30/09 – Kurilpa Poets “Rite of Spring” – Theresa Creed, Mathew Barnes and AGM

Greetings, Water Rats!

After our August hiatus, the Kurilpa Poets are BACK, just in time for our yearly ritual of SPRINGTIME SUNNY EXTRAVAGANCE

Image result for classical painting bacchus

Pictured: Last Year’s AGM (Portrait courtesy of François Perrier)

That’s right, folks! As well as our usual open mic and afternoon tea, our feature act for the day will be none other than THERESA CREED, launching her album Aboriginal Woman.


Her album (which can be heard here: https://theresacreed.bandcamp.com/releases ) is a collaboration between her and former Kurilpa Mystery Muso and local blues maestro MATHEW BARNES. It weaves Theresa’s honest and captivating storytelling with the smooth, ambient waves of Matt’s guitar.

But wait, there’s more!

The time is upon us again for the Kurilpa Poets AGM, where we elect our Central Committee and rubber stamp our way into existence for another year.

All current members of the Kurilpa Poets are encouraged to attend and put in their two cent’s worth.

And now, for the critical details!

Date: Sunday, 30th September, 2018

Time: 1PM for the AGM, 2PM for the Open Mic and Theresa’s album launch

Location: West End Croquet Club – 91 Cordelia Street, Musgrave Park, West End

Entry: $5 Members, $8 Non-members

All friendly folk welcome! Community-minded people are encouraged to bring a plate or a bottle to share for afternoon tea.



Feature Poet Jamie Spence makes his Brisbane debut

July Photo Review

Tom Nelson & Jamie Spence

Memento Mori Glory

Our theme in July, Memento Mori, had several patrons turning up in mourning attire, expecting some sort of Service or Wake for a recently departed member of the tribe. Explaining how the theme was more of a generalised injunction rather than a specific instance of Mortality we swiftly moved on to the business at hand..

Fab Blues & Rock singer/songwriter and all around geetar whizz Mr Matt Barnes opened with a rousing set that would surely wake any dead within earshot.

Blues Maestro Matt Barnes

Reverend Hellfire, keeping to the theme, read extracts thruout the afternoon, of the famously depressive Australian Poet, Barcroft Boake’s morbid masterpiece, “Where the Dead Men Lie” (Aside from this poem, Mr Boake is perhaps best known for hanging himself with a stockwhip).

Gentle-man Poet Michael Vaughan‘s first poem had plants distributing Angel Dust, while his second piece on “How to Play Pinball” had balls of steel and flipped us right out..Radio guru, Eido Boru gave us sardonic observations, sharp and brief..while Cahala‘s meandering meditations on the QLD Health Dept. detoxified the brain..Paul Dobbyn returned from retirement to share with us alliterative reflections on Dead Pop Stars, while “Aunty” Theresa Creed

told us a “sea-soaked” tale alive with Spirit, “Home cried the Wind/over way-weary waves”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Newcomer, Indigenous Poet Alan, “Stafford bred & born” told us of his 4 years of hell ending in a jail cell where he discovered he could write..SAVANU reminisced on the joy of taking a ride in the “rolls royce of Opioids” and Geoffrey Evans returned from walkabout with a digression on Astrolonomy and some “meanomorphic meanderings of the Moon”!

Jamie Spence plays the Poetry Challenge

Our first Feature Poet for the day was newcomer Jamie Spence, winner of a Poetry Slam recently conducted under the auspices of the Reverend out in the wilds of Ipswich. Jamie kept the crowd well entertained with his intelligent and witty works, and introduced us to the “Poetry Game Challenge” – a technique by which several of his poems were created. The game is to take a topic you wouldn’t normally write about and do it in the style of a famous poet. His most successful piece was perhaps his Robert Frost-ian meditation on a Supermarket, which began,” Two Aisles Diverged..”

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After the break and another fine set of down-home hoe-downs and more mood music from Matt Barnes, we returned for the day’s main Feature Poet, Mr Tom Nelson.

