The Water Rats Picnic; Photo review

Who's the leader of the Gang???

Who’s the leader of the Gang??? Kurilpa Rat!

The Water Rats Picnic

Versifying at the West End Festival,

Saturday 29th October, 2016


And so we Few, we Band of Brothers, took to the mean and gritty streets of West End to bring Poetry back to the People.

There had been some unfortunate scratchings to our line-up, and it was now down to a mere handful of bedraggled Survivors to uphold the good name of the Kurilpa Poets.

The Big Four taking the microphone that day were none other than stalwart Kurilpian Geoffrey Evans, the Venerable Eido Boru, Greg “The Loaded Dog” Secombe (back after an absence) and of course myself, the Reverend Hellfire. (No show without Punch).

The Loaded Dog barking at Windmills

The Loaded Dog back to bark at West End Windmills

Accompanying us that day was Secretary John Treason, acting as both official photographer and Stage Manager. John had wisely arranged to have the poet’s stage moved from the somewhat isolated location of the people’s park and out onto the stage by the Big Lizard, in full public view, where we were able to annoy and provoke many more people.

An Inspirational looking Geoffrey Evans

An Inspirational looking Geoffrey Evans

Actually it was rather like Theatre-in-the-round – you had to keep rotating to address segments of the audience, meanwhile the microphone lead wrapped around you like a mummy’s bindings.

Enter the Venerable Eido

Enter the Venerable Eido

Naturally also, there were hold-ups with the usual technical problems you get performing at festivals; microphones failing and power sources suddenly cutting off and grumpy stage hands acting like it’s all your fault somehow..ah I love show biz!! I’m an artist so I sneak off to get a gin and tonic while others sort out the mundane tech issues. Eventually we had sound and we got to rant and strut our fretful hour upon the stage. It was indeed a lovely day to be declaiming our Wild and Wacky Words to the unsuspecting populace. A surprising number of passers-by and casual sitters-on-bums actually paid attention to us like they were really listening!. Some even smiled at us and laughed at our jokes!.

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A little bit of Theatre and clowning keeps the Vibe up-beat; Kurilpa Rat makes a furtive appearance..a Manic Geoffrey is injected with Medicinal Holy Water..Eido is deadpan droll as a Troll as always..

We wind up just in time to miss being drowned-out by what appears to be a Mexican Mariachi band celebrating the Day of the Dead. Ah West End!


The Water Rats scurried home, tired but happy. The Carnival, for this year, was definitely over.

Thanks to Robin Taubenfield for inviting us to appear at the West End Festival.

Viva Kurilpa!

Viva Kurilpa!

Viva Kurilpa!

Words; Rev Hellfire

Pictures; John Treason



Kurilpa Poets Ends Year with a Blast!

DR John not a bomb


2pm, Sunday 29th November, 2015

the artist, and particularly the poet, is always an anarchist in the best sense of the word. he must heed only the call that arises within him from three strong voices: the voice of death, with all its foreboding, the voice of love and the voice of art.”

federico garcía lorca

This month at Kurilpa Poets

we celebrate the the Poet as Anarchist, the Eternal Revolutionary whose poems are acts of Cultural Terrorism, exploding in the Collective Unconscious and undermining the Foundations of the Dominant Paradigm. Yes, we Poets sneer at the crude and clumsy attempts of bombers and assassins to try and change the World

with their vulgar and ineffectual violence!

We Poets have a clearer Vision and better Weapons,

and it is WE who shall make the World anew

through the Power of the Word!

As old Walt Whitman declared, the Age of Priests is Over!

The Poets shall be the new Prophets!

Who better then to have as our lead Feature Poet this month than

the Reverend Hellfire’s old comrade-in-arms,

Doctor John Jiggens.

DR John not a bomb

Doctor John’s Bohemian CV really is too long to list in full.

Not only has he been writing and publishing his verse for decades, he is also the author of a number of works, ranging from gonzo-style journalism

to in-depth, scholarly research.

The good Doctor has also been a long standing Social Activist

in the Brisbane scene since the early seventies,

playing an active role in many an epic social struggle,

generally manifesting as part of the Anarchist faction

in whichever struggle was then being waged.

