Kurilpa Poets – September Review + Mystery Muso Update

Good day, fine folks!

Bright was the arvo in which our usual gang of rogues and ne’er-do-wells converged upon the West End Croquet Hall for September’s open mic, as well as the auspicious launch of THERESA CREED’S album “Aboriginal Woman”  (which may be found online here: https://theresacreed.bandcamp.com).

Proceedings began formally, with a brief AGM for the formal election of incoming president Cam, and the discussion of several key Kurilpa Issues.


The Rev, Cam, and Linda, moments before declaring a general reign of terror.

After the I’s had been appropriately dotted and the T’s exiled for general recalcitrance, the first round of open mic was afoot!

Michael Vaughan – Spoke of springtime sonnets, of sweet lakes and release from infirmaties. Gave us a warm, kindling welcome.

Savanu – Shared a fantasy of T.V. Turned on, sucked in, spoken to. The paradox of variety and nothing.

Eido – Reminded us of the good work of 4RPH AM (129.6) with their poetry program. If you are interested in sharing you work with him, please email him at venerable.eido@gmail.com with you name, email address and poem (no F-words please). Eido then shared with us an Irish – or was it – Scottish? Pastiche, rich with texture and layers of invention.

Paul D – Spoke of the Boggo/Bogga Road Gaol open day, the heavy traffic of a tourist visit, would-be poets snooping around and punching the air. A place with teeth that bites. Cannot sanitize this dead shithole.

Nigel – Plugged an Open mic – The Art Club at Oxley Bowls club (1st Friday of the month) He then sang for us – to the tune of “Tie me Kangaroo Down, Sport” – Tie your market to the back mine – binding it to the right…

Vincent Stead (of Lismore) – of growing up, he felt anxiety in the womb. The alien world of the outside, and a life of awkward encounters soon to follow.

Rev – A Spring… kind of… piece, attacked by friendly moths, collective nouns, transient, humping the walls in morse code.

Peter – Who trusts in nature – spoke of stars warming, specks in the vastness

Shane – a short squib , the exquisite dreams of cats.

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And after the wine was poured and the bread was broken, the Water Rats settled in for the day’s highlight – the peerless Theresa Creed

She sang and she shared – her launch came with healing and prosperity. Her stories are many, called to the 4 corners of the earth, all to the accompaniment of Matt Barne’s steady blues. Theresa illuminated and enlightened us told us about the old ways, and the echoes of the past.

She touched on the stolen generation, depicting the harrowing experience from the mother’s perspective. She spoke of olden times, ghosts walking the city and tears from the river – and finished with singing of Mother Dear. Truly, our humble hall was blessed to hear her words. We will never forget them.


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Next, came our final round of open mic:

Save – Guitars, wine and cones – interrupted by “the law”

Eido – A speech for the Stoic’s Society – made us suffer for an infamous motto

Nigel – A prop-laden extravaganza – draped himself in many names and stepped onto sacred grounds. Planted seeds everywhere.

Vincent Stead – Speculated – if Satan was a poet.

Rev. – Sang of a skipping girl of awkward angles

Linda – Sang An die Musik by Schubert

Shane – Shared the art and made us a little wiser.

Miranda – A newcomer to Brisbane shared with us a lavish impression in and about New York.

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And with that, the afternoon drew to a gentle close. The rascals of Kurilpa parted ways, to do those things that poets do the other 30 days of a given month.

Next week! Save the date: Sunday 28th, 2pm

Mystery Muso Dylan Ferrier


For a preview, click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiPxyItZQXA



Kurilpa Poets Open Mic – Sunday, 28th October


That’s right, folks! Truly, it’s the gig that will never die!

Adventure! Romance! Raw, unadulterated emotion!

These things and many more await all those who attend our open mic on

Sunday, 28th of October, 2pm

at the West End Croquet Club

(91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane)

This month, the Kurilpa Poets are pleased to have as feature poet a singular woman of words and reflections. Presenting:


Image result for Kurilpa Poets Fiona Privitera

Fiona returns to offer us her trademark depth and emotion that have set her apart as a tour-de-force of observation and frank humanity. Her poetry is honest, and sometimes brutal. Her set is sure to leave an impression, and is not to be missed.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a real Kurilpa open mic without our traditional troubadour, our roaming mystery muso! Serfs and denizens, may I present… DYLAN FERRIER! *

Dylan is a dark man, a blues man, whose soulful music has been known to affect the tides. Both his acoustic and electric stylings are sure to set afire even the most jaded sensibilities.