Tom is a well respected and familiar face around the Brisbane Poetry scene, and delivered a cracking feature set of poetry that showed that he’s also far too self-effacing about his talents.. On this occasion he treated us to a series of subtle and sensitive poems, (leavened with a touch of the Larrikin Streak) that result from a Lifetime’s worth of experience and observation.

A case in point, his thoughtful examination of Sexual and Emotional Fidelity: “You reach that Time when you must decide“; or his Poetic Paen to the brave Volunteer Firefighters of yester-year, in the innocent days before Occupational Health & Safety became a Thing, when,“at the Gates of Hell we stood”.

Yes, as Tom reminds us, it’s not surprising that, “There’s no old Firemen“.

The esteemed Tom Nelson

Tom followed with memories of an idyllic fishing trip and a loving hymn to olfactory nostalgia,

and later a heart-felt confessional for a departed friend, “I was too busy/ I brushed you off.”

Thru-out his set his poems gave voice to a deep and sincere Humanism, ranging from the tender regret expressed

for a wounded moth ablaze,

to the bitter-sweet comic relief of “My Dad Hates Cats.

Laugh and the world laughs with you..

Speaking for myself I think it was one of the most satisfying Feature sets that I have witnessed at Kurilpa. Well done mate, I dips me lid, as the Poet once said..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

High lights of the second Open Mic included; Kitchen Martinette Linda Loop pirouetted silhouetted against the rhythmic tones generated by Mr Matt Barnes steel-string, hollow-bodied geetar, as she crooned the lyrics of her original song. (Top marks to Matt here for his ability to be suddenly presented with a sheet of music and start playing it in front of an audience.) Moved to music, the irrepressible Geoffrey Evans then gave us a spontaneous acapella “Summer-time” sans “blackface” , while the venerable Eido Boru set Johnny Rotten and the Buddha on a collision course. Cameron Logan’s strange Dream Journal took us “travelling forward in Time at the usual pace”, fuelled by cigarettes and botulism. Finally the Reverend Hellfire brought the day to a close, adopting the personae of Emoticon Man to deliver a blistering satire on modern modes of mass communication.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well, it’s time to let the pictures do the rest of the talking, and Visual Arts Editor Shane K has once again produced some stunning character portraits. So enjoy and see you all next time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

-Words; Unckle Rat

-Photos; Shane K


NOW WE ARE TEN, Water Rats Anniversary, Sun 27th November

“Now We Are Ten!”



End of Year/10th Anniversary Celebration!

Sunday, 27th November, 2016

Starts 2pm









& A Special Appearance by KURILPA RAT!

and as always there’ll be;

Open Mic Sessions! The Virtual Gallery! Prizes!

Free Speech! Free Thought!

Free Food & Refreshments!

Fabulously Friendly Folk!

And ample On-site Parking!

All this and more for a mere $5


They said we’d never make it,

but here we are, November, 2016CE

and the Kurilpa poets are still gamely stumbling forward,

verse spilling from their lips as they pass.

Who knows whither they goest?

No man, no, nor woman neither.

Let them pass. Or better yet, join the jolly parade

of poets, prophets,

polemicists and psychopaths

as they make their merry way into the Future.

Bring your favourite verse, no need to rehearse,

just take to the stage and read from the page,

or just bring your ears, but make sure you appear!

And bring a bottle or plate, if you’re able to mate!


So join the Water Rats

2pm, Sunday 27th November, 2016

at 91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane

beneath the trees of sacred Musgrave Park



KURILPA POETS” “April Foolery” with Andrew Ellery, April 24th



april fool

“April Foolery”

Sunday 24th April, 2pm

with special Feature Poet;

andrew Ellery


(Winner of the 2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup)

and Mystery Musician of the Month;


Matt Barnes, cherry red Hawain geetarRESONATES

Not to mention M.C. (Master of Chicanery);


dancing jester

And as always you will find;




 This month, in honour of all things Ridiculous, and to celebrate the Power of Laughter to bring down Tyrants, we encourage people to bring along the funniest, silliest, or most satirical poem they (or someone-else) have written.

