All about February’s Feature Artists…

The Kurilpa Poets’ February Feature Artists are..


“POSEIDON/the sharks”

This month former Speedpoet maestro, the esteemed Simon Kindt will be presenting his latest poetic/conceptual performance piece for your delectation and delight.

The show entitled ‘Poseidon // the sharks’ presents as 20 minutes of continuous performance, incorporating poetry, ambient/drone soundscape, video projection and live vocal synthesis.

We asked Simon to explain himself. He sent us the following message, hidden inside a cake, along with a file and 20 metres of rope;

‘the sharks / look at how they come / look at how they do their work’

“Combining poetic theatre, ambient soundscape, and video projection, ‘Poseidon / the sharks’ is a meditation on loss, grief and myth, that walks out into the water, and waits for what will come.”

Simon Kindt is a Brisbane-based poet, teacher, and performer. From 2015, he has been the producer behind the joint QPF-SLQ school slam series SlammED! In 2016 he co-authored the collection ‘wreck / age’ with US poet Bill Moran. ‘wreck / age’ is available through Alien Mouth. You can get a taste of his current show at



 Mystery Muso of the Month

Astrologists take note! There is movement in the Musical Zodiac, for Planet Clare, aka Clare Cowley, is due to enter the House of the Water Rat, at 2 pm on Sunday 25th February. Consulting their ancient scrolls, our experts tell us that such an event betokens the advent of Good Times and Fine Music.

Meanwhile in breaking news, a communique has been received from the mysterious Planet Clare herself. Our Cryptologists have decoded the transmission, and tell us it is an example of what Musicians in the old days would call a “Bio”. The message is as follows;

After the launch of her debut album To the Bottom, multi-instrumentalist, Planet Clare toured the east coast and has jetted through India and Australia taking her music and art along for the flight. Planet Clare is Clare Cowley crafting songs with soul, quirks that remind of Joan As Police Woman & a clear blues vocal hinting at Bonnie Raitt.

She has performed both solo and with instrumentalists at numerous & diverse venues all across Australia. Performing with her sister in their duo, The Cowley Sisters, lifting old songs out of the creek bed reminiscent of First Aid Kit; & playing Keys for groups including Chris Brady & the Boys Verse Girls, Planet Clare released her EP in 2004 titled ‘Didn’t Listen’ soon to be re-released as this Variable Start continues to write, record and perform her original music.

Be sure to witness this rare Celestial phenomenon when it she manifests at the olde Croquet Club. In the meantime here’s a little snippet from an appearance of Planet Clare at Sonny’s House of Blues back in 2016. Enjoy.

You can purchase some of her fine tunes at



We’re deeply concerned our more sensitive patrons may end up suffering nightmares after the 25th, for this month our eccentric and eerily eclectic Visual Arts Director has selected the disturbing Art of American Surrealist, George Tooker to feature on the Virtual Gallery’s Big Screen.

The New York Times described Tooker as being;“a painter whose haunting images of trapped clerical workers and forbidding government offices expressed a peculiarly 20th-century brand of anxiety and alienation.”

You have been warned! Stockpile your Prozac!



March Mystery Musicians; THE TAPELOOPS

A rare archival photo of the Tapeloops,plotting Revolution, circa 1984

Announcing the Kurilpa Poets

Mystery Musicians for Sunday March 26th

The Tapeloops


One Show Only-OnlyOnlylyly..!


They’re back. The Tapeloops. Once they were a band.

No one knew how to describe them.

Just one of those weird, spikey things

the Brisbane Music Scene threw up in the eighties.

Like many pop groups, they started when a Brisbane Poet recorded the spin-cycle at the local laundromat as a backing track for his poetry. Friends became involved in the process by osmosis

and before anyone knew what was happening, there was a band.


Anarchic & Poetic, lo-fi & lo-tech, this perhaps best defines their early style. They came complete with homemade and toy instruments; a Bush bass, car springs, a plastic trumpet, and an undersized kiddie keyboard were all accumulated.

