2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup Photo Review

2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup Photo Review



2016 has started most auspiciously for the Kurilpa Poets, with the fifth annual Kurilpa Poetry Cup going off with a BANG! that startled the crows from the trees and set car alarms wailing in a three block radius. The Mood was Mellow, the Music was Melodious, the words Wonderous and the Feast was Fabulous.

The legendary Jeff Usher

The legendary Jeff Usher

As Mystery Musician Jeff Usher played Pied Piper, luring unwary passers by into the Olde Croquet Club, the Poets assembled and prepared their material, whilst the newly inscribed Cup glittered enticingly, whispering sweet promises of Victory!

Cup Day Crowd drifts in

Funny how people like to lurk in the doorway..

After a few words from MC Reverend Hellfire and a brief poem examining the unfortunate effects of “Tree Blindness”, the Contest commenced. It was the largest field of poets yet assembled for the KPC, with 18 eager contestants throwing their metaphorical hats into the allegorical ring. In order of appearance they were;


Eido Boru

Fiona Privitera


Geoffrey “Shakespeare” Evans

Thomas Nelson

Bohemian Larry


Andrew Ellery

Tony “Fats Parameter” Kneipp

Michael Vaughan

Sue Dreeves

Nigel “formerly Freemarijuana”

Theresa Tracey-Creed


Gerard Bromley

Cynthia Jauch

Gerald “Gerald Keaney” Keaney

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Kurilpa newcomer and a first time reader, Bryce bravely started the ball rolling with a creditable performance. The venerable Eido Boru was up next, his poem claiming that “Nobody saw Nothing“. Fiona Privitera frankly admitted that her “Love was not Fashionable“, but went on to the Finals anyway, despite her old fashioned, Luddite ways.

Renegade Trent was the day’s first “palm pilot poet” (as the Reverend dubbed them) with a poem about “My Dream Catcher“. Was he referring to the hi-tech tablet he was reading his poem from, we wonder?

Next up Geoffrey “William Shakespeare” Evans, is never a man short of a word and this day proved no exception. His lament about “Women Who Have Dropped Me” touched a chord in the Judge’s heart and took Geoff through to the Finals.

Veteran Poet Thomas Nelson brought forth the Ghosts of the Dead through the medium of Poetry, whilst “Bohemian Larry” brought us the Iconoclastic Newsflash for the day, “Money Talks, Bullshit Walks“. Kurilpa first time reader Stacey meanwhile reminded us that History walks all around us.

Next up, the man in the Sarong, Andrew Ellery took the stage, amongst other things assuring us he hated the prospect of longevity. His poem and his sarong took him into the Finals. (Both the Rev and Judge David agreed that this climate is far too hot for pants).

Tony “Fats Parameter” Kneipp was the only previous KPC winner competing in this year’s Cup, and threatened us all with the prospect of ever-looming Black Holes of the Spirit.

Gentleman-Poet Michael Vaughan bracketed his erudite offering with quotes from Einstein, whilst former “Freemarijuana Brother” Nigel gave us his take on the ugly blight of Ozzie “True Blue” Patriotism. Oy! Oy!Oy!

It felt appropriate then that Theresa Tracey-Creed took the stand next, with a powerful tribute to her Ancestors, the warrior Kalkadoon.

The audience responded immediately with heart-felt appreciation,

and no-one was surprised when Theresa was selected to go on to the Finals.

Soft spoken Sue Dreeves, alas, had to contend with an overhead jet passing by during her poem, but gamely continued reading.

First time Kurilpa reader Bridie then gave us a poem on good connections, whilst Water-Rat regular Gerrard Bromley gave us an impassioned rant on the ubiquitous evil of “Fucking Advertising”. Palm Pilot Poetess Cynthia Jauch took the time to praise her fellow competitors for their courage and honesty, a sweet gesture indeed.

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The Heats ended spectacularly with notorious Bete Noir of the Brisbane Poetry Scene, Gerald Keaney, getting pied at the culmination of his rant (a diatribe with several pointed references to disgraced Uber-Poet Graham Nunn along the way). It was rumoured the pie thrower, young Dean McClure, was “paid to pie” by a shadowy consortium of poets that Gerry has written critical articles about in the Past.

Forensic examination of the pie indicated it was a lemon cheese cake. Enquiries continue.

KPC audience with Judge David taking notes.

KPC audience with Judge David taking notes down the back..