Thats all for this update, folks!  Stay tuned for our next correspondence – the September review.

*(Upon attempting to photograph Dylan, your loyal correspondent’s camera began to ooze a rich black ichor before bursting into flames. Apologies while I contact the relevant experts.)


KURILPA POETS Annual General Meeting notice.

Kurilpa Institute of Creativity Inc

2018 AGM

Just a quick reminder to all our members that the Kurilpa Poets/KICI AGM is occuring this Sunday, 30th September at 1pm

at the old Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End.

The AGM will be held before our usual entertaining show at 2pm (this month featuring the words of Theresa Creed & the music of Matt Barnes.)

This meeting is where we elect our Management Committee and deal with our annual bureaucratic obligations and give members a chance to bring up any issues they feel important.

We strongly encourage all KICI members to participate in this arcane ritual, so neccessary for the continuance of our fabulous existence.

If you can’t make it, please contact Reverend Hellfire at

kurilpapoets@yahoo.com.au to arrange a proxy vote.

The meeting is open to the puiblic, but only Kurilpa members can vote.

Hope to see you all there.


Wayne Thiebud; Unsuspected Artist for September

We have received the following communique from our Visual Arts Director, the irreplaceable Shane K, re the Unsuspected Artist appearing in the Virtual Gallery this Sunday. Message follows…

“This month’s delectation is American artist

Wayne Thiebaud,

1920 – to still kicking.

Hard to define, for an easy lazy description sorta Pop.”

Image result for Wayne Thiebaud, art image

What  can we say? Sweeeet!!!


30/09 – Kurilpa Poets “Rite of Spring” – Theresa Creed, Mathew Barnes and AGM

Greetings, Water Rats!

After our August hiatus, the Kurilpa Poets are BACK, just in time for our yearly ritual of SPRINGTIME SUNNY EXTRAVAGANCE

Image result for classical painting bacchus

Pictured: Last Year’s AGM (Portrait courtesy of François Perrier)

That’s right, folks! As well as our usual open mic and afternoon tea, our feature act for the day will be none other than THERESA CREED, launching her album Aboriginal Woman.


Her album (which can be heard here: https://theresacreed.bandcamp.com/releases ) is a collaboration between her and former Kurilpa Mystery Muso and local blues maestro MATHEW BARNES. It weaves Theresa’s honest and captivating storytelling with the smooth, ambient waves of Matt’s guitar.

But wait, there’s more!

The time is upon us again for the Kurilpa Poets AGM, where we elect our Central Committee and rubber stamp our way into existence for another year.

All current members of the Kurilpa Poets are encouraged to attend and put in their two cent’s worth.

And now, for the critical details!

Date: Sunday, 30th September, 2018

Time: 1PM for the AGM, 2PM for the Open Mic and Theresa’s album launch

Location: West End Croquet Club – 91 Cordelia Street, Musgrave Park, West End

Entry: $5 Members, $8 Non-members

All friendly folk welcome! Community-minded people are encouraged to bring a plate or a bottle to share for afternoon tea.


Kurilpa Poets – Winter Warmers Photo Review – 29/07/2018

Hello, dear followers of the Water-Rat Gazzette!

T’was on a sunny Sunday last month that our usual band of poets, spectators and various denizens converged on the Musgrave Park Croquet Hall. As Persephone ran truant on a weirdly hot winter’s day, we assembled eagerly for this latest installment of the Kurilpa Poet’s special brand of off-key artistic devotion.


The Dinkum Bohos

After an opening salvo of breezy, jazzy music by the Dinkum Bohos, the poets put down their scrivener’s reeds and doffed their hats to MC Cam, who called them forth to Uncle Rat’s Famous Open Mic.

Gary kicked things off for us, coming equipped with a human dais to bear his touchscreen grimoire. He spake of the nature of lies, thus providing a perfect opening to a room full of poets.

Michael Vaugn followed with a dissection of modern art, presenting items with social terms and weaving like a silkworm. He comes, bearing wandering experiments and abstractions.

Aldo practised his delivery – he thought he’d never hear it coming, not knowing he was disconnected. He assured us that, when the rocket strikes, he may be found snoring on the can.

