“BRING OUT YOUR DEAD”, Sunday, 29th March



“Poems for the Plague/ Verse for the Hearse.”

Join Reverend Hellfire & the Kurilpa Poets on

SUNDAY 29th. MARCH 2020

2pm at the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street

In the shade of sacred Musgrave Park

with Feature Poet


& as Mystery Musicians of the Month


launching their new single

The Litanies of Television.

Plus Open Mic Sessions, Giveaways,

Free Refreshments, the Virtual Gallery,

Free Grave Pits & Onsite Parking!

All this & More!?.

$8 on the door

/$5 for members


March Master of Ceremonies & part time Plague Doctor, the Reverend Hellfire welcomes you all to join the Kurilpa Water Rats at our Emergency Pandemic Poetry/Vector Event, as they spread Poems for the Plague

and Verse for the Hearse!

Vince Stead in action

VINCE SEES THE LIGHT! photo by Marie Anita Moon

First off the carts is our Feature Poet for this month, veteran Northern Rivers poet, the ever affable Vince Stead.

Amongst other things Vince is the Winner of the coveted People’s Choice Award at the Nimbin World Performance Poetry Cup in 2016 and 2019, as well as People’s Choice winner in the 2019 Lismore Poetry Cup.

Covering an eclectic range of subjects, Vince writes accessable Poetry with Heart and a sly sense of humour that hooks you & reels you right in.

Look forward to a singular session of wicked & worthy wordplay from our poetic country cousin.


Last time The TAPELOOPS

featured as Mystery Musicians of the Month, the Kurilpa Poets got their first ever noise complaint (from a Supreme Court Judge no less!) and police halted the set!  But that was at the Sitting Duck and now we have returned to the cosmopolitan, anything-goes-vibe of the olde Croquet Club where this time, hopefully,  they will be able to complete their set without interruption.

Which would be nice as the ‘Loops will be launching their new single, (based on a poem by Charles Baudelaire and a riff stolen from Jerry Lee Lewis!) the engagingly entitled

“The Litanies of Television”

and to mark the occasion will be giving away to the first 6 patrons a limited edition CD of their new song plus all four songs from the rare, first TAPELOOPS ep

“Fire in Heaven”.

No photo description available.


Don’t forget to bring your own Poetry/Words/Music to share in Open Mic, and if you feel like bringing a bottle or packet or plate of something nice to contribute to the Feast, that’d be peachy keen!

Finally a big ‘thank you’ to our poetic local Councillor, Jonno Sri, who helped make this month’s gig possible.


Kurilpa Poets @ the Lucky Duck – Sunday, 28th July

Good day, citizens!

The Kurilpa Poets Open Mic

RETURNS tomorrow afternoon!!

Yes tomorrow, that’s;


at a brand new venue!

That’s right – the fine folks at the

Lucky Duck Bar and Cafe have kindly agreed to let us strut our stuff in their laid-back environs. This time around we’ll be having two rounds of open mic, and also possibly a keyword writing challenge.

Be advised, we will be starting a little earlier than usual. Details are as follows:

Sunday, 28th July

1:30 – 3:30 p.m

Lucky Duck Bar and Cafe –

15 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill

(Please note – unlike the Croquet Hall, this is a licensed venue, so please don’t bring your own alcohol)

Hope to see you all there!

Join the Reverend Hellfire & Co., at the Lucky Duck

(Also – the Kurilpa Cup PHOTO Review is on the way soon. Keep watching the skies.)

“Water Rats at the Lucky Duck! X@*!!

Introducing March Mystery Muso TOM SMITH

The Songs of Tom Smith


It can be hard to have a Big Heart in this unfeeling, materialistic society, but our Mystery Musician for March has found a way to survive & thrive through the healing powers of Creativity & Community.

Journeyman-Troubadour Tom Smith and his guitar are familiar figures at Kurilpa Cultural Events in recent years, often organising his own events whilst appearing regularly on street-corners & bars, Festivals & jams, weddings, parties & anything.