After all that excitement it was time for a break while the cheese cake was scrapped up. Jeff Usher once more filled the air with his smooth jazz stylings whilst the crowd feasted on the fabulous spread of food brought by the community spirited Water Rats and Friends. A BIG thank you indeed for all those who contributed to the Kurilpa Feast on Sunday. This is the sort of thing that makes Kurilpa special.

the poets feed

the poets feed

Out in the Rotunda the smokers gathered in their Sacred Place to perform their mysterious rituals and discuss the doings of the day, as the sound of the Mystery Musician’s tinkling Ivories drifted across the lawn.

Cup winner Andrew Ellery, Dr John Jiggens & the Reverend hellfire enjoy the Rotundas special ambience..

Cup winner Andrew Ellery, Dr John Jiggens & the Reverend hellfire enjoy the Rotundas special ambience..

The “Musical Interlude” is an important social occasion for the Water Rats, but the Cup beckoned us to continue. The Rev read a short poem about a melting Cello made of Ice to Jeff Usher’s cool accompaniment, and then it was time for the day’s Feature Set from Poetry Supremo, David “Ghostboy” Stavanger.

David Stavanger.."No pies please"

David Stavanger..”No pies please”

David is more David than Ghostboy these days, he tells us, before launching into a batch of powerful new poems. They are all compelling pieces, delivered with complete professionalism. I like them a lot. I think there is a new gravitas to David’s work, even dare I say, a new maturity perhaps? Certainly it is safe to say his Talent has not peaked. The man is writing at the Top of his Form.

Judge David, finalist Theresa and back in the distance, Jeff Usher

Judge David, finalist Theresa and back in the distance, Jeff Usher

At last it is time for the Finals; the four finalists are named. Geoffrey Evans, Fiona Privitera, Andrew Ellery

and Theresa Tracey-Creed run thru their paces. Fiona’s poem is lizard-quick and to the point. Geoffrey goes on at considerable length.. I find myself glad I’m not judging.


Geoffrey implores Judge David for compassion

Another pause whilst Kurilpa’s Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp, fills us in on the legend of Ferdinand Leger..

Contemplating the art of Ferdinand Leger

Contemplating the art of Ferdinand Leger

Ghostboy, the odious task of judging poetry complete, slinks back into the shadows after whispering briefly to MC Hellfire, who then announces the results;

In fourth place..Geoffrey Evans!

In 3rd place.. Theresa Tracey-Creed!

In 2nd place.. Fiona Privitera!

and, in first place, “by a whisker” it is written, is Kurilpa newcomer Andrew Ellery!

Theresa receives her certificate

Cup Finalist Theresa receives her certificate

Then an unexpected development!

The crowd has barely finished applauding when Judge David starts to explain just how close the judging had been. So close in fact that there were almost joint winners. “Actually”, says the Rev,” I think I have another Cup around here somewhere!” And yes, after a quick rummage thru his knapsack he is indeed miraculously able to produce a stainless steel goblet!

With a second Cup now available, Fiona was duly anointed “Almost Winner” and her certificate amended accordingly.

"But wait! There's more!"

“But wait! There’s more!”

Then, in a touching display of good sportsmanship, Andrew and Fiona spontaneously started dividing the Winner’s proceeds between them!

Cup Winners Andrew & Fiona celebrate the moment as the Rev looks on benignly

Cup Winners Andrew & Fiona celebrate the moment as the Rev looks on benignly

Thus the loaf of bread, jug of wine and book of verses were quickly shared out, and the $50 prize money was divided, to the cheers of the approving crowd.

Voila! Another Cup!

Voila! Another Cup!

Truly an exciting finish to this years KPC and where else but with the Kurilpa Poets, I thought, could you end up with a result like that.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

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The winning poems will be appearing in the Water Rat Gazette in the not too distant Future. Stay tuned for details of next months event.

Words; Unckle Rat

Pictures; Shane K


GHOSTBOY to Manifest at Kurilpa Poetry Cup, Feb 28

GHOSTBOY Returns to Haunt Kurilpa!

ghostie explains black

David Stavanger to Feature & Judge

at Kurilpa Poetry Cup

Sunday 28th February, 2016


The Kurilpa Cup is certainly shaping up to be a fabulously entertaining event this year. Not only do we have the Cup itself and Jeff Usher as Mystery Musician, but we are also now able to confirm that Mr David “Ghostboy” Stavanger will be judging the competition and performing a special Feature Set as well.

It’s become a tradition at Kurilpa to bring outstanding members of the wider Poetic Community in to judge this annual event. Previous judges have been the highly esteemed Robin Archbold and David Hallett. And seeing we have them with us, we take the opportunity to get our judges to give a demonstration of their own poetic prowess, that we might study their technique and learn thereby.

Up jumped the Devil!

Up jumped the Devil!

