The Return of the Kurilpa Poets – February 24th

Good day, good citizens and followers of the Humble Water Rat!

Though the sun may glare like a billion angry LED bulbs, your unexpected salvation is here!

That’s right!

The Kurilpa Poets have returned for a bold new year of dynamic open mics. For our first gig, we have decided to take our leave from our venerable, ancestral homeland (West End Croquet Club) for February and try something a little more….




Our inaugural gig of 2019 will be held… at the (in?)famous House Conspiracy!

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I shall let their bio do the talking:

Brisbane’s only dedicated emerging arts residency space.

House Conspiracy is a new arts and community space for residencies and private use. Located at 42 Mollison St in Brisbane’s central West End, across from where The Burrow once was, we are focused on empowering artists to create a more diverse and vibrant Brisbane. (From their website:

Nestled between a rock and a hard development, House Conspiracy is a bold, proud nail-house that stares convention in the face AND SPITS. (For real, they’re actually the nicest, most helpful people you are sure to meet. They host a great variety of arty gigs, workshops and various creative endeavors, doing their utmost to Keep West End Weird). The Kurilpa Poets are honoured that they have allowed us to visit their hallowed chambers, so they may echo with the discordant strains of poetry…

Not to mention the slick stylings and kick-arse vocals of this month’s feature muso: Lucie Garlick!

Check out her performance at Ipswich’s No.1 gig for the cool and unexpected, Solidarity Kulture Club:

Now, to the brass tacks:

  • Date and time – Sunday, 24th February, 2-5pm
  • Address – 42 Mollison Street, West End (near bloody Coles)
  • Entry – FREE!

That’s right, free entry!

However, we will be passing around a donation tin for our feature performer, so please chip in to help live music 🙂

Please note that, as with the Croquet Club, you’re welcome to bring a plate of food to share. However please don’t bring any BYO alcohol, as this interferes with the harmony of artistic integrity (possibly).

Hope to see you there! As always, bring a poem! Bring your bitter words, your musical weapons, and we shall make merry by the light of the afternoon sun!



*Editor’s note – Please ignore my glaring spelling errors. Sorry, Lucie 🙂


SYNTHESIA End-of-Year Word/Music Mash, 25th Nov.



SYNTHESIA Word/Music Mash-up!

SUNDAY 25th November, 2pm

The Croquet Club/91 Cordelia St


Hi fellow Water Rats & Friends!

It’s our last show at the old Croquet Club for 2018,

and to send the year off with a bang we’re going to mix it up a little with a Word/Music mash-up featuring some of the Water Rats’ favourite local Musicians & Poets.

Amongst the diverse luminaries;

Presidential emcee, Cam Logan will be bringing in his new improved Theremin to add suitable atmospherics. “Papa John” Tracey will be bringing in his acoustic geetar to the fray (and playing some of his new Agit-Pop songs)

Reverend Hellfire will be on theatrics and keyboards,  

whilst the lovely Linda Loop‘s trumpet will be heralding a new age as a host of local versifiers take to the stage to share their words & visions.

Adding to this multi-remedial melange, will be the Surrealistic Art of Joseph Cornell up on the Virtual Gallery.

Visual Arts Director, the enigmatic Shane Kafka tells us

that when European Surrealists fled the Nazi in the 40’s, they soon discovered that assemblage artist & experimental filmmaker Cornell (1903-1972) was America’s best native practitioner of that school.

Cornell is perhaps best remembered today for his “boxes”-hermetically sealed travelogues of the imagination.

So don’t miss this one! Come and join us in the air-conditioned comfort of the Olde Croquet Club beneath the shady trees of sacred Musgrave Park.

As always there’ll be 2 Open Mic sessions, fabulously eclectic company, free food & refreshments, free onsite parking, prizes and the usual kindness of strangers. Bring your words & musical implements,

or bring a bottle/plate/packet or something nice

to share at the feast but mostly bring yourself.

