“FRIENDLY FIRE”, Sunday 29th April, 2pm


SUNDAY, 29th APRIL, 2pm

91 Cordelia Street, Sth Brisbane

April, Month of Fools parades pompously into the room,

declaiming Heroic Verse, slips on a banana peel, turns a somersault and explodes into verbal fireworks while simmering word-bombs & Creative Bursts blast forth as the Kurilpa Poets presents the third our Elemental themed events,

exploring the Mysteries of the fiery Element.

Never mind. One has to expect a certain amount of collateral casualties when you’re featuring such artists as the REVEREND HELLFIRE, JEM SPARKLES and, all the way up from Melbourne, for one show only, Mr Suave himself,


Sasha has been very busy in Melbourne down with a wide variety of creative projects so we’re extremely pleased he’s found the time to put in one of his rare Brisbane appearances.

On this occasion Sash will be dashing in and doing a mix of spoken word and original musical pieces. An intelligent writer of words, an intense performer of music, don’t miss this rare opportunity to catch up on the latest out-pourings from this talented artist.



Taking a break from MC duties, the Rev will be taking us on a Trip thru the Underworld to visit the Poetic Greats of the Past! Yes from Homer to Dylan Thomas, Baudelaire and Beyond, the Reverend will be invoking the Spirits of Dead Poets and seeking their Inspiration before your very eyes! Dante eat your Heart Out! Who needs Virgil for a guide thru the Underworld when you have the Reverend Hellfire!



presents the West End Launch

of her fabulous, new EP


This is the Sparkly One’s first recorded product, containing four of her own, original songs. She has the knack of writing catchy/classic tunes with simple but heart-felt lyrics and we’re certainly looking forward to hearing her perform the new songs from Beautiful Life at the Croquet Club this Sunday.

Not sure what format/s BEAUTIFUL LIFE is being made available in (CD? Download? Wax Cylinders? Cuneiform Clay Tablets?) but copies of this artifact will be available for purchase and autographing I am reliably informed.

The Virtual Gallery’s Big Screen will be featuring the sometimes disturbingly domestic Art of talented American Impressionist painter and printmaker,

Mary Cassatt

Expect lots of glowing, idealised, Impressionist mother and childe style portraits. (eds note: Personally I find some of her stuff strange, even a bit creepy..is she subverting paradigms or reinforcing patriarchal stereo-types of women? Or did she just paint what she saw? Our Visual Arts Director no doubt, will explain all and assuage my concerns.)


As always there’ll be Free Food & Refreshments, Free Onsite Parking, Two Open-Mic Sessions, Friendly Company, Great Music and thought provoking Words. All this and more for a mere $5! Come and join us this Sunday ‘neath the sacred trees of Musgrave Park.

As always we encourage the community-minded to bring a bottle or a packet or a plate of something nice along to add to the Feast. We also encourage people to bring something to read, their own work or others, verse or story. But mainly just bring yourself!



And so the 2015 KURILPA PERFORMANCE POETRY CUP rolled around..

The Hall resounded to Mad verse, Sub-verse and Per-verse.

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Master Poet Robin Archbold gave us a rousing performance and an ongoing demonstration of the Powers of Performance Poetry..

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Sasha Cuha, soon to be Melbourne bound, gave us a final rousing appearance, with the help of the ever demure Ms Noella Criminova..

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A divers selection of ye Poets entered the fray..

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But at the end of the day there was one winner, and that was Cam Logan, the winner of the original Kurilpa Cup! (of course back then we didn’t even have a cup. We were too poor..) Though dripping with sweat from his exertions as this months Mystery Musician, Cam delivered two outstanding performances this year that had the crowd cheering, and won the heart of our highly esteemed judge, Mr Robin Archbold himself. Actually Cams battle with the ancient out of tune piano and its nest of angry ants was worth an Award in itself!

Arch also gave a very informative talk on the gentle Art of Performance Poetry, which we hope to put up on You Tube in the not too distant Future. Tune in here also on coming weeks to read Cams prize winning poem, and excerpts from his ragged ragtime antics!

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September WORD JAM Photo Review

C360_2014-09-28-14-54-23-842 copy

Kurilpa Elder, Paul Dobbyn


The ever dapper Rev Hellfire



PhoTO RevIew

SEptember 28th, the Kurilpa Poet Meet

                     was a colourful Do,

with plenty of fine words,

           and some sweet Tones Too.

Blushing bride

Theresa Tracey nee/ Creed

                                         opened the Show/

                           we all took heed.

Then the open Mic Poets took off

running next,

KUDOS young Man!

KUDOS young Man!

                                        it was Go man Go!

Gil Daleys Visuals

swirled in the Gallery Virtual,

the Rotunda as always

was filled with folk affable,

afterwords it was all

Sonic Soup and Word Stew

as musos and poets twanged, howled and blew,

Linda Loop, the Rev and Cam

Sasha, Noelle, Tony, Sam

and others unnamed

                         all had a go at this word/music game.