Be it you’re latest sarcastic Satire denouncing the decadent evils of the Modern World, a whimsical Ode by Lewis Carrol, or a piece of low doggerel you copied off the men’s room wall, come share it with the Water-rats and their Friends and bathe in the healing warmth of humour. See you there for some April Foolery at

The Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, West End.

Beneath the trees of Sacred Musgrave Park

fool poster


Oct 25th Feature Poets; RIDDHI & EIDO BORU

Kurilpa Feature Poets for 25th October


Gypsy Queen of the Airwaves

High Priestess of Bohemia

riddi. peacock tailjpg


“In every culture Poetry emerges before writing and is considered the highest form of writing. However in this day and Age our writing has been hijacked and funnelled into the narrow confines of advertising, marketing and financial competition.”



This October 25th we are proud to present as our lead Feature Poet

Byron Bay Beatnik and advocate of all things eclectic,

the original Riddhi, red-headed presenter

and creator of the fabulously maverick

Bohemian Beat radio show.

Housed and hosted at Byron Bay’s renowned BAY FM,

the Bohemian Beat has been nationally broadcast since 2007,

acquiring a dedicated following with its iconoclastic selection of Music and Interviews, Art and Poetry, Culture and Counter Culture.

“Her taste for the Avant Garde is impeccable”, says the Reverend.


This Bohemian Avatar is herself also a noted poet, writer and activist.

When not chaining herself to a tree or culturally-terrorizing the airwaves,

she’s writing her own individualistic verse. The

late, Great Daevid Allen, for one, thought much of her work.


Check out the Bohemian Beat for youself at


for more information and podcasts of past episodes.

You may even want to listen to Riddhi’s interview with

revered Kurilpa Poets El President, the Reverend Hellfire, at



But at all events make sure you turn up this Sunday, 25th October at 2pm to welcome our fellow Bohemian from the Rainbow Region.

riddi tree


Our second Bohemian Feature Poet on the 25th October

is none other than the venerable Eido Boru,

who joined the Water-Rat clan earlier this year.

Is he Buddhism’s answer to the Reverend Hellfire?

And if so what was the question?

We explore these issues..

Eido Boru the radiant

Eido Boru-the Monk Punk

a brief explanation

In the world of performance poetry, Eido Boru considers himself to be a Modern Celtic Buddhist Bard.  Celtic because of his Irish ancestry, Buddhist because he is and Bard because he writes and recites his own irreverent verse. Modern because it’s now.

For many years, he gave talks to inmates in a maximum security prison in Brisbane.  During these visits, he started to write and recite his irreverent verse to the inmates as a light hearted way to discuss ethics and morals.  It worked. The inmates responded by affectionately naming him after his irreverent verse as;



because he is and


because his stuff was often rude, crude and ungrammatical.  

Monk-Punk is finding its way as a social commentary on prisons, politics and principles. 

With apologies to Mr Shakespeare, Monk Punk simply asks;

“To pee or not to pee, That is the question”.

eido contemplates
Below is a sample of the Venerable One’s work-



Wanna deb8

Life’s gr8

In the Sunshine St8

Behind the Main G8

Until 2078

You did penetr8
Your best m8

With a bayon8





Doctors’ oper8

To determin8

Your mate’s f8

A dead w8

Cops indic8

You’re the desper8

Judge adjudic8

You did perpetr8

And assasin8

With no compassion8

Now Cell 98

Life deterior8

No love only h8

As you w8

No benef8

It’s too L8

Now you’re 88

Buried in a cr8

-Eido Boru


So come along on the 25th October

to be spiritually and aesthetically challenged

by the uncompromising Buddhistic Punkery

of the way Venerable Eido Boru.

Come see Kurilpa's very own Two Wise Men, Reverend Hellfire & Eido Boru this Oct 25rh

Come see Kurilpa’s very own Two Wise Men, Reverend Hellfire & Eido Boru this Oct 25th


“Bohemian Buddhistry” Sunday 25th October 2015

This month Kurilpa Poets explores our Bohemian heritage

and celebrates the Poetic Outsiders who sought enlightenment beyond the fringes.

From Baudelaire to Ginsberg, from Kerouac to Daevid Allen,

these artistic ratbags continue to inspire and corrupt impressionable youth to this very day!