Food, glorious food!

All friendly folk welcome!

Admission a mere $8 or $5 for members.

(Cash only)


Kurilpa Open Mic October Review – 28/10/2018

Good day, fine citizens!

T’was a hot and heavy afternoon when we gathered at the Hallowed Croquet Grounds to celebrate the spoken word. The Curious Followers of the Humble Water Rat were blessed, many times blessed by a hot sweet afternoon of BITTER WORDS and the GROWLS OF THE DARK BLUES.

Your humble reporter will endeavor to paint you a picture.

Scene 1 – A fiddly combination lock, stubborn but eventually yielding as the vanguard of our little group made our way in and set to stacking chairs. Eventually, the band of poets settled in for an opening set by October’s kickass Mystery Muso Dylan Ferrier.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dylan’s skill with the guitar and raw, uncompromising vocals heralded the beginning of the Traditional Kurilpa Open Mic.

The Reverend Hellfire kicked things off, speaking of coffee, brooding and percolating frustration, a bitter cup drained to the dregs. Next was Paul who proclaimed that Hitler was a Heavy Metal Man Gone Bad, staring mad-eyed at the heavens, a hyped out Hamlet. Sav felt concious of things gone wrong, cause and effect and eventual evaporation, while Thomas spoke of creaking boats in the mist, waiting at the oars, watching for sandbars on the last day of the holidays.

Glenn, having just returned from Planet Absurdia (led by self-polishing presidential turds), painted a smelly picture of a mad, shitty society that draws ever closer each passing day. Shane imagined Death as a Dominos Deliverer of Oblivion (with extra cheese) before Trent brawled with advertisers, then dueled with love, balancing malice and presenting a synopsis for his novella. Peter brought us to the end with a tale of the boat shed, tango-dancing, glittering water and taking chances.

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Scene 2 – Post-Lunch, feature poet Fiona takes the stage.

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Fiona is a longtime favorite of the Kurilpa Poets, and this time as always, her work was poignant and full-bodied. She began with a serires of short, strange sketches – on life without a head, a fondness for the first two lines, and the proper was to care for them.

She shared a beautiful poem of the life of an Iranian librettist, before discussing depression, and old dust. A ‘Recycled Netflix Poem’ was next, taken from assembled captions, and after that an erotic refrigerator poem, and the intimacy of a shared cigarette. A standout line: ‘My love is formless. My love follows no orders.’ Her work was delivered, as always, with honesty and grace. We were blessed to have her among us to share her attitude, her thoughts and her observations.

Scene 3 – Round Two of the open mic!

The Rev started us off again, speaking of suspicion, supping at our veins, inviting parasites, before Paul discussed the roots of femininity, the communal birth of nature’s fecundity. The one and only Savanu shared a fantasy of television, after which Thomas (making no apologies for bad rhymes) reminisced about the personal history of this grandfather’s pocket watch. Abbot the Maggot got his due via Glenn’s interpretation of the weekend Australian, before Shane share the history of Clarence Cliff, the feature artist of the month.

Trent shared a lot with us, starting with a poem to a loved one – poetry wrapped in flesh – before sharing his initiative to create legal, digital grafitti, accesable to all on an interactive touch-screen wall. Peter shared a song of the Baby Grand, working through the verses to share his memories. Finally, Gary spoke of Sam-I-Am and the convenient gurus – the persistence of being worn down by the idea of a flat earth.

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And with that, another fine Kurilpa poets open mic came to an end.

Stay tuned, folks, for details of the next gig! Coming soon…

Kurilpa Poets Open Mic UPDATE – 28.10.2018

Hello, folks!

