KURILPA CUP WINNER 2016, Andrew Ellery

2015 Kurilpa Cup

2016 Kurilpa Cup Winner

Andrew Ellery takes the Cup!


The competition was keen for the 2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup, with the largest number of eager poets yet taking part in this august event.

Coming out of Nowhere, newcomer Andrew Ellery

won the day, and quickly demonstrated that he

understood the “Kurilpa Spirit” and was truely, “One of Us”.

Andrew and "almost" winner, Fiona Privitera receive their awards.

Andrew and “almost” winner, Fiona Privitera receive their awards.

For full details of this exciting occasion

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Below the Water-Rat Gazette is proud to present Andrew’s winning poems, and an extra one thrown in as well because, as the author says, “Why the Hell not?”

Andrew goes on to further elucidate;

It’s actually part two of Mansfield Park, about the same woman who was a neighbour of my Grandmother. Last year she and her mother were fighting over a bag of ice that Mum was trying to steal. Resulting in the daughter bashing her mums head in to the driveway

till she died. 

I’ve been writing a book over the past 2 years collecting stories about the forgotten lives of Australians who live with disadvantage. Should have some copies printed this year around May-June.

Andrew Ellery

The Neglected Singularity


Got on the piss, never miss a hit

Fuck’n bitch, took the last bit

Of my shit, had to split

Was in a fit of rage

Wasn’t even of age, the gang rape

Convictions lost in red tape

And apathetic political correction

Had to have a C Section

Lost my kid after one inspection

There’s no ascension from the pension

Constant suspension from the

Harsh reality of tension

That incestriously breeds

Feeds from breast milk charged with speed

Daughters that bleed, cannot read the

Fine print of the bureaucracy instated

Separated with young before discharge

Never investigated the circumstance


Mansfield Park


Alright, here’s the deal

If you wanna to cop a feel

That girl’s got arse hog tied

In thrift shop bin finds

Staining second hand filter

With cheap glitter gloss

She’s Boss


That slag Big Red, fucken mole

Who tha fuck does this white bitch

Think she is, this is my biz

Gee whiz I fucked her up

That day she gave me lip

For letti’n slip

She’s post op, had a cock

Tell you what if I had a glock

Her arse would be mine, not his


The man who held my hand

For brief spans

Caressed my breasts

Did not detest my history


Unlike mother

I was just the income for smoke

No joke, been taking tokes

And giving strokes to blokes

In trucks, fuck you slut

You’re nothing but a northern suburbs runaway

Should have married a bush pig

And done beats in the side

Like your father


I  S.O.S


Took six loads that day

Heavy loads, his genomes

Unmonitored rhizomes

Inevitable, chromonological


Submission for the fusion

No confusion between the lines

Of unattained love and


Salvation was sought

Fiendishly salivating for

Spider bites, why fight fate

Have always hated the prospect

Of longevity, traded for Man smell

Molecular expulsion of my cells

Then back to the real hell

That cosmetic shell, that expels

Deceitful smiles that say

Yeah, I’m fine”


But I ask myself why, I didn’t try

To stop applying, the protection

No comprehension

It’s the erection that ensnares

Doesn’t care, prepares the senses

No pretences

You know the danger of online strangers

Russian roulette players

They ain’t stayers, the layers

Hyper realistically displayed

To get laid, constantly dismayed

By my membranes expectations


Fits like a glove, some call it love

Have always put it above sensibility

The chivalry, disrupting my ability

To think clear, unable to steer

From the collision, my clouded vision

Was on a mission for fusion

The confusion, profusion of self denied worth

Unrehearsed birth of a cursed life


Daily preparing medication

Self prescribing sedation

To ration with demons, birthed from seamen

It’s never leaving

Andrew Ellery, 2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup Winner.

Andrew Ellery, 2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup Winner.