So come along down to the Olde Croquet Club

to witness the modern practitioners of the Ancient Art of


“Bohemian Buddhistry”

Sunday 25th October 2pm


from Byron Bay,

Bohemian Beat DJ;

riddi. peacock tailjpg



“Punk-Monk “;


Eido Boru


Mystery Musician;

Matt & cherry red Hawain geetarRESONATES

Matt Barnes


Master of Ceremonies;

The blue-bearded Reverend

The blue-bearded Reverend

The Reverend Hellfire


shiva arms

The Virtual Gallery, Open Mic Sessions,

Free Food & Refreshments,

Wheelchair Access & Free Parking,

and some of the friendliest folk

you’re likely to meet!

Yes, All This and More

for the low price of $5 /members $2


91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane,

on the fringe of sacred Musgrave Park.

(Just down from Jagerra House)

techno buddha

More details and updates are published regularly in

The Water-Rat Gazette, at


zen cat


November 2014 Kurilpa Poets Photo Review



WITH;Feature Poet; Cathoel Jorss

Mystery Musician; Matt Barnes Unsuspected Artist; Zel

MC; Reverend Hellfire


It was a wonderous fair day indeed, a mellow vibe, fine verse, fine food, fine company. Feature Poet Cathoel Jorss’s Poetry bowled  over all who had ears to hear. I believe Cathoel sold all available copies of her book that day, even the water-damaged ones were fought over by the fans. If you can’t get a real copy of Comb the Sky for Satellites you can always get it in E-book form on the net. This reviewer says; Track down a Copy Today! You won’t regret..

The Open Mic was as diverse, bizarre witty and profound as always. Mr Matt Barnes soothed our cares away with the siren song of his six string, cherry-red slide guitar. Up on the Virtual Gallery screen Unsuspected Artist ZEL’s madcap visions swirled and squirmed.

A most pleasurable way to wind up 2014 I’m sure. I’ll say no more but let the pictures speak and finish with a poem 2013 Kurilpa Cup Winner, Tony “Fats Parameter” Kneipp wrote for the occasion, in celebration of our humble gatherings. Enjoy!


In the shade of the sprawling fig tree

In a Park with so much history

The old Croquet Club calls us together.

A Word Salad and a sense of wonder

With music served as entrée

 The Reverend holding court as Jester and MC.

Free association and the occasional rants,

 Rap ballad posturings and poetic performance.


Half time break, smoke fills the rotunda

Cakes and cheese, tea and wine

A slide show presents a Surreal backdrop

To the clatter and chatter.

Another Sunday afternoon among friends.

-A.J. Kneipp


Tony K praising the Kurilpa Muse


irst time reader at Kurilpa, Alan Jeffries, also kindly donated a copy of his slim volume of verse to our expanding library of local and Australian PoetrySONY DSC
SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCBelow:Young Kyle takes it away while the Rev consults the lists..
SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCLeft: Mystery Muso Matt Barnes is actually quite well known here abouts. Below; Cathoel Combs the Sky and makes a necklace of the Stars.Then she writes a poem about itSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCBelow; the Rev restrains himself

Above; Linda Loop performs “Der Jabberwoch!” in honour of our German guests. Left: The Danksta Downunder takes notesSONY DSCSONY DSC 

Newcomer Sophie Tarrant joined the Open Mic with an impressive debutSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
SONY DSC Left and below;Jefferson Evans was radiating energy as always SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC
SONY DSCbelow: My Pod is better than Ipod! Or so claims the Reverend.SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC left; Jefferson E. “Oh what a feeling!” SONY DSCLeft:Visual Arts Director and Group Photographer Shane K takes time off from his many duties to peruse the Instruction Manual..


CATHOEL JORSS- Feature Poet, November 30th

The KURILPA POETS present;


Cathoel Jorss; the Moon and her Priestess

their last Word-Happening for 2014,

2pm Sunday 30th November.

91 Cordelia Street,West End

Feature Poet; Cathoel Jorss

Mystery Musician; Matt Barnes Unsuspected Artist; Zel

MC; Reverend Hellfire

OPEN MIC sessions* free food & drink* onsite free parking*

Pay $5 at the door and pay no more


Hey there Water Rats and fellow Travellers!