SAV – AH – GNU! – the crowd chanted, as the man himself sung the epic of his backyard fence, and the ode of the Dividing Fences Act of 1992.

Paul D, with perfect poise and clarity, mentioned the singing ship of Yepoon, white concrete sails howling under the flawless Queensland sky.

Theresa shared a memory of an old tree in the street, fighting for survival. Bitumen covering legs and toes, memories of children climbing, Theresa gave a voice to natural wonder.

The Reverend Hellfire took to the pulpit with the well-known parable, “Mr Frog’s Heavy Scene”, in which he struggles for survival against Mr Pelican, who insists his hunger isn’t born of prejudice.

Geoffrey Evans finished up our opening set, calling for a muse of fire! An evocation for her to lead us up from our dark, inky world, and possibly send us a Roosevelt or J.F.K.

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After the usual bell, book and candle routine, the poets broke their afternoon fast, before dear art director Shane K enlightened us of the life and work of African American artist Jacob Lawrence.

And now, a strange hush fell over our spectators as a feature performer Vasudha Harte took to the stage.


She began with a tribute to a dear friend, colourful and rich, from the tumbled contents of a handbag. Next she took us to Paris (with an accordion) for a prostitute poem, happy, not happy, sad, not sad, in a wild piece of song and verse that, to this listener, brought to mind Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire. Next, she shared poetry from the Boho Bus, and the cow’s mournful moos.

(At this point, our reporter’s field notes trail off, and are illegible, overcome with emotion. Vasudha’s work was a magical experience, and the Kurilpa Poets were blessed, doubly blessed to have her as a guest.)

And thus began our second round of open mic, hereby relayed in a rapid manner:

Gary read a poem about poetry – no popularity, it only need be, catching original moments before advising us to “Go hard, you bastards”.

Eido made a belated performance, sharing his spiritual comments on apples, poison and one-night-stands.

Paul paid tribute to the Graffiti Guerrillas of Melbourne, and the tattooed tenements.

Geoffrey rose again to ask, “What about a bit of romance? (Are we afraid?)” Smoldering looks not withstanding.

Michael Vaugn offered to us a romantic sonnet inspired by “The Tempest”, the sweet gaze of news on Friday.

Reverend Hellfire sang (as is his custom after a few reds) “The Ghosts of Dead Girlfriends”, who haunt him still.

Aldo asks if his friends are serving him well – take my sympathy (and the bus) – asking “Any more hard-luck sagas?” Hear, hear!

Finally, Sav ruminated on the contents of his rubbish bin – the contents of a vanishing world where everything has become a job.

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At this point, the afternoon drew to a close as the sun began to sink. But hark! Here’s an important Kurilpa reminder!

Our dear friend Theresa Creed will be performing at the Queensland Poetry Festival to launch her new album of poetry and music.


The date is SUNDAY, 26th AUGUST. The time is 2:00PM – 2:30PM. The location is the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

Kurilpa stalwarts are urged to come and support Theresa as she shares her words, her wisdom and her memories.


Thank you everybody, for another successful Sunday. Stay tuned. Keep watching the skies.



Howdy Folks!

Kurilpa Poets will be back in action on the 29th of July.

Come out of the cold and join us in the Musgrave Park Croquet Hall from 2pm-4:30pm.

The winter may be long, cold and dark as a hardline sermon, but we’ll muster a warm welcome for our mystery musos of the month: The Dinkum Bohos!Dinkum

Following two live albums, “Sterognostic” and “”An evening of poetry and music”, Dinkum Bohos are working on their long awaited first studio album “The Merman and the Moonbeam”. Check them out at:   http://www.dinkumbohos.com and  


As well as the genre-bending beats of our mystery musos, one half of the Bohos will be treating us to a Feature Poet set! Pilgrims and Sojourners, put your hands together for VASUDHA HARTE!

03-Vasudha NPPWC

Vasudha Harte is a performance poet, singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist who has called northern NSW home for over 20 years. She has performed her poetry in venues and festivals around the North Coast, Queensland and overseas including Woodford Folk Festival, Gold Coast
Writers Festival and Buddhafield Festival UK. She has won many poetry slams, sometimes with an anti slam poem, and has been a finalist several times in the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup.

As well as all this great entertainment, we also have our (in)famous Kurilpa Open Mic! Hit the stage and share your warm sentiments with us (or your coldest frost).