The Tapeloops ran their own venues, put out their own records, booked their own tours. They were hard core DIY long before it became fashionable, back when it was neccessary.

Later on they got a real trumpet, some guitars (admittedly, one of the guitars was composed largely of popsticle sticks.) and learned to play three chords. The rest is History and a series of bad flashbacks..

John Treason, Linda Loop, and the Rev emerge briefly into the light, circa 1999

Who were/are the Tapeloops? We spoke with the 3 surviving Founders;

“The Miracle of Gerontology”, avows former Bassist and Wildman of Rock, John Treason, “means that as many as three of our former fans are still Alive. The rest are kept in a cold storage facility in South Australia. We’re hoping someone thaws them out in time for the first tour.”

Giving up their day jobs to return to Show Biz, Tapeloops, Linda Loop and John Treason today.

Don’t expect many old favourites in their set list either.

Most of the “songs” in their current repetoire are from this Century!

“We are defiant in the configuration of our line up and the choice of material we play!”, says Trumpeteer extraordinaire Linda Loop, (sometimes known as, “the sensible one”.)

“WE’ll play what WE want to play..unless somebody has a request and then we’ll probably play

that.. if we can remember how.”


A similarly defiant Reverend Hellfire (often known as, “the difficult one”) avows that he

will never play a guitar again!

“They can’t make me. Well, not unless someone gives me a lot of money. Then I’ll play the freaking thing. And hopefully I’ll be able to afford to pay some lackey to tune it and lug the amp as well.”

These days the former guitarist seems more keen on honing his keyboard skills.

“I like the black keys,” confides a smiling Reverend.

The Tapeloops in seedy basement bar, circa 1985

Clearly the Fab Three are keen to return to the stage

and rumours are already swirling that their entire back catalogue is being digitalised and soon to be made available Netwise.

Meanwhile don’t miss this rare opportunity to experiance the eclectic/hypnotic sounds of the 21st Century version

of this mysterious and reclusive conclave.

Reverend Hellfire today. Still the “Difficult One”?




Presenting this months Mystery Musician,



Is QPapaYandi really the son of a preacher man?

The lab reports were inconclusive, but nonetheless, this months Mystery Musician proudly claims the Reverend Hellfire as his Spiritual Father and fondly recalls their musical collaboration together on his first recording project, over 16 years ago.

After a long creative hiatus QPY has again picked up his sword and shield (and of course, his guitar) to fight the good fight for Love and Music!

Accordingly, this Musical Vagabond of the Heart can be found performing with the fabulous Whoopee-Do Crew, who appear regularly at West Ends’ Peoples Park and at West End and Gailes Community House events.

Q-Papa-Yandi has also been a regular reader this year at the Kurilpa Poets’ Open Mic sessions, where he has often impressed the crowd with his free flowing improvisational rap/poems. Now he makes his first solo musical appearance for the Water Rats. So come listen to his licks, tap your toes to his tunes and celebrate the musical return of this prodigal son to the fold.

In the meantime, here’s a sample of his stuff. Check it out.



In breaking news Kurilpa’s Visual Arts Director, Shane K, has announced that the theme of this months VIRTUAL GALLERY will be the gorgeous world of traditional


“Erotic Japanese prints?” we asked hopefully.

Our enigmatic and erudite Arts Director merely sniffed.

“It will all be very tasteful,” he assured us.

We look forward eagerly to this aesthetic experience.




February Mystery Musician revealed!

Jeff Usher BIRD WINGS Front cover

Jeff Usher, Giant of Jazz

 to play Kurilpa!

The Kurilpa Poets are indeed honoured to present

as our Mystery Musician for February 28th

non-other than the legendary Brisbane based jazz pianist,

Jeff Usher.

Jeff Usher has been at the forefront of jazz and blues in Brisbane since the early 1980s, first coming to notice with the Jeff Usher Jazz Unit.

Highly respected as a pianist, composer and music educator,

he has toured extensively thoughout Australia and overseas.

