Underground Poetry- A Visit to the Depths

We reprint this lurid Victorian melodrama from The KURILPA CITIZEN,

( https://www.facebook.com/kurilpacitizen/ )

A visit to the Depths of Brisbane’s Underground Poetry scene

As related to a Gentleman of the Cloth

carruthers and blassington

A gibbous Moon loomed mournfully in the eldritch sky. As we approached the fog enshrouded gates of the Olde Croquet Club deep within the dark heart of Musgrave Park, a pack of wild dogs suddenly howled in the distance. But not distant enough for my companion.

“We should go back,” he shivered,” I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

I was expecting this. My old chum Blassington was like a lot of people I know; they’d rather have a leg sawn off than attend a poetry reading.

gothic gate

“Non-sense, old boy!” I cried jovially, “the Kurilpa Poets are different from the usual sort of Poetry Group..they won’t hurt you like the Others,” I hastened to reassure him, ” Besides their sense of Hospitality is Legendary! Free Food! Free Wine! Free Verse!

And see! Here comes Jeffreys the Gate-keeper now to welcome us!”

As I spoke a diminutive, hunched figure loped up and held a flaming brand towards us. The hideous visage squinted uncertainly up at our faces and then broke into a toothless smile.

“Why, it’s the young Marrrster returned!”

“Yes Jeffreys, I have returned,” I replied affably as I tossed the dwarvish gatekeeper a gold coin, “and see..I have brought a visitor..my friend Blassington.”

At this the dwarf wheeled upon my friend and thrust a battered tin cup towards him..

“Five dollars!,” the creature demanded crudely.

“You’ll have to forgive Jeffreys manners,” I explained,

as my nervous friend hurriedly flung five dollars into the battered cup, “he’s been with us for a very long time.”

Jeffreys the gatekeeper

Having given the gate-keeper his due, he then consented to lead us down a long, dank, and winding passage into the earth. With the ubiquitous scurrying of Water-rats all around us we stumbled forward

the only illumination coming from the feeble, flickering, flames of the hunchbacks’ torch and a sort of, pallid, greenish fluorescence emanating from the loathsome fungi that everywhere infested the damp caverns we traversed.

carruthers and bklassington 2

We came at length to an ancient, sturdy door, upon which I knocked 3 times, than after a pause, once. A pair of blood-shot eyes was applied to the doors peep hole and surveyed us balefully. The eyes’ voice then croaked out their challenge;

“There is an Ancient Mariner!”

“He stoppeth One of Three,” I replied promptly.

At that the ancient door swung open and a wave of demented laughter and dissonant chanting swept over us.

“Good God Carruthers!,” Blassington cried out, “What is that Hellish sound!”

“Pull yourself together man!” I said, and grasped his shoulders firmly, “we’re just in time. The Open Mic is starting!”

To be continued..

carruthers and blassington 4


Will Blassington & Carruthers return from the depths of Brisbane’s Underground Poetry Scene? Join us next issue of [insert publication name here] for their further adventures, or come down to the Kurilpa Poets and see for yourself yourself,

last Sunday of every Month, starting at 2pm.

at the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End beneath the trees of Musgrave Park.


*Sunday June 26th, will see Fiona Privitera as Feature Poet, and Brisbane Jazz Giant Jeff Usher playing some cool tunes.

For further updates and details

as always tune into the Water-Rat Gazzette

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June 2016 handbill with frameJPIG


Kurilpa Poets Go to the Dogs! Sun 28th June

loaded dog 3

CAVE CANEM Poetry fans!

Kurilpa Poets Go to the Dogs!

Sunday, 28th June, 2pm.


2011 & 2015 Kurilpa Cup Winner; Cam Logan

2011 & 2015 Kurilpa Cup Winner; Cam Logan

The 2011 and 2015 Kurilpa Cup Winner

Cam Logan


Blues Legend, Blind Dog Donnie

Blues Legend, Blind Dog Donnie

Mystery Musician of the Month;

West End’s Living Blues Legend

“Blind Dog Donny”

and special feature poet

The Loaded Dog; a high calibre performer.

The Loaded Dog; a high calibre performer.

“The Loaded Dog”

Phew ! What a scorching triple header to open the Kurilpa Poets new residency at the freshly renovated Croquet Club. Not since Cerebus himself, the original Dog from Hell, has such a terrifying threesome of canine contenders been seen on the Brisbane poetry scene.