Be that as it may, it’s also a chance to be highly entertained, and “Ghostie” is renowned not just as a talented poet and Head of the QLD Poetry Festival, but is also one of Brisbane’s outstanding Performance Poets, himself winning the 2006 Nimbin World Performance Poetry Cup.

Ghostie gets dowwwn!

Ghostie gets dowwwn!

“Always a show when Ghostboy’s on stage” as attendees of the 2014 Kurilpa Cup will vouch for, after witnessing his highly energetic and eccentric performance that year. Indeed several of them are still undergoing psychiatric counselling for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Ghostboy's poetry has left it's mark on this young man

Ghostboy’s poetry has left it’s mark on this young man

So now we have brought him back for 2016 for more Poetic Shock-Treatment. I could fill a whole page with superlatives about this esteemed poet and performer, but I shall merely say this:

Go to this show. Ghost boy is on.

Need one say more?

Ghost boy with world in hands framed

A spectre stalks the globe..Poetry!


Starts 2pm/ Doors open 1:45/ $5 at door/ Competition free to enter/ free food & refreshments/ free onsite parking/

The Olde Croquet Club/91 Cordelia Street,

West End.

Beneath the Trees of Sacred Musgrave Park

club and tree foliage


-Article by Unckle Rat.

KURILPA POETS Present July 26th; David Stavanger & Anne-Marie Te Whiu

"Oh He got thdewhole world in his hands.." David S contemplates world poetic domination!

“Oh He got thdewhole world in his hands..” David S contemplates world poetic domination!


David (GHOSTBOY) Stavanger

& Anne-Marie Te Whiu

Quiet Achiever and Kurilpa Feature Poet, MsAnne-Marie Te Whiu

Quiet Achiever and Kurilpa Feature Poet, MsAnne-Marie Te Whiu

Sunday, 26th July, 2pm

The Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End

The last Sunday in July is approaching rapidly and what a great line-up

the Kurilpa Poets are putting on this month.

First up, we are honoured to present as special Feature Poets for July

none other than the esteemed Co-Directors

of the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival,

Mr David (Ghostboy) Stavanger and his partner in all crimes cultural,

the charming Ms Anne-Marie Te Whiu.


As Ghostboy, David is of course, a well known Presence

in the Brisbane Poetry Community, while Annie has been a quiet achiever,

responsible behind the scenes for many local Cultural Events.

Generously taking time off from their many arduous duties as Custodians of Brisbane’s premier Poetry Event to appear at our humble venue,

together Dave and Annie will no doubt amaze and beguile the crowd

with their words, and make this an afternoon to remember.

Here’s some pictures from Ghostie’s last appearance at Kurilpa;

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Mystery Musician of the Month is the ever-smiling

Jem Sparkles, who kept us so well entertained

at last May’s “Mad Maids” Event.

Jem Sparkle shines on

Jem Sparkle shines on

This month she will be performing solo, sans her “Sparkle Boys“.

Cam "dont call me piano man" Logan

Cam “dont call me piano man” Logan

Master of Ceremonies for July is the ever-popular

Cam Logan, recent winner of the2015 Kurilpa Cup.

Boxes by 2014 Virtual Gallery guest ;Brian Gilmore

Boxes by 2014 Virtual Gallery guest ;Brian Gilmore

The Virtual Gallery will no doubt be showing something

weird and wonderful from Art’s Forgotten Vaults, courtesy

of our Visual Arts Director Shane Kneipp

and as always our 2 Open Mic sessions will be there

for you to share your words (or someone elses for that matter)

in an informal and supportive atmosphere.

food selection

Food and Refreshments are provided Free

but we encourage people to bring a plate or a packet

or a bottle of something to contribute to the Feast.


Free On-site Parking and close to Public Transport.


Only $5 Entry $2 Members


So come and join us beneath the Tree’s,

we’ll share Food and Friendship

and Poetry.

club and tree foliage

All Friendly Folk welcome.

home of the water rat2




The Old Croquet Club warms up

The Old Croquet Club warms up



A book of verses beneath the bough,

a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou,

singing beside me in the wilderness,

that for us is enough a Paradise!

-Omar Khyyam

2014 cup look silver cropreduced

Cup day, February 23rd, and the Olde Croquet Club was alive with great verse, great food, great music and great company.

matt barnes plays

New faces and Old Hands mixed and mingled as Mystery Musician of the Month, Matt Barnes opened the day and set a mellow mood with his down-home slide-geetar stylings.

But soon it was time to start the Cup itself and so the Reverend Hellfire, soberly dressed in flaming red and gold robes, waved his magic, laughing-pumpkin wand (an after Halloween discount)

and set the ball rolling.

rev with laughing wand and poetic cup

rev with laughing wand and poetic cup

There were 12 contestants this year and the quality of both verse and performance was high. Certainly a wide variety of styles were in evidence. Sadly though there was only one female poet in the comp this year. Come on Ladies, step up!