Back in January 2013, Tom half-jokingly put a post up on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to have his songs as they were of no use to him!

He certainly never expected the creative surge that produced the ‘You Do It, I Can’t Be Bothered!’musical artefact, an album of 25 songs he had previously written but had never played live or recorded.

He was deeply heartened by the results of this Project and was inspired to once again  present his songs in performance. Needing a vehicle to drive his Dream to it’s Destination, he created the free-form ensemble known as; ‘The Songs of Tom Smith’- a band with a floating membership. Indeed Tom is not necessarily always in the line-up even! The only constant is, as the name suggests, that the actual songs of Tom Smith themselves form the groups repertoire.

Tom also runs the ‘Whoopee-Do Crew’ who are a community song writing collective, perhaps most often seen performing on Wednesdays at the little People’s Park on Boundary Street, opposite the Big Lizard.

You can see Tom & the jolly Whoopee-do-Crew whoop it up via the wonders of technology here;

So come along on Sunday the 25th

to witness this fab local Entertainer in action, and who knows, maybe some Whoopee-Doers will make an appearance as well.


NOW WE ARE TEN, Water Rats Anniversary, Sun 27th November

“Now We Are Ten!”



End of Year/10th Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, 27th November, 2016

Starts 2pm









& A Special Appearance by KURILPA RAT!

and as always there’ll be;

Open Mic Sessions! The Virtual Gallery! Prizes!

Free Speech! Free Thought!

Free Food & Refreshments!

Fabulously Friendly Folk!

And ample On-site Parking!

All this and more for a mere $5


They said we’d never make it,

but here we are, November, 2016CE

and the Kurilpa poets are still gamely stumbling forward,

verse spilling from their lips as they pass.

Who knows whither they goest?

No man, no, nor woman neither.

Let them pass. Or better yet, join the jolly parade

of poets, prophets,

polemicists and psychopaths

as they make their merry way into the Future.

Bring your favourite verse, no need to rehearse,

just take to the stage and read from the page,

or just bring your ears, but make sure you appear!

And bring a bottle or plate, if you’re able to mate!


So join the Water Rats

2pm, Sunday 27th November, 2016

at 91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane

beneath the trees of sacred Musgrave Park




Kurilpa Poets logo



Just a reminder that the Water Rats will be having a break on Sunday August 28th, while the QLD Poetry Festival are doing their thing.

Instead. we’ll be helping to co-host their Indigenous Breakfast reading happening that morning, “Beautiful Bones” at the Croquet Club. The Kurilpa Poet’s own Theresa Creed is on the bill, so do make an effort to attend and give her your support. It runs from 9pm, refreshments will be provided and I believe it’s a gold coin donation type event.

Theresa Tracey-Creed

Theresa Tracey-Creed

QPF also appear to be running a strangely similar-sounding event at our usual time on Sunday arvo,

the Kurilpa Water Rat Story-Telling Salon at the Judith Wright Building. Despite the name this event is not connected with the Kurilpa Poets.

You can check the QLD Poetry Festivals’ website for further details.


The original Water Rats meanwhile, will be returning in September to our usual haunt at 2.o0pm on the last Sunday of the Month.

In fact we’ve got a really great Spring show coming up on


with a special, celebrity Politician/Poet Feature Poet

who’s sure to cause a ruckus!!


Stay tuned for further details!

home of the water rat2



KICI 2016 AGM in action

KICI AGM in action. Secretary John has the floor.


The Kurilpa Institiute of Creativity Inc held it’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday 31st July, and smoothly chaired by Kurilpa Secretary John Treason, successfully rubber-stamped its’ way into another years’ worth of existence.

In a rousing display of consensual democracy, the entire Management Committee (with the exception of retiring Committee Member Cam Logan) was once again unanimously elected in a shower of proxy votes.

Cam was given a rousing vote of thanks, and, as is traditional with retiring politicians, will be taking up a diplomatic post as the Kurilpa Poet’s Cultural Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of Vietnam. We wish him well.