Our first ferocious Feature Poet for the day is multi-Kurilpa-Cup-winner, Cam Logan, whose savagely satirical and icily ironical versification and power-packed performances make him one of the Brisbane Poetry Scenes Top Dogs.


Mystery Musician for the month is non-other than West End’s Living Legend of the Blues, Mr Blind Dog Donnie! This dog barks and bites!

Come here him growl the blues!


Final Feature Poet of the day, a late, lightening performance from

non-other than The Loaded Dog. Some say he’s barking mad, but we let him off the leash! CAVE CANEM, as the Romans used to say.

food selection

And as always there’ll be two Open Mic sessions, the Virtual Gallery,

Prizes, Free Food and Refreshments and Friendly Company.

Free onsite parking and access ramps.

Only $5 or $2(members) entry.

As always we encourage the community minded to bring a plate or packet or bottle of something to contribute to the Feast.

John Tracey,Theresa Tracey-Creed,Reverend Hellfire, Jefferson Evans,Linda Loop and the Loaded Dog welcome you aboard!

John Tracey,Theresa Tracey-Creed,Reverend Hellfire, Jefferson Evans,Linda Loop and the Loaded Dog welcome you aboard!

Sunday, 28th June, 2pm

The New “Olde” Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street

West End

on the edge of sacred Musgrave Park

club and tree foliage

home of the water rat2




A bright Future foe the Kurilpa Poets

A bright Future foe the Kurilpa Poets



SUNDAY 28th JUNE, 2pm

91 Cordelia Street

Beneath the trees of Musgrave Park

club and tree foliage

After spending the first half of 2015 wandering the Wilderness of West End,

the Kurilpa Poets at last return to their fully refurbished, renovated and rejuvenated home, the famous Olde Croquet Club-house beneath the trees of sacred Musgrave Park.

Now boasting state-of-the art kitchen, access ramps, two toilets, recessed lighting and a spacious back verandah with amphitheatre like steps that will surely serve as seating for outdoor events in the future. In another cheering development, the ugly grey carpet of yesteryear had been removed, stripped back to the original planking and tastefully varnished.

croq club inside

Not everything has changed. Regulars at past Kurilpa Poet events

will also be happy to hear that the Rotunda,

humble home to much mid-afternoon sociability for the smokers amongst us, remains untouched,

tucked away in its discrete little corner.

The Rotunda remains unchanged; a quiet nook for scholarly debate, (coughs)

The Rotunda remains unchanged; a quiet nook for scholarly debate, (coughs)

The Kurilpa Poets will be returning on Sunday the 28th of June

with a Gala Event,

with special Mystery Musician and Feature Poet/s TBA in coming days.


The Reverend welcomes you aboard!

The Reverend welcomes you aboard!

“If you’ve ever been to a Kurilpa event or if you’ve never been but been curious,

old members and new members, don’t miss this one,”said Kurilpa Poets President, the Reverend Hellfire, “we’re inviting everyone to come and help welcome the Kurilpa Poets home and make this a special event to remember.”


croq club Linda and Theresa

The Kurilpa Poets acknowledge and thank the traditional owners of Musgrave Park, and also West End Community House, who administer the Croquet Club. Julie and the team have been

very supportive of our group and helped us keep Poetry alive

in the Kurilpa Penninsula.

So remember

2pm, Sunday, 28th June, 2015

93 Cordelia Street, Sth Brisbane.

The New/Olde Croquet Club

On the fringe of sacred Musgrave Park,

We’re back!

Croq Club Kurilpa Poets with tree reduced

Kurilpa Poets from left, John Tracey, Theresa Tracey-Creed, Jefferson Evans down in Front, the Reverend Hellfire, Linda Loop and Greg “the Loaded Dog” Secombe

For more photos and further details of this

and other past and forthcoming events go to


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or check us out on Facebook


Contact: kurilpapoets@yahoo.com


November 2014 Kurilpa Poets Photo Review



WITH;Feature Poet; Cathoel Jorss

Mystery Musician; Matt Barnes Unsuspected Artist; Zel

MC; Reverend Hellfire


It was a wonderous fair day indeed, a mellow vibe, fine verse, fine food, fine company. Feature Poet Cathoel Jorss’s Poetry bowled  over all who had ears to hear. I believe Cathoel sold all available copies of her book that day, even the water-damaged ones were fought over by the fans. If you can’t get a real copy of Comb the Sky for Satellites you can always get it in E-book form on the net. This reviewer says; Track down a Copy Today! You won’t regret..