All friendly folk welcome! Bring a plate of food to share, and most certainly bring a poem!


(Quick reminder – entry fee is now $5 for members and $8 for non-members. Thank you very much to the loyal fans, artists and assorted characters who help to keep Kurilpa Poets going.)

2018 Kurilpa Poetry Cup Shock Results!

Kurilpa Poetry Cup Results

& Photos

Geoffrey Evans unleashes his Word Horde at the 2018 KPC

The day of the long-awaited Kurilpa Poetry Cup opened to the sweet swell of good-times music, as our June Mystery Musician, the legendary Jeff Usher himself, cracked open the keyboards and began to play.

The Great Jeff Usher in action

Out-going President Reverend Hellfire then got the poetic ball rolling with a side-splitting attack on “the cliques & claques” that seem to infest some Poetry Groups.

The Rev confides in an audience member

Bravely stepping up to the Mic after the Reverend’s antics, was gentleman Poet Michael Vaughan, who gave us a deceptively subtle sonnet on the search for a Soothing Somnia.

(Editors note: Interesting coincidence; my research earlier that week revealed that the online “Power Thesaurus” gives us 457 soporific synonyms, which surely goes to prove something.)

Two times Kurilpa Poetry Cup Winner, Cameron Logan then launched into his campaign to become the only Triple Cup winner in the Water-Rats’ history. “All shall make Merry,” he declared, and accordingly proceeded cross-legged to unleash some witty and well-sculpted wordcraft.

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Kurilpa Poets stalwart Geoffrey Evans then opened his word horde, giving a confident and bravura performance. Mixing humour with pathos, romance with clinical observation, I’ve never seen Geoffrey give a better performance and it was a shame he didn’t make it into the second round.

But competition was strong, places for the second round were few and I don’t think anyone read a dud poem that afternoon. I was certainly glad not to have to do the judging myself this year.

Veteran Poet Tom Nelson was up next and did not disappoint the crowd with an hilarious satirical poem probably entitled something like,

“State of Origin of the Species”,

where football becomes a metaphor of Evolution (or is it De-volution?) and where:

“straining men give birth to a leather ball”.

Paul Dobbyn came up next with some keen observational poetry, tinged with a hint of sepia-toned nostalgia.

Then Linda Loop was persuaded to leave the safety of the kitchen and take centre stage for a change. Though better known for her Trumpet playing, Linda has a well-trained, strong and emotive voice and gave us a powerful acapella rendition of her “Comet Poem”. “There is some hope for our dear Earth” she reassures us, voice soaring, and indeed, at that moment one can believe it just might be true.

Last but certainly not least by any stretch of the Imagination, was the strangely named “Pubert Gaylord“. (Informed sources have it that this is but a nom-de-Plume for the iconoclastic Greenslopes Poet formerly known as “Ken“.) Be that as it may, “Pubert” gave us a hearty “anti-ode” to Summer,

yearning for a place “where the Dead don’t decompose” before your eyes. 

And so the first round concluded. Whilst our esteemed but still un-named Judge considered who to pass onto the second round, and Reverend Hellfire scuttled amongst the crowd collecting votes for the People’s Choice award, Blues maestro Jeff Usher once more took to the Electric Piano waiting for him in the corner. Jeff’s fingers moved with grace and precision over the keyboard, effortlessly generating music pulsing with Life-Force, manifesting in architectonic arabesques both intricate and delicate.

As usual a bounteous feast was provided at the Break through the generosity of the Kurilpa Poets & Friends, and beautifully prepared and presented thanks to the energy of Linda and her Crew of eager Kitchen Volunteers.

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After the break, it was time for our Feature Poet, respected local Poet and former Speed Poets head Honcho JDUB (aka John Wainright) to “Send a crow to lay words in (our) Heads“.

JDUB‘s humorous, insightful poems were well received by the audience. Particularly popular was his surrealistic tale called, “The Domestication of Poetry“, where he goes right into the history of Poetry from the time of Gilgamesh, when, “poets were first kept for their songs”. Now, after centuries of selective breeding, “modern poets look very different from their distant ancestors“.

JDUB domesticating wild verse

And now we moved into the second round of the Competition.

The Four Finalists were called forth one by one to do battle Poetic. First up was Cam Logan, going for that poetic hat-trick with a witty new poem, A kind of Gastropod Dreaming where ancestor snails shape the landscape with their primordial slime and dream at night of unguarded cabbages.

