“YOUNG ETERNAL”with the Lunch Box Poets, 27th Sept.

The Kurilpa Poets

proudly present

a new generation of Brisbane talent;


“Young Eternal”

Sunday, 27th September, 2pm


The Lunchbox Poets; from left, Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer

The Lunchbox Poets; from left, Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer


(Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole, Molly Sanders-Dwyer)

plus Mystery Musician

Mystery Musician Jem Sparkles will light up our lives once more



with Special Guest MC

sophie t



The Virtual Gallery, Open Mic Sessions,

Free Food & Refreshments,

Free Parking & Wheelchair Access,

and some of the friendliest folk you’re likely to meet!

Yes, All This and More


for the low price of $5 /members $2

91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane,

on the fringe of sacred Musgrave Park.

(Just down from Jagerra House)

final logo Jpig

Well, our August break is over, the Queensland Poetry Festival has come and gone, and the Kurilpa Poets are back in business at the Olde Croquet Club in Musgrave Park.

And to celebrate the Spring, and all things new and blossoming,

we have planned a special showcase of some of the new generation of rising, young Brisbane poets, under the banner,


on Sunday 27th September at 2pm.

The Kurilpa Poets are very excited to be presenting

on this occasion our youngest feature poets ever,

the precociously fabulous LunchBox Poets.

Lunchbox Poets logo

The Lunchboxers are a trio of local High School students,

Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer.

Morgan Lunchbox

Morgan Lunchbox

They graciously gave the Water-Rat Gazette a short statement of their aims;

“Lunchbox Poets is dedicated to providing a space

for young poets to speak out and be heard.

So far we have organised events for World Poetry Day,

with QPF and Brisbane Square Library, as well as events with Avid Reader

in West End, Visible Ink and The Nest Community Inc.

Lunchbox is made up of three dedicated girls

with a love of poetry and dog photos. ” _

Molly Lunchbox

Molly Lunchbox_

Guest MC for this occasion is the non-other than

Sophie Tarrant,

whom Kurilpa members will remember fondly

from her lively feature performance at the “Mad Maids and Muses”

gig back in May. Sophie is looking for more young poets for this event

so if you’re keen to participate contact her at;  https://www.facebook.com/sophie.tarrant.18?fref=ts 

Sophie boogies down at Mad Maids & Muses

Sophie boogies down at Mad Maids & Muses

Jem Sparkles is no stranger to Kurilpa,

having been our Mystery Musician a number of times this year.

But we love her so much we have to have her back once more,

and indeed her effervescent warblings should provide the

perfect background vibe for this occasion.

Jem sparkling away

Jem sparkling away

Plus of course the usual Kurilpa Wackiness and Good Vibes,

the fabulously informal Open Mic sessions and much more.

Be sure to attend and don’t forget, we ask the community minded to bring a plate or a packet or a bottle of something nice to add to the Feast.

feeding time




Kurilpa Poets photo-review,

Sunday 31st May

Felicitously the last day of Autumn proved to be a fine one, as the Kurilp Poets and Friends gathered in the Courtyard of West End Community House to celebrate all things Femme in the Uni-Verse.

crowd shot 4

Indeed, the stellar line up of luminous poets and musicians that day surely created a new constellation in the Sky, a constellation celebrating the Sacred Muse of Poetry and will be named something appropriate like Hypatia or Sappho or Calliope or the Poetess!

I leave that task to future astrologists. My task oh Muse, is to sing but briefly of the glories of that day as a witness for future days.

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MC & Psycho-pompe (guide to the Mysteries) that day was the handsomely attired Mz Linda Loop. Linda, who has been known to leave Kurilpa audiences stunned with awe with her a acapella renditions of Schubert Lieder and the like, alas did not favour us with song on this occasion, though she did accompany Theresa Tracey-Creed on trumpet, during Theresa’s feature set..

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As well as reading some of her own unassuming but powerful poems, Theresa sang a couple of cover songs acapella on Sunday, including a version of Let it Be that had the audience singing along with feeling. Why, it was almost religious for a moment, sitting there in the sun, singing along with the poets and other outcasts!

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Sophie Tarrant perhaps put on the liveliest performance of the afternoon and kept the crowd well amused..

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Fiona Privitera, resplendent in classic Joy Division T-shirt, read excerpts from the work of Sam Riviere and others. Fiona over recent months at Kurilpa events has proved to be a talented interpreter of other poets works and we hope to have the opportunity to hear from her own work in the near future.

Sadly I missed Sue Fihelley’s set on this occasion but I do have a copy of her book which I shall be reviewing for the Water-Rat Gazette in the not-too-distant-future.

I had made the mistake of asking feature poet Judith Light if she had enough material for two sets. Her response was to bring a large sack of poetry hefted over her shoulder to the event! At eighty years strong she of course has no shortage of material!

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Judith in fact came all the way up from Byron Bay to read for us, and has hinted strongly that this may be her “Last Performance”, so we at Kurilpa Poets thank her muchly for coming and sharing some selections from her Life’s Work with us. We can only hope that she’ll “do a Melba” and come out of retirement many times.

