Director Shane K.

will choose to dredge up from the vaults

and splatter on the inside of our skulls.

krazy keyboard antics

Local buskers and musicians are welcome also

to share their sounds/and or provide musical accompaniment

at the Kurilpa Poets gigs.

Buskers! Ask about becoming “Mystery Musician of the Month“!

Local Artists! Ask about our “Virtual Gallery

and appear on our walls!

Free on site parking! Just go thru the boom-gate!

Free food and drink provided as alwaysfood for the people help yourself

and as always we encourge

the community minded to bring a plate

or a bottle sweet to share at the feast.

Entry this month $5 to the public,

$3 to members and the poor,

but hey,

we aint turned away anyone yet.

If you’ve got poetry or music to share

we’ll always let you in.



club lawn and tree***************

home of the water rat2

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Upcoming Events for 2014

Kurilpa place setter for2014JUly W frame

Generally speaking in a general way

the Kurilpa Poets meet on the last Sunday

of every calender month.

There are always Open Mic sessions

and “first timers” are welcome

in the informal, relaxed atmosphere.

Food and drink are covered by the door fee.

$5 or $3 for members.

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Mystery Musician of the Month-Matt Barnes


Matt Barnes


If you’re walking down Boundary street past the Vulture street corner, you may be lucky enough to hear the bitter sweet, lonesome sounds of some “Paris, Texas” style, laid-back slide guitar, or some foot-stomping rumbly rock n’ roll riffs that give your step a bit of a lift as you’re crossing at the lights.

Yes Matt Barnes, street musician, has set up his pitch at his favourite spot outside the chemist. (Best acoustics for busking in West End, or so I’m told)

Following his musical dream for over fifteen years, Matt plays a diverse range of guitars and related instruments, as well as being a vocalist and occasional harmonica player. His love of the music of the American Deep South shines through in his playing, with nods to Blues, Funk and Gospel.

Currently when not found on his home turf he can be found wandering around Brisbane’s familiar busking locations entertaining the people. He has plans to launch projects teaching and recording in the near future.

A man who believes in his Art don’t miss his performance this

Sunday 23rd February, at 2pm,

at the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street West End,

on the edge of Musgrave Park.





a swampfish emerges on dry land

a swampfish emerges on dry land


Calling all local Buskers!




“Mystery Musician of the Month!”




Calling all West End, indeed, calling all Brisbane Buskers; How’d you like to have a gig out of the wind and rain? Salvation is at Hand!


For it is the tradition of the Kurilpa Poets to have a Mystery Musician perform at our monthly events at the Olde Croquet Club Hall in Musgrave Park. We like to leaven our Words with Music, and indeed Performance and Visual Art are also tossed into the mix when in they’re in season.


And in order to foster community culture, it is our Policy to select each month one of our fine local buskers off the streets of West End to be the Kurilpa Poet’s Mystery Musician. (Favoured scouting locations include the Big Lizard and the corner of Boundary & Vulture outside the chemist.) We’ve had some great musicians enliven our sessions, with perhaps the blues/roots duo, “The Swampfish” evoking special memories with their down-home tunes.


But now we’re casting the net wider and inviting all local Buskers and Musicians in general to apply for this esteemed gig. Just get in touch with us here at the Water-Rat Gazette or at;


or send us an email to;


and you can send us a demo or tell us when and where you’re busking.

For full details go to



The fabulous Kurilpa Cup

The fabulous Kurilpa Cup


The KURILPA POETS present;

Sunday, 24th February 2pm

The Kurilpa Cup Super Slam


feature poet David Hallett


The KURILPA POETS are starting their 2013 programme with a great double-featured event back in the old Croquet Club in Musgrave Park. First up is the esteemed

Kurilpa Cup Performance Poetry Super Slam

The winner of the Slam will receive the fabulous KURILPA CUP. This handsome crystal Goblet was meticulously designed & decorated by the multi-talented master-craftsman & poet, Dushan Bojic. Dushan’s uniquely decorated glassware has won a world-wide market and commands high prices, so we thank him for his donation of this fine vessel.

As well as the Cup itself the Poet awarded first place receives (roll of drums)..

* a $30 dollar cash prize in unmarked, non sequential bills.

*a handsome certificate commemorating their Victory

* Plus; a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and a book of verses!

The winning poem will also appear on our website the Water Rat Gazette

But this being a Kurilpa Poets event no effort goes unrewarded so there’ll be lots of consolation prizes for the runners-up.

So come one, come all! The Slam is Free to enter. Poems can run up to 4 minutes or so. Bring a second poem in case your selected as a finalist. Props and instruments are allowed.

Plus Special Feature Poet; DAVID HALLETT

wordsmith David Hallett

wordsmith David Hallett

As if this wasn’t enough, the Kurilpa Poets are proud to be able to present (at last) the Master-Slammer and legendary Performance Poet, David Hallett.

