Virtual Gallery feature artist SAUL STEINBERG

Shane K discusses this month’s Virtual Gallery Feature Artist..


Saul Steinberg

Dear folks,

among my crimes against humanity,

I am the Visual Arts Director for the Kurilpa Poets.

. One of my duties is organising a visual display each month

to accompany the poetic flights of our performers.

This month the Virtual Gallery‘s feature artist is Saul Steinberg.


Saul Steinberg was born to a Jewish family

in Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, Romania in 1914.

He studied architecture in Milan, graduating in 1940.

Shortly after his graduation the introduction of anti-

Semitic laws by the Fascist government led him to leave Italy.

He spent a year in the Dominican Republic

whilst awaiting a visa to the United States.

Steinberg’s entry to the USA was sponsored by the New Yorkera magazine he was to be intimately involved with,

creating 87 covers and over 1200 drawings.


Steinberg brought a European sensibility to his work and an outsider’s sense of the foibles and follies of American life

as well as a genuine affection for his subjects. His Art blurred the line between

cartooning and “fine” art and his work was often shown in galleries.

As well as drawing, he enjoyed creating crude, vital masks out of such materials

 as cardboard and paper bags.

His work was wide-ranging and hard to easily define.

Many were reminiscent of MC Escher and explored the links and gaps

 between perception and reproduction, leading his work

to be highly praised by the great Art theorist EH Gombrich.


He was also one of the finest political cartoonists of the 20th century,

 mocking the post-war American cult of the “Organisational Man

and showing a USA whose deities included Sigmund Freud,

Santa Claus and Uncle Tom.

In the 1970s he did a series of drawings of Mousketeer terrorists,

those cute young kids from the 50’s have acquired Armalites

and seem keen to fuck things up.

Steinberg died in 1999, but his work remains influential.

The New Yorker still continues to occasionally re-print his covers.


Don’t forget, he next meeting of the Kurilpa Poets is on Sunday 27 September,

at the South Brisbane Croquet Club, Musgrave Park, West End at 2pm.

Local Visual Artists who are interested having their work shown 

on the Virtual Gallery should contact Shane K or Rev Hellfire at

Meantime come along this month and check out the eclectic weirdness

of Saul Steinberg.

Kurilpa Poets- Where a good time is always had.



KURILPA POETS Present July 26th; David Stavanger & Anne-Marie Te Whiu

"Oh He got thdewhole world in his hands.." David S contemplates world poetic domination!

“Oh He got thdewhole world in his hands..” David S contemplates world poetic domination!


David (GHOSTBOY) Stavanger

& Anne-Marie Te Whiu

Quiet Achiever and Kurilpa Feature Poet, MsAnne-Marie Te Whiu

Quiet Achiever and Kurilpa Feature Poet, MsAnne-Marie Te Whiu

Sunday, 26th July, 2pm

The Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End

The last Sunday in July is approaching rapidly and what a great line-up

the Kurilpa Poets are putting on this month.

First up, we are honoured to present as special Feature Poets for July

none other than the esteemed Co-Directors

of the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival,

Mr David (Ghostboy) Stavanger and his partner in all crimes cultural,

the charming Ms Anne-Marie Te Whiu.


As Ghostboy, David is of course, a well known Presence

in the Brisbane Poetry Community, while Annie has been a quiet achiever,

responsible behind the scenes for many local Cultural Events.

Generously taking time off from their many arduous duties as Custodians of Brisbane’s premier Poetry Event to appear at our humble venue,

together Dave and Annie will no doubt amaze and beguile the crowd

with their words, and make this an afternoon to remember.

Here’s some pictures from Ghostie’s last appearance at Kurilpa;

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Mystery Musician of the Month is the ever-smiling

Jem Sparkles, who kept us so well entertained

at last May’s “Mad Maids” Event.

Jem Sparkle shines on

Jem Sparkle shines on

This month she will be performing solo, sans her “Sparkle Boys“.

Cam "dont call me piano man" Logan

Cam “dont call me piano man” Logan

Master of Ceremonies for July is the ever-popular

Cam Logan, recent winner of the2015 Kurilpa Cup.

Boxes by 2014 Virtual Gallery guest ;Brian Gilmore

Boxes by 2014 Virtual Gallery guest ;Brian Gilmore

The Virtual Gallery will no doubt be showing something

weird and wonderful from Art’s Forgotten Vaults, courtesy

of our Visual Arts Director Shane Kneipp

and as always our 2 Open Mic sessions will be there

for you to share your words (or someone elses for that matter)

in an informal and supportive atmosphere.

food selection

Food and Refreshments are provided Free

but we encourage people to bring a plate or a packet

or a bottle of something to contribute to the Feast.