Thomas Nelson returned with a cautionary tale of cat scratch fever.


Linda Loop seemed surprised (nay, stunned!) to be called forth as a finalist, but she rose to the occasion with another soaringly sung acapella piece, “Approaching the Zenith”. Is it really a poem if it’s sung, some pedants might whine, but Poetry & Music have been working together for thousands of years,

and I know from my own performance experience, some poems just want to be sung.

Pubert Gaylord returning to strut & fret upon the stage once more, was also fired with the urge to sing, growling & grunting a guttural gut-bucket of a ballad by the name of, “Russ Hinze Blues”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Twas all such fun that the end of the day came too quick for me. But the moment to award the coveted Cup had arrived, and our Judge was revealed as none other than JDUB himself. But first the Rev announced that the inaugural Peoples’ Choice Award went to ..


The 2018 KPC “Peoples Choice” winner receives his award.

The charming Mr Gaylord won by an overwhelming majority, though honourable mentions are due to Geoffrey Evans and Linda Loop-they both clearly had their fan clubs out.

Grinning broadly, Mr Gaylord sauntered to cheers back on stage to collect his shiny trophy (yet to be engraved-oh the engraver’s going to love this one!) and a fine bottle of Sacred Hill, the Reverend’s favourite five dollar Shiraz.

Finally, with an imaginary drum-roll on an invisible snare, a somewhat bemused looking JDUB announced his decision and then the coveted, mystically-endowed Kurilpa Poetry Cup itself was presented to none other than…


2018 Kurilpa Poety Cup winner, Linda Loop, aka; “the Acapella Kid”

“I am truly surprised and humbled to have been awarded the Kurilpa poetry Cup”, declared a stunned Linda Loop,

as she was presented with the Cup itself and the traditional prize bundle “Loaf of Bread, Jug of Wine, and Book of Verses” (This year’s “Book of Verse” was a slim volume of verse by Ipswich poet Tom Shapcott, a fitting choice. The wine was a beautifully bottled fine Rice Wine, thoughtfully donated by JDUB).

“There were so many great poems read today”, Ms Loop opined”, myself, I voted for Pubert for the People’s Choice Award. It would have been nice though to have had a few more women get up and have a go”.

Congratulations to both Linda & Pubert, who truly deserved their prizes for their well-crafted words and professional performances.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Meanwhile the Rev did his best to make sure no-one was forgotten, and all those competing won something for their efforts. My notes disintegrate at this point but I do believe Geoffrey Evans won a potato-powered clock, whilst former two-time cup winner, Cam Logan was presented with a small jar of pickles. Paul Dobbyn seemed pleased to be awarded a charming, cat-shaped china money-box.

Happy prizewinner, Paul Dobbyn!


Big thanks to everyone who helped make the 2018 Kurilpa Poetry Cup a memorable day; to the brave poets who gave it their all and to the audience who stopped for a moment to listen to another’s words.

More thanks are due to those who cheerfully pitch in every month to help set up and clean up and shut-down and run the kitchen and the door and everything in-between. Your name is both Legion & Legend!

AS is those who regularly bring fine food and drinks to share and help bring our community together.

Finally, gratitude is due to all who reached into their pockets in the last month in response to our appeal. Your generous donations have allowed the Water Rats to meet all our most pressing financial commitments and continue on for yet another year.

Cam contemplates his prize pickles

I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-Words; Unckle Rat

Images; Shane K




Organisers today revealed the Sacred Vessel chosen to contain the Hopes and Dreams of the Poetic Challengers in this Sunday’s renowned KURILPA POETRY CUP.

The gleaming silver goblet was acquired through the good-will of St Vincents, and lovingly engraved by the talented Master Engraver at Kader Keys & Repairs, conveniently located at the top of the escalator at Buranda Shopping Centre. Following due invocation, the Muse Calliope herself bestowed upon the Cup her mystic Blessings.

Glowing with mystical symbolism, the 2018 KP Cup

The Cup now resides in heavily guarded strong-box beside the jug of wine, loaf of bread & Book of verses that are part of the grab-bag of symbolic prizes traditionally awarded at this prestigious event.

“I’m looking forward to hearing some really weird & wonderful poetry,” opined outgoing KICI President Hellfire, “the Cup always draws some wild cards out of the woodwork

Calligraphy by Kader Keys & Repairs