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Here without further ado are the long lost “Missing Photo”‘s promised some time ago, of the celebrated return to West End of Poet & Songstress extrodinaire, Ms Vasudha Harte, and her Musical partner in all crimes music, and all Terrorism cultural, Mr Jem Edwards.

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What can I say? Of the Dinkum Boho’s themselves, they were brilliant. We were privileged to have them appear at our humble gathering. they deserved more money and a bigger audience but they played their hearts out anyway and delivered their best like true professionals.

Of Ms Hartes poetry one can say that it is wise without trying to be clever, warm without being melodramatic, simple without being banal. It bears repeated listening/reading, and we at Kurilpa Poets once more heartily recommend her slim volume of verse, the whimsically entitled You Near Verse.

You Near Verse Front CoverJPIG

This was our last event for now at the Kurilpa Hall and we’ve had some fun here the last two months.  I for one will miss the crank old piano, that only Cam Logan was game enough to play and make sing! As always the Open Mic sessions added heart and soul to the occasions,

with old faces and new trying their compositions out on the attentive crowd.

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As always a generous community contributed food and drink to make a fabulous feast.

Next month our host is West End Community House,

but wherever the Kurilpa Poets sets up its camp,

you know that that’s there will be where fine verse, fine music,

fine food and fine company can be found…

home of the water rat

Photos by Shane Kneipp except where otherwise stated.

"OK Now who took the damned camera?"- Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp

“OK  Now who took the damned camera?”- Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp


Sunday March 29th, 2pm


174 Boundary Street West End

The Kurilpa Poets present;





Open Mic sessions * Virtual Gallery * Free Food & Refreshments

All this for a mere 5$

The Kurilpa Poets are proud to welcome back the ever-mellifluous Ms Vasudha Harte,

who will be sharing her latest poems with us, and combining with

her mega-talented companion in musical mayhem, PianoMaester Jem Edwards

as the Dinkum Bohos, will be also be stepping up as this months Mystery Musicians.

Expect a taste of the Rainbow Region, with a seedy undercurrent straight from a 1930’s Berlin Cabaret. A heady brew indeed and we encourage you to imbibe deeply.

Dinkum Bohos in tune together

We’re still in Kurilpa Hall  at 174 Boundary Street this month as renovations proceed apace

at the Olde Croquet Club, so it’ll be good to hear the Boho’s on a proper stage.

And perhaps we can persuade them to try the house piano? (Watch out for the ants, Jem.)

The Dinkum Bohos prepare strategies to deal with possible keyboard insect-infestations at their upcoming Kurilpa gig

The Dinkum Bohos prepare strategies to deal with possible keyboard insect-infestations at their upcoming Kurilpa gig

And as always there will be Brisbanes openest Open Mic, free food and drink, fabulous company, and up on the Virtual Gallery‘s Big Screen will be showing more Obscure & Disturbing Visions Head-hunter-gathered by our Visual Arts Co-ordinator

Shane Kneipp. The Reverend Hellfire returns as MC to give the proceedings

the Gravitas they deserve, and of course all the usual Kurilpa Crew will be there

to entertain you with their antics.

Finally, this is a local group that runs on the sweat of an oily poem, and every little helps, so we encourage Water Rats and Friends who feel community minded to bring a plate or bottle of something, or even a packet of biscuits, to contribute to the Feast. Cheers

VJ mish beachreduced

To check out Vasudha and Jem‘s bios and hear samples of their Art, skip over to

and click on the appropriate links.


March VASUDHA handbill

VASUDHA’s MaRch KuRILPA GIG-photo review!

A radiant Ms Vasudha Hart

A radiant Ms Vasudha Hart

A Taste of the Rainbow Region

Photos by Shane Kneipp.

Words by Uncle Rat 

Last Sunday in March at the Kurilpa Poets we had a taste of the Rainbow Region, when we saw, heard and were conquered by our Feature Poet, the versatile Ms.Vasudha Harte with her wistful, wacky, wise and wonderful words.

She and her partner in musical crime, Jem Edwards, form the world renowned duo known as the Dinkum Bohos, who also provided the days Musical Backdrop. Wow. Were they good or what?!

SONY DSC krazy keyboard antics

Despite appearing to be in the grip of a hangover, Jem impressed as a versatile and professional musician who wouldn’t let a little thing like that affect his performance. Vasdudha herself has a powerful voice and her stage personae is just plain sweet. Together they’re magic.

Particularly favoured by the audience that day was one of Vasudhas poems set to a suitably sleazy lounge-jazz soundtrack, entitled “I Wanna be Toms Waitress“. The Great Man himself I’m sure would be impressed. The song appears on one of the Boho’s Cd’s and the words appear in Vasudhas just launched book of verse, the punningly entitled “You Near Verse”

Shane likes what he hears

Shane likes what he hears



In the Open Mic segments we saw Shane from the Brotherhood of the Wordless steal the show. The Brotherhood was started by the esteemed David Stavenger (an Honourary Kurilpa Poets member) who started a series of workshops for young people with autism or similar disabilities. The results have vindicated David’s Vision and patience.

Presenting his truly startling original poems with the assistance of his mother, Val, and esteemed Maverick entertainer Chris Maver, Shane’s verse is testimony to the Power of Poetry to give voice to the Wordless. We were honoured to have Shane share his work with us.

chris maver

Paul Dobbyn at work

Paul Dobbyn at work

red reverenda known bush poet!

Johnn Treason lurks unobtrusively

Johnn Treason lurks unobtrusively

known Boho associate "John"

known Boho associate “John”

Chris M later favoured us by reading of a selection from his own powerful work.

A rare Phot of photographer Shane K.

A rare Phot of photographer Shane K.

The day ended with Kurilpa Secretary,the lovely Linda Loop, emerging from the kitchen to give us a reading from Charles Dickens, “David Copperfield”.

Linda reads dickens

Thanks to Vasudha Hart, the Dinkum Bohos and everyone else who made it a great day.