In Particular Dr John has been a leading light in the crusade to end Drug Prohibition for many years, in particular the struggle to legalise Cannabis, and was a founder member of HEMP.

In this role he changed his name to John FreeMarijuana and became the eldest of the notorious “FreeMarijuana Brothers“,

along side Kurilpa’s very own Reverend Hellfire,

or Guy FreeMarijuana, as he was known

in the days before he found religion.

Today Dr John still continues the fight to legalise the use of medicinal marijuana, and happily, it seems that there is at last some light dawning at the end of tunnel, for this particular issue.

Now we look forward to Dr JJ detonating some of

his classic Word Bombs in our brain at the old Croquet Club.


Providing a suitably Post Apocalyptic soundscape for the event

will be a special performance to close the day and finish the year, by those lovable masters of audio-mayhem,

Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys

Gerry K up and at em

Doctor Gerald Keaney makes a house call this Nov 29th..

featuring, of course, the iconoclastic linguistix

and on-stage antics

of the Wild Man of the Brisbane Poetry scene himself,

Doctor Gerald Keaney.

(So many Doctors on call and do you think I can get one of them

to write me a script?!)

The GK’s have been compared to such Old School punkesque audio experimentalists as Pere Ubu and the Fall,

or, closer to home, Brisbane’s Tapeloops .

GK and the GKays

GK and the GK’s at the recent “Traffic Island” event

Meanwhile, up on the Virtual Gallery’s big screen, we will have two featured artists to disrupt and derange your visual senses;

rene magritte

First up, a retrospective of the old subversive/surrealist Master himself, Rene Magritte. Magritte is one of our Visual Arts Director’s personal favourites, so Shane will be sure to dredge up some lesser known gems, as well as the classic images.

magritte and men

Surrealist Great, Rene Magritte

Later in the afternoon, the unique world/view of the Loaded Dog, Brisbane Poetry scene’s favourite Mad Uncle, will be featured with a series of his Visual Poetic creations.

loaded dog cautious

The Loaded Dog..neighbours said he seemed like a quiet man..

As alway there will be Open Mic sessions, Free Food and Refreshments, Prizes, an informal atmosphere as well as

 the friendliest subversives you could hope to meet.

And of course Master of Ceremonies,

the Reverend Hellfire

The blue-bearded Reverend Hellfire

The blue-bearded Reverend Hellfire

will keep things crackling along in his own inimitable fashion.

Yes, all this and more for a mere $5!

Close to Public transport, the Croquet Club Hall

at 91 Cordelia Street has ample onsite parking

and a wheel chair access ramp.

club and tree foliage

And don’t forget, it’s a Kurilpa tradition for the Community-minded

to bring a plate or a packet or a bottle of something nice

to contribute to the feast.

Kurilpa Kitchen Magicians in action!

Kurilpa Kitchen Magicians in action!

This is our last event for 2015, we’ll be back though

in February 2016 with the fabulous Kurilpa Cup.

We hope to see you there.

final logo Jpig


28th June Photo review; Croquet Club Grand Opening

Return to the Croquet Club

crowd shot shot

Kurilpa June 28th Photo review.

Yes, there was a certain amount of pandemonium at the start of the Kurilpa Poets’ Grand Opening of their spiritual home, the newly renovated Croquet Club in sacred Musgrave Park.

The fridge and the urn had disappeared, as had the kitchen staff. There were clearly not enough chairs and the Mystery Musician

had mysteriously vanished.

But things soon settled down into their usual cheerful chaos;

Shane had the Virtual Gallery up and running with a Tribute to the Art of the Angry Penguins.

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The Blind Dog was found and led to the stage. Armed with only an ancient battered acoustic guitar, with a hole hacked out of the back, and an upended water jug for occasional percussion, Donnie took us back to the heart of the blues. Meanwhile the Reverend (cheerfully blue bearded for the occasion) gathered the scattered poets for the Open Mic and the kitchen volunteers (Linda and John) performed their usual miracles.