The Open Mic was as diverse, bizarre witty and profound as always. Mr Matt Barnes soothed our cares away with the siren song of his six string, cherry-red slide guitar. Up on the Virtual Gallery screen Unsuspected Artist ZEL’s madcap visions swirled and squirmed.

A most pleasurable way to wind up 2014 I’m sure. I’ll say no more but let the pictures speak and finish with a poem 2013 Kurilpa Cup Winner, Tony “Fats Parameter” Kneipp wrote for the occasion, in celebration of our humble gatherings. Enjoy!


In the shade of the sprawling fig tree

In a Park with so much history

The old Croquet Club calls us together.

A Word Salad and a sense of wonder

With music served as entrée

 The Reverend holding court as Jester and MC.

Free association and the occasional rants,

 Rap ballad posturings and poetic performance.


Half time break, smoke fills the rotunda

Cakes and cheese, tea and wine

A slide show presents a Surreal backdrop

To the clatter and chatter.

Another Sunday afternoon among friends.

-A.J. Kneipp


Tony K praising the Kurilpa Muse


irst time reader at Kurilpa, Alan Jeffries, also kindly donated a copy of his slim volume of verse to our expanding library of local and Australian PoetrySONY DSC
SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCBelow:Young Kyle takes it away while the Rev consults the lists..
SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCLeft: Mystery Muso Matt Barnes is actually quite well known here abouts. Below; Cathoel Combs the Sky and makes a necklace of the Stars.Then she writes a poem about itSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCBelow; the Rev restrains himself

Above; Linda Loop performs “Der Jabberwoch!” in honour of our German guests. Left: The Danksta Downunder takes notesSONY DSCSONY DSC 

Newcomer Sophie Tarrant joined the Open Mic with an impressive debutSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
SONY DSC Left and below;Jefferson Evans was radiating energy as always SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
SONY DSCbelow: My Pod is better than Ipod! Or so claims the Reverend.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC left; Jefferson E. “Oh what a feeling!” SONY DSCLeft:Visual Arts Director and Group Photographer Shane K takes time off from his many duties to peruse the Instruction Manual..


25th May Kurilpa Poets cancellation

Publuc Service Announcement 


Greetings fellow Water-Rats and Friends!

The usual Kurilpa Poets last Sunday of the Month Gig

at the Olde Croquet Club Hall on Cordelia Street,

scheduled for 25th of May, has been cancelled as

the Panyiri Festival will be occupying Musgrave Park that weekend.


So rather than be swamped by a tidal wave of cheap Ouzo, we are instead diverting our energies towards the Kurilpa Poets’ upcoming June events; The first of which will be our

19th JunePoets up Late” gig at the West End Library.

Stay tuned to the Water Rat Gazzette for further news and updates

club lawn and tree




a swampfish emerges on dry land

a swampfish emerges on dry land


Calling all local Buskers!




“Mystery Musician of the Month!”




Calling all West End, indeed, calling all Brisbane Buskers; How’d you like to have a gig out of the wind and rain? Salvation is at Hand!


For it is the tradition of the Kurilpa Poets to have a Mystery Musician perform at our monthly events at the Olde Croquet Club Hall in Musgrave Park. We like to leaven our Words with Music, and indeed Performance and Visual Art are also tossed into the mix when in they’re in season.


And in order to foster community culture, it is our Policy to select each month one of our fine local buskers off the streets of West End to be the Kurilpa Poet’s Mystery Musician. (Favoured scouting locations include the Big Lizard and the corner of Boundary & Vulture outside the chemist.) We’ve had some great musicians enliven our sessions, with perhaps the blues/roots duo, “The Swampfish” evoking special memories with their down-home tunes.


But now we’re casting the net wider and inviting all local Buskers and Musicians in general to apply for this esteemed gig. Just get in touch with us here at the Water-Rat Gazette or at;


or send us an email to; kurilpapoets@yahoo.com.au


and you can send us a demo or tell us when and where you’re busking.

For full details go to