We’ve got a really great show to finish up 2014

with a bang so make sure you don’t miss this one.

Our feature poet is non-other than expatriate-Brisbanite

now Berlin-based Poet,

Cathoel Jorss.

Backwoods,Frontier Poet goes to the Big City. MM, New York Pizza!

The Kurilpa Poets are proud to host this

her only Brisbane appearance

to launch her new volume of verse;

“Comb the Sky with Satellites It’s Still a Wilderness”

Check out Cathoel’s site at http://houseoflovers.com,

and for a lovely video featuring her music at


and Tune in to the Kurilpa Poets Facebook Page

on Monday night, 24th November, 9pm

to join in to the conversation/interview with

Cathoel Jorss and the Reverend Hellfire, when they’ll

be talking Art, Poetry, Travel and her new book.


Once part of Brisbane’s legendary Bohemian Cafe Poetry Scene,

this restless free-spirit has subsequently

been wandering the world and leaving in her wake a trail

of whimsical yet emotionally charged Poetry, Music and Art.

Cathoel BA E 2012

Yes, don’t forgo this one-off opportunity to see Cathoel

in action and get your own, personally

signed copy of “Comb the Sky

Up oin the Sky! Is it a BIrd? Is it a plane? NO! It's..Poetry!!

Up in the Sky! Is it a BIrd? Is it a plane? NO! It’s..Poetry!!

Our Mystery Musician for the occasion is no mystery to our regular patrons,

 for it is non-other than one

of the Water Rats’ favourite Mystery Muso’s,

he of the flame red slide-geetar,

Mr Matt Barnes.

Matt the busker

Matt the busker

When we first met Matt he was busking the corner

of Vulture and Boundary. Now he can often be found

groovin’ at the Boundary Hotel on Friday nights

with popular West End Institution-in-his-Own-Right,

Blind Dog Donnie. But Matt still loves

playing for the Kurilpa Poets and it’s always

a special occasion for us when he appears.

Paris, Texas? Nahh. Come down to the olde Croquet Hall.

Figures ZEL

Up on the Virtual Gallery‘s Big Screen our “Unsuspected Artist

for the month of November is non other than amiable

underground surrealist


Check out the Water Rat Gazette post on Zel

for a sample of his Visionary Madness.


As always it’s a mere $5 to get in, all refreshments and entertainment

is free thereafter and there’s free onsite parking.

Seeing as how it’s our break-up gig it would be nice

if people brought a plate or bottle to contribute to the Festivities.

And most important don’t forget to

bring your own poems (or indeed someone elses’

writing that your fond of) and share them

during our famously informal OPEN MIC Sessions.

home of the water rat




The Old Croquet Club warms up

The Old Croquet Club warms up



A book of verses beneath the bough,

a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou,

singing beside me in the wilderness,

that for us is enough a Paradise!

-Omar Khyyam

2014 cup look silver cropreduced

Cup day, February 23rd, and the Olde Croquet Club was alive with great verse, great food, great music and great company.

matt barnes plays

New faces and Old Hands mixed and mingled as Mystery Musician of the Month, Matt Barnes opened the day and set a mellow mood with his down-home slide-geetar stylings.

But soon it was time to start the Cup itself and so the Reverend Hellfire, soberly dressed in flaming red and gold robes, waved his magic, laughing-pumpkin wand (an after Halloween discount)

and set the ball rolling.

rev with laughing wand and poetic cup

rev with laughing wand and poetic cup

There were 12 contestants this year and the quality of both verse and performance was high. Certainly a wide variety of styles were in evidence. Sadly though there was only one female poet in the comp this year. Come on Ladies, step up!

Sue F reading from her slim volume of verse

Sue F reading from her slim volume of verse

newcomer Kyle B lets rip!

newcomer Kyle B lets rip!

