Sunday 30th June Poetree Picnic!

Kurilpa Poets

The Kurilpa Poets present

“A Poetree Picnic”

2pm Sunday 30th June


The Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia street, West End

The olde Croquet Club beneath the trees of Musgrave Park

The olde Croquet Club beneath the trees of Musgrave Park

Yes it’s another big event on the last Sunday of the month as the Kurilpa Poets gather beneath the shade of the trees of Musgrave Park.

First up is the KICI/Kurilpa Poets Annual General Meeting at 1pm. Please note that only registered members of KICI are entitled to vote at the AGM, though active supporters of the group are welcome to attend.


Business out of the way, we ‘ll be heading out doors this month to enjoy the “cheap showiness of nature” with a Poets Picnic on the lawn of the old Croquet Club, starting at 2pm.

All welcome! Bring a poem and a plate!

There’ll be an extended Open-Air Open Mic, and as usual the air will be filled with the sweet sounds of our Mystery Musician of the Month!

Feature Poet for June is the quietly extraordinary Loc Tran of the League of Extraordinary Poets.

Local Councillor Helen Abrahams has graciously loaned us a Marquee for the occasion and we thank her for her support.

Cucumber sandwiches & pikelets will be provided courtesy of “Edge of the Plate” catering.


As if all this is not enough, for those who want to shelter indoors, at3pm we’ll bescreening Rob Epstein’s 2010 film “HOWL”. Howl isa “non-linear”, arthouse style exploration of Allen Ginsberg’s epic screed of the same name. Described as an

exhilerating tribute from one Artform (cinema) to another (poetry)“,

Howl is partly animated, using the work of illustrator Eric Drooker and partly re-enacted history shot in a documentry style, with montage sequences dispersed throughout.

So, you get Poetry, a Picnic and a film for a mere $5 at the gate

($2 for Kurilpa members & the poor),

Talk about value for money!

But of course we ask the community minded to contribute to the feast by bringing a plate or a bottle of something.

And yes there is off-road parking.


So come on down Sunday 30th and join the fun.

Don’t worry if it rains! We’ll just set up the Marquee inside and Picnic on the Carpet.

Kurilpa Rat