Two new Commmittee members were elected to fill the gap,

Eido Boru and Gerard Bromley. The KICI Management Committee for 2016/17 is thus;

President: Reverend Hellfire

Treasurer: Carol Balfor

Secretary: John Treason

Visual Arts Director: Shane Kneipp

Committee Members: Eido Boru

Gerard Bromley

Linda Loop


The President, Treasurer and Secretary each gave a brief report, the overall summary of which being, that in it’s tenth year of existence, the Kurilpa Poets are still going strong, or at least managing to bumble along. While we’re not getting rich, we are paying the bills and meantimes we’ve got a growing, supportive community of poets, musicians and other creative types producing and sharing some great work.


Some discussion of Projects past and future ensued; Paul Dobbyn exhibited the Schools promotional package he’s been working on (looking sharp), the non-appearance of the printed magazine project was kicked around for a bit and it was agreed we really need Committee member & Legal Secretary Linda Loop to tidy up the KICI Constitution’s layout & structure.

KICI’s recent discussions with the QPF were also looked at briefly.

Full details of the AGM can be obtained from the Meeting Minutes, which will be sent out to Members & Friends in the not too distant future.

Kurilpa Poets logo


“The SERENITY” with Fi Privitera & Jeff Usher, Sunday 26th June

The KURILPA POETS present;

green girl kignn parrot


Sunday, 26th June, 2pm

91 Cordelia Street, West End

Moving on from last months Dionysian depths, we ascend to the calm and contemplative heights of the Apollonian, and celebrate this month the contemplative, the meditative, the pastoral and the lyric aspects of Poetry. Can the Muse still provide a balm and solace for weary minds in the increasingly frenetic and agitated world of today?

Can the Muse lead us thru the noisy Labyrinth of Self

to find a quiet place for the heart to sit? Lets find out!

with Special Feature Poet;

Fiona Privitera


The Kurilpa Poetry Cup this year was unusual in that for the first time ever, the supplementary award of “Almost” or “Joint” Winner (depending on who you ask) was created to acknowledge the very special poetical skills of Fiona Privitera, our Feature Poet for June.

Fiona recieves the KPC 2016"Almost Winner" award

Fiona recieves the KPC 2016″Almost Winner” award

Fiona is, among many things, a poet, artist’s model, kitchen dancer and ocean lover.

Past writing focused on the theme of desire and includes poems about naked women on sushi trains, candy store sex and underwater cities where fish dance with people.

For the last two years she has been writing about depression, suicide and abuse.

She hopes that soon she will be done writing about such things because it isn’t much fun.

As well as appearing regularly at the Kurilpa Poets, she has performed her own and others poetry around the Brisbane Poetry scene at many open mics for over the last 15 years. Fiona has also appeared at The Queensland Poetry Festival (QPF) in 2003, 2006 and 2009.

This year you’ll be able to see some of her visual text-based cut-up work on display at the QPF. 

In the meantime come and get a good serving of Priviteriana at the Kurilpa Poets this June 26th.




leaving the lonely

all alone

languid in this slipping

sun slight


has small feet

slips between

a crawl in the wall

a red brick

moon garden.

– Fiona Privitera


And appearing as Mystery Musician;

Jeff Album front cover photo


Music hath charms to sooth the savage beast, or so noted animal-wrangler Bill Shakespeare once declared. Supplying the Sonic Tranquillizer Darts for us this month will be the chilled one himself, Brisbane Jazz & Blues Giant,

Jeff Usher.

Birds of a Feather; Jeff charms a savage beast

Birds of a Feather; Jeff charms a savage beast

We were all blown away by Jeff’s magnificent music at the Kurilpa Poetry Cup back in February and we are honoured to have him return for a second appearance. Don’t miss this chance to hear a true music legend in the intimate ambience of the Olde Croquet Club.