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At Open Mic time the boys were allowed time to have their say. Emerging from the kitchen to whence he’d largely been banished for the day, the Reverend Hellfire played the Trickster as usual, using the days theme as an excuse for reading a poem on the “sorrows of the modern house husband”! Jeffrey, now Kurilpa’s newest signed up member, was as animated as always. A couple of newcomers made impressive debut’s and West End Icon, Blind Dog Donnie graced us also by reading a couple of selections of Wordsworth and Longfellow. (Perhaps a future Mystery Musician here we hope, folks!) The Usual Suspects and some New Faces whose names I neglected to secure read all took their turn ritually in stage.

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Last Months missing Mystery Musicians emerged from the time-hole that swallowed them up in April and now were mysteriously no longer a duo but a trio, and called Jem Sparkles and the Bright Sparks, or possibly Jem and Her Sparkle Boys, or words to that effect. No matter the name, the music produced by Jem, Michael and Rainer was both sprightly and mellow, and set a most suitable vibe for the afternoon. (It should also be noted that the musicians in question made themselves useful in the kitchen as well, helping the Reverend artistically arrange the food for Afternoon Tea. Nicely arranged food is so important, don’t you think?) As always the Water-Rats contributed generously and no-one went home hungry. Shane, again, that Hummus! mmm hummouss (drools)

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I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Suffice for now to say it was a great afternoon and an appropriate end to our time “Wandering in the Wilderness” whilst our traditional Headquarters, the Olde Croquet Club in Musgrave Park, was extensively refurbished. For Yeah! It is Done! We are returning Home!

Hope to see you all there on Sunday the 28th of June when we return to our New Revamped Ultra-swish Croquet Club in style! Check out the Gazette in coming days for photos of our new-look Club House beneath the green trees of Musgrave Park

and of course, further details of our Homecoming Poetry Party.

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words; Unckle Rat

pictures; Shane Kneipp

water-ratettes wiv border


MAD MAIDS & MUSES Line up, Sunday 31st May

Mad Maids and Muses

Line Up

water-ratettes wiv border

Kurilpa Poets feature this Sunday 31st May;

(In no particular order)

Fiona Privitera

Fiona Privitera

Sophie Tarrant

Sophie Tarrant

Theresa Tracey-Creed

croq club Theresa smiles colour crop

Judith Light

Judith Light

Sue FihellySue Fihelly


with MC Linda Loop

Guest MC; Linda Loop

Guest MC; Linda Loop

and the sweet sounds of Phoebe & Neil

“PHOEBE & NEILL” emerge from the time rift

and miscellaneous readings from;

Carol Balfor, Christine Huber and More..

So come one come all!

croq club Linda and Theresa

May KP Handbill w Mad MaidsJPIGred


November 2014 Kurilpa Poets Photo Review



WITH;Feature Poet; Cathoel Jorss

Mystery Musician; Matt Barnes Unsuspected Artist; Zel

MC; Reverend Hellfire


It was a wonderous fair day indeed, a mellow vibe, fine verse, fine food, fine company. Feature Poet Cathoel Jorss’s Poetry bowled  over all who had ears to hear. I believe Cathoel sold all available copies of her book that day, even the water-damaged ones were fought over by the fans. If you can’t get a real copy of Comb the Sky for Satellites you can always get it in E-book form on the net. This reviewer says; Track down a Copy Today! You won’t regret..

The Open Mic was as diverse, bizarre witty and profound as always. Mr Matt Barnes soothed our cares away with the siren song of his six string, cherry-red slide guitar. Up on the Virtual Gallery screen Unsuspected Artist ZEL’s madcap visions swirled and squirmed.

A most pleasurable way to wind up 2014 I’m sure. I’ll say no more but let the pictures speak and finish with a poem 2013 Kurilpa Cup Winner, Tony “Fats Parameter” Kneipp wrote for the occasion, in celebration of our humble gatherings. Enjoy!


In the shade of the sprawling fig tree

In a Park with so much history

The old Croquet Club calls us together.

A Word Salad and a sense of wonder

With music served as entrée

 The Reverend holding court as Jester and MC.

Free association and the occasional rants,

 Rap ballad posturings and poetic performance.


Half time break, smoke fills the rotunda

Cakes and cheese, tea and wine

A slide show presents a Surreal backdrop

To the clatter and chatter.

Another Sunday afternoon among friends.

-A.J. Kneipp


Tony K praising the Kurilpa Muse


irst time reader at Kurilpa, Alan Jeffries, also kindly donated a copy of his slim volume of verse to our expanding library of local and Australian PoetrySONY DSC
SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCBelow:Young Kyle takes it away while the Rev consults the lists..
SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCLeft: Mystery Muso Matt Barnes is actually quite well known here abouts. Below; Cathoel Combs the Sky and makes a necklace of the Stars.Then she writes a poem about itSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCBelow; the Rev restrains himself

Above; Linda Loop performs “Der Jabberwoch!” in honour of our German guests. Left: The Danksta Downunder takes notesSONY DSCSONY DSC 

Newcomer Sophie Tarrant joined the Open Mic with an impressive debutSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
SONY DSC Left and below;Jefferson Evans was radiating energy as always SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
SONY DSCbelow: My Pod is better than Ipod! Or so claims the Reverend.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC left; Jefferson E. “Oh what a feeling!” SONY DSCLeft:Visual Arts Director and Group Photographer Shane K takes time off from his many duties to peruse the Instruction Manual..