A dapper vision in blue-Tony Mutton

A dapper vision in blue-Tony Mutton

In order of appearance, those reading in the first round at the 2014 Kurilpa Poets Performance Poetry Cup were, (drum rolls):

Tony Kneipp

Dushan Bojic

Sasha Cuha


Glen Manga

Tony (Darkarse) Mutton

Quetzal Otto

Jeremy Lee Pike

Emerging poet Aron O

Emerging poet Aron O


Sue Fihely

Kyle B.

Aron O.

Cameron Logan

Cameron Logan twirls an evil mustachio prior to laughing sinisterly

Cameron Logan twirls an evil mustachio prior to laughing sinisterly

It was a fittingly symmetrical coincidence that the first round opened and closed with the previous winners of the Kurilpa Cup, Tony Kneipp and Cameron Logan taking the stage. (Cam’s still waiting for his cup but I’ve been told one’s on the way.)

Glen Manga points the finger

Glen Manga points the finger

Tony K,2013 Kurilpa Cup winner defends his title

Tony K,2013 Kurilpa Cup winner defends his title

Quetzal Otto lets go!

Quetzal Otto lets go!

Stephen lee Pike gets bent!

Stephen lee Pike gets bent!


End of round one and Matt Barnes took the stage blues-ward again with his flame red Hawaiin Guitar, whilst the poets ate and drank and chatted about their chances.

Matt Barnes Mystery Muso

As always the Rotunda was where much of the intermission

action was, so unfortunately the smokers missed a lot of Matt’s set.

We really must get some external speakers put out there one day.


Ghost dance

Ghost dance

Suitably refreshed we returned to witness Master Poet David “Ghostboy” Stavanger mesmerize the audience with a typically high-octane performance. His “Mon Cherie” number, performed with the aid of an (extremely) co-operative audience member and a stick of lipstick, was especially well received.

This young man has fallen into the hands of poets!

This young man has fallen into the hands of poets!

Ghostie’s never more serious on stage, than when he’s clowning around. And how I laughed as he led us on a sing-a-long to Nick Caves,”Up Jumped the Devil”.



ghostie explains

Finishing his set David, swiftly switched back into his judicial robes whilst the Reverend briefly distracted the audience with his antics and a chilling ode to Winter.

amused by the reverends Antics

amused by the reverends Antics

Then onto the Final Round, with five instead of the planned four poets being given the nod by the Ghostly Judge & Jury.


The Rainbird Man-Sasha Cuha

The Rainbird Man-Sasha Cuha

Jeremy Lee pikeDushan artistic angle

As I recall, (correct me if I’m wrong) but it was Quetzal Otto, Tony Mutton, Jeremy Lee Pike, Dushan Bojic and former cup winner Cameron Logan in the fabulous final five.

Each gave it their best shot. Personally, I liked the chances of one of the younger poets, but I was glad I didn’t have to make the decision. David had kind and encouraging words for all the finalists, but..


Dance of the Quetzal otto!

Dance of the Quetzal otto!

(Drum rolls)

Jason's first appearance at the KP Cup impressed

Jason’s first appearance at the KP Cup impressed



Tony M finalist


In a shock win that was said to have left industry insiders “stunned”, the Winner of this year’s Kurilpa Cup was non-other than Dushan Bojic,

the poet-artisan who crafted the 2013 Cup! Surely another piece of symmetry come full circle!


Dushan with cup good shot

Dushan happily accepted the loaf of bread, bottle of wine and several books of verse that accompanied the Cup itself as prizes.

However, in a stylish display of noblesse oblige Dushan tore up the prize-cheque and donated his winnings back to the group’s coffers.

There must have been something in the air that day (or maybe the water), as Feature Poet David Stavanger, always a gentleman, also declined to be paid for his services, as a show of support for the Kurilpa Poets and its efforts.

Gentlemen, we thank you both. 

And indeed Thanks to all who made the day a success;

crowd sample

Linda and Carol keeping the kitchen running as always, John manning the door, Shane for documenting the occasion for posterity, all the helpers who brought food and hangers on who helped put away the chairs, and to all who listened and last but not least, all who read their work, especially those who got up there for the first time before an audience. Good for you!

contestants line up


See you all next month.

rev and tree reduced

-words by Unckle Rat

-photos by Shane Kneipp