                                   Later survivors lay on the lawn

C360_2014-09-28-15-10-11-332 copy

Tony (Pig City) K.

and watched the sun set

and the night being born.

See you all in October, Water Rats!


Photos by Shane Kneipp. Words by Unckle Rat.


C360_2014-09-28-15-07-23-192 copy

Bush Poet Anita comes to town




Sash Cuha reads the Bible

C360_2014-09-28-16-03-20-420 copy

C360_2014-09-28-17-16-50-600 copyC360_2014-09-28-16-17-47-965 copy Noelle Crim & Mr S


PhoTO RevIew

SEptember 28th, the Kurilpa Poet Meet


C360_2014-09-28-16-14-46-594 copy


C360_2014-09-28-16-26-57-701 copy


C360_2014-09-28-16-37-33-631 copy

C360_2014-09-28-17-17-58-154 copyC360_2014-09-28-16-43-10-497

C360_2014-09-28-17-14-48-698 copy


ELEMENTAL –Photo Review

The Alchemy of Poetry

Photo Review: Kurilpa Poets at West End Library

19th July, 2014

featuring:  Sasha Cuha,

                   Cameron Logan

and the  Reverend Hellfire.

Review written by Unckle Rat. Photos by Shane Kneipp

The Reverend Hellfire invokes the Alchemy of Poetry

The Reverend Hellfire distills the Alchemy of Poetry


curious crowd gathered that Thursday evening

to witness the Kurilpa Poets work their magic

in an attempt to transmute the base substance of Reality


into the Alchemical



of Poetry.

Dealt some technical difficulties at the last moment

with the projector, the Poets overcame handicaps

and delivered a powerful performance.

Down to mood lighting and candles,

a suitably mystic ambience was created

as the three feature poets took turns at the Mic.

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and this chap came all the way from Manchester to be here

and this chap came all the way from Manchester to be here





crowd shot

Performing for the first time a suite of “Elemental” poems, the Reverend struck a ritual note that gave the Evening structure and added new dimensions to the groups work. The Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit were all exposed to a surrealistic/impressionistic character sketch cum invocation.


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neil short

Neil Short of the West End Library was our genial host


audience member Mr Keneally spake also

audience member Mr Keneally spake also












Spontaneous artistic contributions from the audience was the order of the day. Bob Mud wandered around

playing soothing ambient sounds on his eclectic collection

of odd instruments, whilst known Sasha Cuha associate,

Red headed Samwise on guitar, likewise

provided some Life and colour to the night’s proceedings

with his impromptu riffings and melodic explorations.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


test rev amuses crowdopen mic bob mudtes5sash bent  lib crowd cam greentestsash crwodxtest red revx





test sammie clapsTony Kneipp steps up



Later, suitably refreshed, the house lights went back on

and we were treated to a diverse selection of verse

from audience members. The feature poets also

did a reprise at this time

bringing the evening to a successful close.

Poets up Late?

Why, the evening for some of us had just begun!


Elemental! Poets manifest at West End Library, June 19th

 rev on fire

West End Library & the

Kurilpa Poets

are proud to present

Poets Up Late!


Thursday 19th June


178 Boundary Street

West End

In Celebration of the Approaching Solstice

the Reverend




will perform 


Five Poetic Invocations to

the Elements


Water, Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit.


Manifesting also on this occasion

Shamanic chants, Rants and Mantra’s from

Multi-faceted Gold Coast Artist, Poet & Musician

Sasha Cuha,

***Sasha flipped head

Completing the Triad, Kurilpa Cup winner and native Ipswichian

Cameron Logan

Cameron Logan
Cameron Logan

will be Opening his own Weird & Wonderous worde-horde of Way-out and Wacky Wisdom!


* Free Entry * Open Mic session * all welcome *

* Refreshments will be Served at Intermission *

for more information Call West End Library on (07) 3403 8620


final logo Jpig


Photo review- Last 2013 show featuring Sasha



Farewell to 2013


Photo-Essay of the final gathering of the year,
Sunday 24th November


The Rev was, as always, the consummate MC

Although not our largest turnout, folks already starting to drift off for the summer it seems, a good time was had by all in attendance, and some fine words and sentiments were shared. It was a friendly, relaxed finale to the Long March that was 2013. Strangely, there was a solid turn-out of old Anarchists come to check out the upcoming generation of ratbags


Tony K in full swing.



Kalkadoon & Pitta Pitta elder, Theresa Creed entertained with both poetry and song…

… with the accompaniment of John Tracy, still wanted by police for assistance with their interior designing.



There was a surprising lack of phones or tablets this month.


Hanging on every word…

November’s feature poet, Sasha Cuha gave a rousing and impassioned reading that was enthusiastically received. And how he manages to defy the Summer humidity and still turn out dapper and elegant is beyond my comprehension. It was so hot that even the Reverend’s eyeliner was running!