A selection of CD’s of Jeff’s Music will be available for purchase at the front desk on the day. Buy one and make sure you get your genuine ‘Usher Artefact’ personally autographed by the Great Man himself.

And in the White Corner..Jeff Usher!

As always there will be two Open Mic sessions where you can have your say, the Unsuspected Artists of The Virtual Gallery, Free Food and Refreshments, Free On-Site Parking, Prizes,

and of course the Fabulous Company of Friendly Folk!

All this and more for a mere $5/$3 members

All Friendly Folk Welcome.

Kurilpa Poets, Home of the Water Rat


June 2016 handbill with frameJPIG

male Kinf Parrort in focus red green


sue wards off eevil!


April Foolery, Sunday April 24th 

The theme this month was April Foolery and in that spirit,

the Reverend Hellfire, clad in traditional jesters’ foolscap, kept the fun coming through-out the afternoon with a string of puns, folk-doggerel and bawdy limericks. And indeed twas a most amiable crowd and mellow afternoon through-out.

the reverend needs a rest

EVOLVE organiser Dhaniella dropped in to sample the renowned Kurilpa hospitality whilst “usual suspect” Tony Kneipp presented some thoughts on the recent passing of a dear friend. Ever elegant Sue Dreeves (“I just shop at Target;” she demurred) was visibly vibrant in Sapphire blue, whilst “Door dog” Jeffrey radiated down the infra-red end of the spectrum.

tea time in kitchen

Former Unsuspected Artist Gil Daley returned to Kurilpa this month as a Kitchen crew volunteer and buzzed

about busily all afternoon. We welcome you aboard Gil!

kitchen crew Linda Gil John Gerrard

Kitchen crew; Linda, Gil, John, Gerrard.

Meanwhile a Special treat was provided courtesy of Brendan who suddenly decided we needed a keg of craft beer and miraculously, made it happen! The beer aficionado’s amongst us were very happy indeed!

beer time

We were pleased to see Kurilpa stalwart, Paul Dobbyn, return after a bit of a break from active Poetry Duty, looking fit and tanned. (Paul retired earlier this year and swiftly disappeared into the Bush to rejuvenate.)

Paul Dobbyn

Speaking of prodigals, old water rat associate Padraig also made a welcome re-appearance and while he mainly focuses on his musical endeavours, he also turns out decent verse and shared some of his recent creations with us.

april crowd shot

Linda Loop took her turn at the mic and, with a little help from Mystery Muso Matt, rendered a powerful version of her original song, “Let it be Known” that displayed a voice both strong and pure.

Lin & Matt

While Buddhist punk-monk Eidu Boru‘s T-shirt questioned everything, Brother Nigel Qpapayandi‘s resurrected an old time anti-police rant that brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Visual Arts director Shane Kafka told a dark tale of Feral Ballpoint pens running amok with a suitably ironic ending.

Natt the blues master

Matt Barnes, the local blues legend in the making with the flame red slide guitar, stomped and thrummed and hummed

and growled over in the musician’s corner,

sometimes sliding into a smooth reverse and

playing eerily eternal notes strung out on a high wire

forever vibrating in the Wind

over some Grand Canyon of the soul.

Andrew Ell man in tan

Feature Poet and this year’s KPC winner, Andrew Ellery smiled the impish smile of a naughty four year old as he reeled off his raunchy X-rated riffs mixed with a healthy dose of social unease. Not to everyone’s taste for sure and some audiences may have been shocked by the raw material presented in Andrew’s erotic verse, but we Water-rats are a Cosmopolitan crew, and merely called for an encore at the end.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The day wound to a close. The Rev distributed trinkets as prizes to those poets who had kept him amused.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was more but I lost my notes, so sorry if I forgot someone. The Sun started to set and we parted, promising to meet next month. Only the pictures remained to tell the story..

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The Cranes of Progress loom over Musgrave Park

As recalled by; Unckle “I lost my notes” Rat

Photos by; Shane “What lens cap?” Kneipp