He has also been a tutor at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University since 1998, achieving a Master’s Degree in 2006, and will be completing a PHD in Composition from the University of Queensland in mid-2016.

Jeff Usher with Joanna Funk

Jeff Usher with Joanna Funk

Jeff has seven albums to his credit, including the award winning

“Leaps and Bounds” and most recently his 2015 release,

Bird Wings”, which was recorded live in concert

at the Brisbane Jazz Club with his ten-piece group,

A Love Supreme Super Band.

This album, featuring compositions written by Jeff as part of his PHD studies, is a high quality production that well captures the intimate atmosphere of a Jeff Usher gig.

“Bird Wings” will be available for purchase at the door and will cost a mere $20 (and I’m sure the artist will be glad to sign it for you if you ask nicely).

Birds of a Feather; Jeff Usher and friend

Birds of a Feather; Jeff Usher and friend

His recent activities have included successful performances at Jumpers and Jazz in 2014 and 2015. In May 2015 he commenced work as resident pianist at Nu Orleans Restaurant in Ipswich. He also recorded an album with the Brisbane Big Band in November 2015, and commenced recording a solo piano album in December 2015, which will hopefully be available later this year.

Now this Giant of Brisbane Jazz will be playing two sets for the Kurilpa Poets at the Kurilpa Cup on Sunday 28th February. Surely this years Cup will be an afternoon long to be remembered!

Jeff’s first set will be commencing at 2pm so make sure you turn up early so as not to miss a minute. Doors open from 1.45pm. Entry $5.

Here’s a couple of little samples of Jeff Usher in action to whet yr appetite..



Kurilpa Poets present; “MAD MAIDS & MUSES” Sunday, 31st May

The Kurilpa Poets present;

“Mad Maids & Muses”

water-ratettes wiv border

Sunday, 31st May, 2pm



4 Norfolk Road, West End.

The Kurilpa Poets celebrate the passing of May

with our very own “Ladies Day” where we will be focusing

on the Femme side of Poetry,

from Feminine Muse to Feminist Firebreather

with a hefty serve of the Femme Fatale as well

and featuring the talents of the “Kurilpa Water-Rat-ettes

as the Women of Kurilpa Poets take centre stage

with words of wisdom and wit.

Guest MC; Linda Loop

Guest MC; Linda Loop

Maestro of Ceremonies, the Lovely Linda Loop will be leading

a fluid lineup of members and hangers on,

which we’ll hopefully be listing here closer to the event.

croq club Linda and Theresa

Don’t worry boys! There’ll still be our traditional Open Mic Sessions

where we won’t discriminate. As always Open Mic readers are free to read

on whatever subject they choose, but if you’ve got material suitable for the occasion that would be real cool.


“PHOEBE & NEIL” emerge from the time rift

Mystery Musicians for this month are, the sweet acoustic duo;

Phoebe & Neil.

They were scheduled to play last month but alas were

caught in a time rift and hurtled a month into the Future.

Now we will finally catch up with them in the same space/time continuum

and we look forward to their unfortunately delayed debut.

water ratette reveresed

As always bountious food and refreshments are provided Free

by the members & friends of the Kurilpa Poets.

Entry this month is Free for Kurilpa members and

a mere $2 for everyone else.

And as always we ask the community-minded to bring a plate,

or a packet or a bottle of something to contribute to the Feast.

*food for the people help yourself

I should add at this point, that each month I am overcome

by the generosity of the people who bring such wonderful food

to our gatherings, often cooking tasty treats themselves at home

to share with we hungry poets. (Shane, I’m looking at that humus of yours)

Friends, I thank you.


We’re at the same venue as last month,

West End Community House, 4 Norfolk Road.

WEC House is close to bus routes 196 & 199 (stop5)

and near the West End Markets car-park.

Map of West End Community House


This is our last gig at WEC House for next month, Sunday June 28th,

the Kurilpa Poets will be returning to the Promised Land,aka,

the Olde Croquet Club

in the heart of Musgrave Park!

You heard it here first!