The Rev warning Sasha that he wants a good, clean reading, with no verses below the belt.



Poetry as a full contact body sport.

Sasha also provided the full son et lumiere with a slide show of his quietly alarming art.


More photo-highlights of Kurilpa Shows from 2013 are to be published here soon, including our “Feature Poets Wall of Fame”! This page will be a tribute to all those great poets and performers who have donated their Time and Talent and shared their Verse and Vision with us. Stay tuned Water-Rats..


Photos by Shane Kneipp. Words by Shane Kneipp & the Reverend.



Kurilpa Poets present SASHA ČUHA 24th Nov



Sunday 24th November 2pm

Last Exit from 2013!

Sasha Cusak eyes the world 

Its the last Kurilpa Poets Event for 2013, so don’t miss out

fellow Water Rats and Friends!!

This month featuring

the Verse and Visions of



Sasha C profile  

The Gold Coast is noted most for its Beaches, Bling and Bikers, but it is also the home of this months Feature Poet, the ever dapper and debonair, Mr Sasha Čuha. A noted performer & poet in clubs and bars and dives of todays Poetry scene, Sasha

wields a mean paint brush as well, and will be graciously exhibiting a selection of his artistic works on this occasion for our delectation and delight.

Sasha is one of the youngest Kurilpa Poets and surely one of the most multi-talented.

Not only is he a poet and painter but actor as well, having made numerous appearances on stage and screen,

including a stretch as a Witch in Macbeth and a leading role in a recent production of the Glass Menagerie. Sash further likes to stretch the envelope by doing stunt-work in his quieter moments! So come along November 24th and watch him crash-test the Arts!


the electric sasha C

As always one of our magnificent

Bob Mud plays


will be providing melodious Modes and Moods

to massage the minds of the masses.

Open Mic time

Open Mic time


Don’t forget to bring your own poems or stories,

raves or rants

for your last chance in 2013 to participate in

Brisbane’s Openest OPEN MIC SESSIONS.

Come share your own words,

You will be heard,

First time readers welcome!

reverend profile red


Master of Ceremonies is the always unpredictable

Reverend Hellfire

who will on this occasion be reading a unique poem

never before, or evermore to be, heard again

in celebration of the year past!


food for the people 2

As always a delicious array of afternoon edibles and refreshments

are provided as part of the door price. Please note we encourage

the community-minded to bring a plate,

or a bottle of something cool, to contribute to the feast,

but bring yourself at the very least!

food for the people help yourself


Free on-site parking!


All this and more for a mere $5!

At the Old Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street,

West End.

on the edge of historic Musgrave Park

So come and join us beneath the trees,

we’ll share our words and be at ease!

The Olde Croquet Club-House & Tree


Note; The Laura Street Festival is on also later that day and is an easy walk from the Olde Croquet Club. So you can start your Cultural Safari

in air-conditioned comfort with the KURILPA POETS

before wandering out to taste the wonders

of Laura Street in the cool of the afternoon.


to contact the Kurilpa Poets write to


Kurilpa Poets Logo





Robin Archbold performs May 26th!

HandbillforMay2013 corrected

Archie Profile Pic BSNB 3 

Yes its a big event this month at the Kurilpa Poets for we are honoured to have as our Feature poet of the Month the legendary performance poet Robin Archbold.

Robin is not only an absurdly talented wordsmith and performer but a major player in keeping the Performance Poetry Scene alive. The only person to ever win both the the Woodford Poetry Slam and Woodford Inspirational Story Award, feature poet at Australian Poetry Slam Final, Qld Poetry Festival, Tasmanian Poetry Festival, Salt on the Tongue Poetry Festival, Gympie Music Festival, Page vs Stage Qld State Library,, founder Sunshine Coast Spoken Word, 2 x Lismore Poetry Cups etc, etc.


Not only did he co-found the esteemed Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, which is the premier outlaw performance poetry event in Australia, but he put up $6000 out of his own pocket to launch it. Did I not say he was a legend?

Robin archibold 2

So come along to see this his only Brisbane show, there’s sure to be verbal fireworks aplenty. And did I mention he’s one of our funniest poets?

As well we’ll be having our usual fun and games with the Openest open Mic in town, and the Reverend Hellfire will be entertaining us with his experimental audio-visual poetic projections.

Giving the Reverend a break from Ringmaster duties,  Guest MC this month is the dashing young Sasha Cuha from the League of Extraordinary Poets

 And of course there’ll be music in the air provided by our Mystery Musician of the Month, a Kurilpa Poets Institution, where we feature one of our fine local buskers during the interludes.

Tea, coffee and nibblies are provided as part of the entry fee, but we encourage the community minded to bring a plate or bottle or something to add to the spread.

Hope to see you there!

Kurilpa Rat


Some of Robin Archbolds stuff can be seen at