Linda and food

After the first Open Mic session & afternoon tea, Feature Poet Cam Logan delivered a powerful and impassioned set which completely won the audience over.

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Indeed, come the end of his set, an encore was unanimously and noisily demanded by the audience. I can’t actually recall anyone else getting an encore before so well done Cam!

Cam and Crowd

It would take a brave poet to go on after that reception, but undeterred the Loaded Dog quietly took centre stage next, to deliver his own High-caliber performance. Greg (the Loaded Dog) Secombe‘s poems are both unashamedly “political” yet at the same time intensely personal. This, at times almost biblical intensity, can disturb people (this is after all, the Age of Not-Caring) but the Dog knows that one of a Poet’s duties is to speak out and call down the False Idols in Power.

loaded dog cautious

The Loaded Dog bites!

There were more fine words and music after that,

as my afternoon slid into a good natured blur.

A Diversity of Voices passed thru the Open Mic; Newcomer Jim Lamb brought a taste of the bush to our inner-urban enclave. Michael Vaughan delivered a string of perfectly polished poem-ettes like pearls. Haviere read us poems in Spanish that sounded like water running over pebbles. Jefferson Evans effervesced.

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Theresa and John and guitarist friend Alex jammed with Donnie.

The Women “revolted” and took over the Open Mic.

Sue Fihelly, Fiona Privitera and new comer

Penny Hayes all read with presence and style.

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New Members signed up and Old Members renewed whilst John dutifully washed many dishes & cups in the kitchen thruout the afternoon. We made enough money to cover the rent and everyone agreed they had a great day.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are more photos which I’ll hopefully put up later, here’s a few more in the meantime..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See you all next month.

Words; Unckle Rat

Pictures; Shane Kneipp*

home of the water rat2


Kurilpa Poets Go to the Dogs! Sun 28th June

loaded dog 3

CAVE CANEM Poetry fans!

Kurilpa Poets Go to the Dogs!

Sunday, 28th June, 2pm.


2011 & 2015 Kurilpa Cup Winner; Cam Logan

2011 & 2015 Kurilpa Cup Winner; Cam Logan

The 2011 and 2015 Kurilpa Cup Winner

Cam Logan


Blues Legend, Blind Dog Donnie

Blues Legend, Blind Dog Donnie

Mystery Musician of the Month;

West End’s Living Blues Legend

“Blind Dog Donny”

and special feature poet

The Loaded Dog; a high calibre performer.

The Loaded Dog; a high calibre performer.

“The Loaded Dog”

Phew ! What a scorching triple header to open the Kurilpa Poets new residency at the freshly renovated Croquet Club. Not since Cerebus himself, the original Dog from Hell, has such a terrifying threesome of canine contenders been seen on the Brisbane poetry scene.


Our first ferocious Feature Poet for the day is multi-Kurilpa-Cup-winner, Cam Logan, whose savagely satirical and icily ironical versification and power-packed performances make him one of the Brisbane Poetry Scenes Top Dogs.


Mystery Musician for the month is non-other than West End’s Living Legend of the Blues, Mr Blind Dog Donnie! This dog barks and bites!

Come here him growl the blues!


Final Feature Poet of the day, a late, lightening performance from

non-other than The Loaded Dog. Some say he’s barking mad, but we let him off the leash! CAVE CANEM, as the Romans used to say.

food selection

And as always there’ll be two Open Mic sessions, the Virtual Gallery,

Prizes, Free Food and Refreshments and Friendly Company.

Free onsite parking and access ramps.

Only $5 or $2(members) entry.

As always we encourage the community minded to bring a plate or packet or bottle of something to contribute to the Feast.

John Tracey,Theresa Tracey-Creed,Reverend Hellfire, Jefferson Evans,Linda Loop and the Loaded Dog welcome you aboard!

John Tracey,Theresa Tracey-Creed,Reverend Hellfire, Jefferson Evans,Linda Loop and the Loaded Dog welcome you aboard!

Sunday, 28th June, 2pm

The New “Olde” Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street

West End

on the edge of sacred Musgrave Park

club and tree foliage

home of the water rat2