We have just been informed by the Kurilpa Institute of Creativity’s resident art director, Shane K, that this month’s feature artist is

Clarice Cliff

From the director:

Clarice Cliff (20 January 1899 – 23 October 1972) was an English ceramic artistactive from 1922 to 1963. She began as an apprentice potter. By reason of her talent and ability, she became a ceramic artist, becoming the head of the factory artistic department.
Cliff was the first woman to become a major player in the male dominated ceramics industry.Influenced by both Art Deco and the Bauhaus her exuberant and often quirky designs were given a personal touch by being hand-executed by a picked and devoted female staff. 


Don’t miss it, folks! This Sunday for Poetry, Music, Art, and Social Interaction!

2PM at the West End Croquet Club!

Be there, or be somewhere less interesting!


Kurilpa Poets – September Review + Mystery Muso Update

Good day, fine folks!

Bright was the arvo in which our usual gang of rogues and ne’er-do-wells converged upon the West End Croquet Hall for September’s open mic, as well as the auspicious launch of THERESA CREED’S album “Aboriginal Woman”  (which may be found online here:

Proceedings began formally, with a brief AGM for the formal election of incoming president Cam, and the discussion of several key Kurilpa Issues.


The Rev, Cam, and Linda, moments before declaring a general reign of terror.

After the I’s had been appropriately dotted and the T’s exiled for general recalcitrance, the first round of open mic was afoot!

Michael Vaughan – Spoke of springtime sonnets, of sweet lakes and release from infirmaties. Gave us a warm, kindling welcome.

Savanu – Shared a fantasy of T.V. Turned on, sucked in, spoken to. The paradox of variety and nothing.

Eido – Reminded us of the good work of 4RPH AM (129.6) with their poetry program. If you are interested in sharing you work with him, please email him at with you name, email address and poem (no F-words please). Eido then shared with us an Irish – or was it – Scottish? Pastiche, rich with texture and layers of invention.

Paul D – Spoke of the Boggo/Bogga Road Gaol open day, the heavy traffic of a tourist visit, would-be poets snooping around and punching the air. A place with teeth that bites. Cannot sanitize this dead shithole.

Nigel – Plugged an Open mic – The Art Club at Oxley Bowls club (1st Friday of the month) He then sang for us – to the tune of “Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport” – Tie your market to the back mine – binding it to the right…

Vincent Stead (of Lismore) – of growing up, he felt anxiety in the womb. The alien world of the outside, and a life of awkward encounters soon to follow.

Rev – A Spring… kind of… piece, attacked by friendly moths, collective nouns, transient, humping the walls in morse code.

Peter – Who trusts in nature – spoke of stars warming, specks in the vastness

Shane – a short squib , the exquisite dreams of cats.

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And after the wine was poured and the bread was broken, the Water Rats settled in for the day’s highlight – the peerless Theresa Creed

She sang and she shared – her launch came with healing and prosperity. Her stories are many, called to the 4 corners of the earth, all to the accompaniment of Matt Barne’s steady blues. Theresa illuminated and enlightened us told us about the old ways, and the echoes of the past.

She touched on the stolen generation, depicting the harrowing experience from the mother’s perspective. She spoke of olden times, ghosts walking the city and tears from the river – and finished with singing of Mother Dear. Truly, our humble hall was blessed to hear her words. We will never forget them.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next, came our final round of open mic:

Save – Guitars, wine and cones – interrupted by “the law”

Eido – A speech for the Stoic’s Society – made us suffer for an infamous motto

Nigel – A prop-laden extravaganza – draped himself in many names and stepped onto sacred grounds. Planted seeds everywhere.

Vincent Stead – Speculated – if Satan was a poet.

Rev. – Sang of a skipping girl of awkward angles

Linda – Sang An die Musik by Schubert

Shane – Shared the art and made us a little wiser.

Miranda – A newcomer to Brisbane shared with us a lavish impression in and about New York.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And with that, the afternoon drew to a gentle close. The rascals of Kurilpa parted ways, to do those things that poets do the other 30 days of a given month.