More exciting details & photos to come!

croq club Kurilpa Poets step up reduced



VJ mish beachreduced

Here’s a little sample of our Feature artists tomorrow (Sunday 29th March, 2015,) THE DINKUM BOHOS, featuring Jem Edwards and the ever-vibrant Ms Vasudha Harte, who is also, by an astounding coincidence, our Feature Poet for the occasion. 

Don’t miss out this fabulous event, with Open Mic sessions, Virtual Gallery and Free Refreshments!

 Starts 2pm at 174 Boundary Street, West End.

March VASUDHA handbill

ELEANOR JACKSON- KURILPA Feature Poet, Sunday 26th October

The Kurilpa Poets


Eleanor-Jackson in Black and White

Eleanor Jackson

Our October Feature Poet

Sunday, October 26th, 2014, 2pm

Abandoned as a baby on the banks of the Amazon,

Eleanor Jackson was raised by a family of friendly pythons,

from whom she learnt not only her Poetic skills

and the languages of the animals,

but also the gift of Prophecy.

Her Poetry has been described as being quiet, powerful,

and lucid to the point where several have achieved Sentience,

and gone Feral, scuttling off into Brisbane’s

lush, sub-tropical undergrowth.

There they will undoubtedly lay eggs at some future date.

Whatever hatches, it is certain to cause demarcation disputes

between Zoologists and Librarians.

Eleanor herself has appeared at so many Festivals and Venues around Australia, (from Tasmania to Queensland and everything in between), been broadcast on so many Radio Stations

and published in so many respected Journals,

that one suspects she has possession of a Time Machine.

Miss E also collaborates with known associate, Betsy Turncoat,

in the shadowy “Helles Belles” Poetic-Terrorist group.

So come and see Eleanor Jackson

and her amazing Performing Poems!

At the Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, West End

beneath the treees of sacred Musgrave Park.

from 2pm.

Pay $5 at the door and pay no more!

Also featuring..

*Free Food and Parking!

*Open Mic Sessions!

*October’s “Mystery Musician“!

*The  Virtual  Gallery

Brians Spiral art modifiedsidewise

with October’s “Unsuspected Artist”



Vasudha Harte and the Dinkum Bohos Bio

Feature Poet for March 30th


 V ewingsdale da da 70reduced

“She can write a poem on a cigarette skin

and win a slam with it ten minutes later”- Daevid Allen, GONG

She is a talented pianist and songwriter with a voice to die for. Her performance skills have won her many admirers and far too many glam slams. At last here is her first book of poetry, “YOU NEAR VERSE“, so grab one while you can.

YOU NEAR VERSE front cover

YOU NEAR VERSE front cover

Born in rural Victoria, Vasudha combines the unflappable innocence and heartfelt social empathy of a country lass with the steady uncomplicated optimism of the Byron Bay Boho.

Her writing is firmly rooted in the Bush Ballad but adds to those easy folk rhymes with saucy cabaret masquerades and endearing balladeeringShe deftly applies her charm in the service of environmental activism or to anti corporate protest and concludes that Love directly applied can overcome all societies ills. 

Accessible, irrepressible, immediately digestible, her micro mantra fertilises its lineage with mycological precision.

VJ mish beachreduced

DINKUM BOHOS -The Real Deal 

Dinkum Bohos are multi instrumentalists Vasudha Harte and Jem Edwards in a saucy sonic tryst. They set an intimate and interesting atmosphere with their unique blend of sassy blue world jazz gypsy flamenco folk rock classical tango mojo – dramatic, romantic Spanish guitar, tango inspired piano and sublime sultry vocals. 

In 2011 Dinkum Bohos recorded their first CD “Stereognostic” live in their hometown Byron Bay then toured internationally, playing festivals and venues throughout UK, Europe and Asia. The variety of stages they appeared on suggest their far-reaching appeal: folk, Buddhist, punk and world music. People literally came from miles around to hear them play in London, such is Jem’s musical reputation in the UK, and several punters declared Dinkum Bohos the best gig they’d been to in a long time.