Sue F reading from her slim volume of verse

Sue F reading from her slim volume of verse

newcomer Kyle B lets rip!

newcomer Kyle B lets rip!

A dapper vision in blue-Tony Mutton

A dapper vision in blue-Tony Mutton

In order of appearance, those reading in the first round at the 2014 Kurilpa Poets Performance Poetry Cup were, (drum rolls):

Tony Kneipp

Dushan Bojic

Sasha Cuha


Glen Manga

Tony (Darkarse) Mutton

Quetzal Otto

Jeremy Lee Pike

Emerging poet Aron O

Emerging poet Aron O


Sue Fihely

Kyle B.

Aron O.

Cameron Logan

Cameron Logan twirls an evil mustachio prior to laughing sinisterly

Cameron Logan twirls an evil mustachio prior to laughing sinisterly

It was a fittingly symmetrical coincidence that the first round opened and closed with the previous winners of the Kurilpa Cup, Tony Kneipp and Cameron Logan taking the stage. (Cam’s still waiting for his cup but I’ve been told one’s on the way.)

Glen Manga points the finger

Glen Manga points the finger

Tony K,2013 Kurilpa Cup winner defends his title

Tony K,2013 Kurilpa Cup winner defends his title

Quetzal Otto lets go!

Quetzal Otto lets go!

Stephen lee Pike gets bent!

Stephen lee Pike gets bent!


End of round one and Matt Barnes took the stage blues-ward again with his flame red Hawaiin Guitar, whilst the poets ate and drank and chatted about their chances.

Matt Barnes Mystery Muso

As always the Rotunda was where much of the intermission

action was, so unfortunately the smokers missed a lot of Matt’s set.

We really must get some external speakers put out there one day.


Ghost dance

Ghost dance

Suitably refreshed we returned to witness Master Poet David “Ghostboy” Stavanger mesmerize the audience with a typically high-octane performance. His “Mon Cherie” number, performed with the aid of an (extremely) co-operative audience member and a stick of lipstick, was especially well received.

This young man has fallen into the hands of poets!

This young man has fallen into the hands of poets!

Ghostie’s never more serious on stage, than when he’s clowning around. And how I laughed as he led us on a sing-a-long to Nick Caves,”Up Jumped the Devil”.



ghostie explains

Finishing his set David, swiftly switched back into his judicial robes whilst the Reverend briefly distracted the audience with his antics and a chilling ode to Winter.

amused by the reverends Antics

amused by the reverends Antics

Then onto the Final Round, with five instead of the planned four poets being given the nod by the Ghostly Judge & Jury.


The Rainbird Man-Sasha Cuha

The Rainbird Man-Sasha Cuha

Jeremy Lee pikeDushan artistic angle

As I recall, (correct me if I’m wrong) but it was Quetzal Otto, Tony Mutton, Jeremy Lee Pike, Dushan Bojic and former cup winner Cameron Logan in the fabulous final five.

Each gave it their best shot. Personally, I liked the chances of one of the younger poets, but I was glad I didn’t have to make the decision. David had kind and encouraging words for all the finalists, but..


Dance of the Quetzal otto!

Dance of the Quetzal otto!

(Drum rolls)

Jason's first appearance at the KP Cup impressed

Jason’s first appearance at the KP Cup impressed



Tony M finalist


In a shock win that was said to have left industry insiders “stunned”, the Winner of this year’s Kurilpa Cup was non-other than Dushan Bojic,

the poet-artisan who crafted the 2013 Cup! Surely another piece of symmetry come full circle!


Dushan with cup good shot

Dushan happily accepted the loaf of bread, bottle of wine and several books of verse that accompanied the Cup itself as prizes.

However, in a stylish display of noblesse oblige Dushan tore up the prize-cheque and donated his winnings back to the group’s coffers.

There must have been something in the air that day (or maybe the water), as Feature Poet David Stavanger, always a gentleman, also declined to be paid for his services, as a show of support for the Kurilpa Poets and its efforts.

Gentlemen, we thank you both. 

And indeed Thanks to all who made the day a success;

crowd sample

Linda and Carol keeping the kitchen running as always, John manning the door, Shane for documenting the occasion for posterity, all the helpers who brought food and hangers on who helped put away the chairs, and to all who listened and last but not least, all who read their work, especially those who got up there for the first time before an audience. Good for you!

contestants line up


See you all next month.

rev and tree reduced

-words by Unckle Rat

-photos by Shane Kneipp