Introducing LOC TRAN- Junes feature poet

loc tran



Mild mannered poet by day..Batman by night?

If you were hanging around the Sunnyvale Art Gallery a few years ago, you may have seen a figure sitting at a table, pen in hand with a mad look in his eye as verse and rhyme crumbled and fell upon the page.

Loc Tran is a globetrotting wunderkind: originally a Seattle native, he began writing poetry at the age of 14.  In 2008, while working in Irvine, he joined the Uncultivated Rabbits– one of Southern California’s prominent poetry groups.  In 2009, he began experimenting with spoken word and performance poetry around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas as well as the occasional foray into the Seattle poetry scene.  That same year, he performed his first feature set in San Francisco to an exuberant reaction, leading him to perform throughout the Bay Area until 2011 when he decided to head to Australia.

A man of versatility, Loc Tran has collaborated with various poets, MC’s, pianists, beat-boxers, guitarists, bassists, violinists, song-writers, and once found himself drinking on a rooftop with Emilie Autumn and TV on the Radio.  He has published one book to date, “Open Heart Surgery: A How-To Guide” (2011) and is constantly working on new material to experiment with on and off stage.

Architect by day, poet by night, Loc Tran is possibly Batman. We may never know, but the fact that he is an acknowledged member of the League of Extraordinary Poets may give us some clue as to his true identity.


LOC is the Kurilpa Poets feature poet for 30th June’s “Poetree Picnic”

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