With an hilarious piano duet, Vasudha and Jem had four hands on the keys at the same time. The pair synchronized, tantalized and made athletic changes of position-all without missing a beat.” 

-Nimbin Good Times

“I’ve got the warm and fuzzy feeling flowing right through, I’ve got goosebumps!” 

-Andy Travis The Lighthouse Lounge Bay FM 99.9

“Truly Beautiful Music”

– Injoy Magazine


Check out the Dinkums perform live;

“Divine Tango” at 

“Tom’s Waitress” at 



Mystery Musician of the Month-Matt Barnes


Matt Barnes


If you’re walking down Boundary street past the Vulture street corner, you may be lucky enough to hear the bitter sweet, lonesome sounds of some “Paris, Texas” style, laid-back slide guitar, or some foot-stomping rumbly rock n’ roll riffs that give your step a bit of a lift as you’re crossing at the lights.

Yes Matt Barnes, street musician, has set up his pitch at his favourite spot outside the chemist. (Best acoustics for busking in West End, or so I’m told)

Following his musical dream for over fifteen years, Matt plays a diverse range of guitars and related instruments, as well as being a vocalist and occasional harmonica player. His love of the music of the American Deep South shines through in his playing, with nods to Blues, Funk and Gospel.

Currently when not found on his home turf he can be found wandering around Brisbane’s familiar busking locations entertaining the people. He has plans to launch projects teaching and recording in the near future.

A man who believes in his Art don’t miss his performance this

Sunday 23rd February, at 2pm,

at the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street West End,

on the edge of Musgrave Park.



Kurilpa Poets present SASHA ČUHA 24th Nov



Sunday 24th November 2pm

Last Exit from 2013!

Sasha Cusak eyes the world 

Its the last Kurilpa Poets Event for 2013, so don’t miss out

fellow Water Rats and Friends!!

This month featuring

the Verse and Visions of



Sasha C profile  

The Gold Coast is noted most for its Beaches, Bling and Bikers, but it is also the home of this months Feature Poet, the ever dapper and debonair, Mr Sasha Čuha. A noted performer & poet in clubs and bars and dives of todays Poetry scene, Sasha

wields a mean paint brush as well, and will be graciously exhibiting a selection of his artistic works on this occasion for our delectation and delight.

Sasha is one of the youngest Kurilpa Poets and surely one of the most multi-talented.

Not only is he a poet and painter but actor as well, having made numerous appearances on stage and screen,

including a stretch as a Witch in Macbeth and a leading role in a recent production of the Glass Menagerie. Sash further likes to stretch the envelope by doing stunt-work in his quieter moments! So come along November 24th and watch him crash-test the Arts!


the electric sasha C

As always one of our magnificent

Bob Mud plays


will be providing melodious Modes and Moods

to massage the minds of the masses.

Open Mic time

Open Mic time


Don’t forget to bring your own poems or stories,

raves or rants

for your last chance in 2013 to participate in

Brisbane’s Openest OPEN MIC SESSIONS.

Come share your own words,

You will be heard,

First time readers welcome!

reverend profile red


Master of Ceremonies is the always unpredictable

Reverend Hellfire

who will on this occasion be reading a unique poem

never before, or evermore to be, heard again

in celebration of the year past!


food for the people 2

As always a delicious array of afternoon edibles and refreshments

are provided as part of the door price. Please note we encourage

the community-minded to bring a plate,

or a bottle of something cool, to contribute to the feast,

but bring yourself at the very least!

food for the people help yourself


Free on-site parking!


All this and more for a mere $5!

At the Old Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street,

West End.

on the edge of historic Musgrave Park

So come and join us beneath the trees,

we’ll share our words and be at ease!

The Olde Croquet Club-House & Tree


Note; The Laura Street Festival is on also later that day and is an easy walk from the Olde Croquet Club. So you can start your Cultural Safari

in air-conditioned comfort with the KURILPA POETS

before wandering out to taste the wonders

of Laura Street in the cool of the afternoon.


to contact the Kurilpa Poets write to

Kurilpa Poets Logo