Next week! Save the date: Sunday 28th, 2pm

Mystery Muso Dylan Ferrier


For a preview, click here:


Kurilpa Poets Open Mic – Sunday, 28th October


That’s right, folks! Truly, it’s the gig that will never die!

Adventure! Romance! Raw, unadulterated emotion!

These things and many more await all those who attend our open mic on

Sunday, 28th of October, 2pm

at the West End Croquet Club

(91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane)

This month, the Kurilpa Poets are pleased to have as feature poet a singular woman of words and reflections. Presenting:


Image result for Kurilpa Poets Fiona Privitera

Fiona returns to offer us her trademark depth and emotion that have set her apart as a tour-de-force of observation and frank humanity. Her poetry is honest, and sometimes brutal. Her set is sure to leave an impression, and is not to be missed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Kurilpa open mic without our traditional troubadour, our roaming mystery muso! Serfs and denizens, may I present… DYLAN FERRIER! *

Dylan is a dark man, a blues man, whose soulful music has been known to affect the tides. Both his acoustic and electric stylings are sure to set afire even the most jaded sensibilities.


Thats all for this update, folks!  Stay tuned for our next correspondence – the September review.

*(Upon attempting to photograph Dylan, your loyal correspondent’s camera began to ooze a rich black ichor before bursting into flames. Apologies while I contact the relevant experts.)


KURILPA POETS Annual General Meeting notice.

Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc

2018 AGM

Just a quick reminder to all our members that the Kurilpa Poets/KICI AGM is occuring this Sunday, 30th September at 1pm

at the old Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End.

The AGM will be held before our usual entertaining show at 2pm (this month featuring the words of Theresa Creed & the music of Matt Barnes.)

This meeting is where we elect our Management Committee and deal with our annual bureaucratic obligations and give members a chance to bring up any issues they feel important.

We strongly encourage all KICI members to participate in this arcane ritual, so neccessary for the continuance of our fabulous existence.

If you can’t make it, please contact Reverend Hellfire at to arrange a proxy vote.

The meeting is open to the puiblic, but only Kurilpa members can vote.

Hope to see you all there.


Wayne Thiebud; Unsuspected Artist for September

We have received the following communique from our Visual Arts Director, the irreplaceable Shane K, re the Unsuspected Artist appearing in the Virtual Gallery this Sunday. Message follows…

“This month’s delectation is American artist

Wayne Thiebaud,

1920 – to still kicking.

Hard to define, for an easy lazy description sorta Pop.”

Image result for Wayne Thiebaud, art image

What  can we say? Sweeeet!!!


30/09 – Kurilpa Poets “Rite of Spring” – Theresa Creed, Mathew Barnes and AGM

Greetings, Water Rats!

After our August hiatus, the Kurilpa Poets are BACK, just in time for our yearly ritual of SPRINGTIME SUNNY EXTRAVAGANCE

Image result for classical painting bacchus

Pictured: Last Year’s AGM (Portrait courtesy of François Perrier)

That’s right, folks! As well as our usual open mic and afternoon tea, our feature act for the day will be none other than THERESA CREED, launching her album Aboriginal Woman.


Her album (which can be heard here: ) is a collaboration between her and former Kurilpa Mystery Muso and local blues maestro MATHEW BARNES. It weaves Theresa’s honest and captivating storytelling with the smooth, ambient waves of Matt’s guitar.

But wait, there’s more!

The time is upon us again for the Kurilpa Poets AGM, where we elect our Central Committee and rubber stamp our way into existence for another year.

All current members of the Kurilpa Poets are encouraged to attend and put in their two cent’s worth.

And now, for the critical details!

Date: Sunday, 30th September, 2018

Time: 1PM for the AGM, 2PM for the Open Mic and Theresa’s album launch

Location: West End Croquet Club – 91 Cordelia Street, Musgrave Park, West End

Entry: $5 Members, $8 Non-members

All friendly folk welcome! Community-minded people are encouraged to bring a plate or a bottle to share for afternoon tea.