David is the founder and manager of two of Australia’s longest running and most esteemed poetry events; Byron Bay’s “Writers at the Rails” and Lismore’s “Live Poets.” He is also twice winner of the Poetry Olympics at the Sydney Writers Festival, as well as winning the 2003 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, the Byron Bay Festival Poetry Prize AND the “Spirit of Woodford Prize” in 2005.

His poetry jumps from page to stage, leap-frogging sexual, social and personal politics wearing its heart on its sleeve and its tongue firmly in cheek. He has performed in the beat Cafes of New York and the Sydney Opera House. Now he manifests in Brisbane for the Kurilpa Poets. Don’t miss this his only Brisbane show!

*Plus this Months Mystery Musician; Tania Tulip

Each month the Kurilpa Poets selects one of West Ends fine buskers to appear as our “Mystery Musician” and provide a musical interlude. However this months Mystery Musician, Tania Tulip, has disappeared. Tania where are you? It’s all a mystery. Prepare to be surprised.

reading the fine print-Dushan Bojic

reading the fine print-Dushan Bojic

* Further adding to the events ambience will be the Audio-Visual projections of Cup-maker Dushan Bojic. Featuring Dushans latest experiments in visual/sound art design these will be being projected at various times thruout the event.

kurilpa cup

Also appearing that day, to amuse the crowd with his unpredictable antics & fire-breathing poetry, will be

The Reverend Hellfire as Master of Ceremonies.

Non-attendees be warned; you will be excommunicated!

rev on fire

Tea, Coffee and Light Refreshments;

are generously provided by the Kurilpa Poets. But we’re just a bunch of poor poets, so we love it when people get involved and contribute something to the table. Be it a pack of biscuits or a loaf of bread or a bottle of cheap red, your gesture will be appreciated.


The Kurilpa Poets are conveniently located at

the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End.

This charming little hall is situated amongst the trees on the edge of Musgrave Park. Come and join us in its air-conditioned comfort.



The price for this fabulous event is a mere $5 for the waged and $2 for the poor.

We’re close to West End & Fairfield bus routes and there is on-site parking.

Hope to see you there!


Check out Kurilpa Poet updates, news and reviews on our website,

The Water-Rat Gazette

located at ;


David Hallett words and works can be found at


Can you win the Kurilpa Cup?

Can you win the Kurilpa Cup?






“You handle the sonnets, I’ll do the odes.”


Wild Women

of Poetry hit West End


Attention all lovers of poetry in the Brisbane Area!!

On Sunday 4th of November, starting at 2pm, The Kurilpa Poets will be staging their latest poetic extravaganza, intriguingly entitled, the “Wild Women of Poetry” show. Featuring some of Brisbanes finest female poetic practitioners, this event is sure to entertain and enlighten.

The Kurilpa Poets are conveniently located at the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End. This charming litle hall is situated right next to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the edge of Musgrave Park.

Performing on the day will be..

Theresa Creed

Theresa is an elder of the Kalkadoon and Pitta Pitta nations. She has performed nationally and internationally as a singer, actor and dancer and is now reinventing herself as a poet. Theresa’s words speak of the deep scars of invasion and colonisation as well as the irrepressible joy of Aboriginal life.

Rachael Dean

Theformer host of the renowned Cafe Checocho’s Poetry Jam and now member of the League of Extraordinary Poets has been described as; the flower child/ fairy-goddess of poetry.”

Her verse like sacred mantras,

ranging from Lullaby to Hurricane,

creating and destroying Universes in between..or so it is written.

Her work can be found on the net under the psuedonym of Violet Wade at

Arafa Al-Mughairi

Known in the underground hip-hop scene as “The Sneaky Poet”, Arafa Al-Mughairi presents a lyrical orchestra of longing, of softly intoned desires, of the understandings and revelations we etch on our lover’s skins. As a member of The League of Extraordinary Poets, Arafa has wowed audiences across the country.Her work appears on their site

http://league of

Stephanie Petrik

This Wildchild of the Written Word will be making a special Virtual Appearance through the wonders of technology. We look forward to this manifestation.


Mystery Musician of the Month;

For each show the Kurilpa Poets goes out and selects one of the fine local buskers found on the streets of West End. This month the fabulous Paula Hackney will be wowing us with the sweet sounds of her magical Ukulele.

She doesn’t have a website but she can often be seen on the corner of Vulture & Boundary Streets on Friday nights.

Token male;

The Reverend Hellfire will be providing gender equity as Master of Ceremonies.

Open Mic Session-all genders welcome!

As always there will be our popular Open Mic Session, where all are invited to come forth and share their poems in Kurilpa’s famously informal and friendly atmosphere.

Tea, Coffee and Light Refreshments will be provided by the Kurilpa Poets. But we’re just a bunch of poor poets, so if you’re feeling generous we’d love people to get involved and contribute something to the table. Be it a pack of bicuits or a loaf of bread or a bottle of cheap red, we’d appreciate the gesture.


The price for this fabulous event is a mere $5 for the waged and $2 for the poor.

We’re close to West End & Fairfield bus routes and there is on-site parking.

Hope to see you there!

The KURILPA POETS dedicate this event in honour of the PUSSY RIOT COLLECTIVE.