Free On-site Parking and close to Public Transport.


Only $5 Entry $2 Members


So come and join us beneath the Tree’s,

we’ll share Food and Friendship

and Poetry.

club and tree foliage

All Friendly Folk welcome.

home of the water rat2



Sunday March 29th, 2pm


174 Boundary Street West End

The Kurilpa Poets present;





Open Mic sessions * Virtual Gallery * Free Food & Refreshments

All this for a mere 5$

The Kurilpa Poets are proud to welcome back the ever-mellifluous Ms Vasudha Harte,

who will be sharing her latest poems with us, and combining with

her mega-talented companion in musical mayhem, PianoMaester Jem Edwards

as the Dinkum Bohos, will be also be stepping up as this months Mystery Musicians.

Expect a taste of the Rainbow Region, with a seedy undercurrent straight from a 1930’s Berlin Cabaret. A heady brew indeed and we encourage you to imbibe deeply.

Dinkum Bohos in tune together

We’re still in Kurilpa Hall  at 174 Boundary Street this month as renovations proceed apace

at the Olde Croquet Club, so it’ll be good to hear the Boho’s on a proper stage.

And perhaps we can persuade them to try the house piano? (Watch out for the ants, Jem.)

The Dinkum Bohos prepare strategies to deal with possible keyboard insect-infestations at their upcoming Kurilpa gig

The Dinkum Bohos prepare strategies to deal with possible keyboard insect-infestations at their upcoming Kurilpa gig

And as always there will be Brisbanes openest Open Mic, free food and drink, fabulous company, and up on the Virtual Gallery‘s Big Screen will be showing more Obscure & Disturbing Visions Head-hunter-gathered by our Visual Arts Co-ordinator

Shane Kneipp. The Reverend Hellfire returns as MC to give the proceedings

the Gravitas they deserve, and of course all the usual Kurilpa Crew will be there

to entertain you with their antics.

Finally, this is a local group that runs on the sweat of an oily poem, and every little helps, so we encourage Water Rats and Friends who feel community minded to bring a plate or bottle of something, or even a packet of biscuits, to contribute to the Feast. Cheers

VJ mish beachreduced

To check out Vasudha and Jem‘s bios and hear samples of their Art, skip over to

and click on the appropriate links.


March VASUDHA handbill


Zel for bio

The Kurilpa Poets’ ‘Unsuspected Artist’ for November,

known to the Art World only as ZEL,

has broken his austere Vow of Silence to issue

a short communique on this, the Event, of one of his

rare appearances. For like the fabulous Phoenix of Legend,

or the humble Cicada of Summer, the ZEL is a creature

whose long periods of torpor are broken by rare appearances

to the surface world we inhabit.

We re-print the statement in it’s entirety;


Zelico Maric was born in Croatia and grew
up in Mount Isa.
A hungry dog
chewed on the bones
of memory
On the seashore of desire.

Jabberwocks ZEL

ZEL- Novembers “Unsuspected Artist”

Figures ZEL

The Virtual Gallery presents


2pm. Sunday, 30th November, 2014

Our Unsuspected Artist for November in the Virtual Gallery is one of the rarest and most elusive of the native artistic wildlife lurking unsuspected in the lush, sub-tropical undergrowth that is Brisbanes Cultural Landscape.

I speak of course, of the legendary and reclusive ZEL.

Jabberwocks ZEL

BlacknwhiteZELWorking unsuspected in hollow logs and underground burrows,

the ZEL emerges once every fourteen years to exhibit it’s

Work and eat free cheese at Art Exhibitions.

Later, they return en masse to the sea,

and so the Circle of Life is Complete.

Be sure to catch this amazing Natural Spectacle


Sunday, 30th November, 2pm-4.30

91 Cordelia Street, West End.

Harlequin ZEL

home of the water rat


October Happening- Photo Review

Kurilpa Poets

“October Happening”

featuring Feature Poet

Eleanor Jackson

and unsuspected artist

Brian Gilmore

and the Open Mic Poets of Kurilpa.


Feature Poet Eleanor Jackson; the Woman in White

Twas a fine day and a fair crowd gathered

for the Kurilpa Poets’ October Word Happening

The usual suspects mingled with new faces,

as Eleanor Jackson, a cool vision in white

enchanted and charmed her audience,

with her quiet, but clear delivery, devoid of

any showy theatrics.


“The time has come the walrus said..”


Bob Mud; the Man with the Ochre Arm


John Tracey in Retina-Burning Red


POW maestro Tony M-the Lonesome Cowboy of Brisbane Poetry









Visual Arts Supremo Shane K proudly displays his card-carrying affiliation with the shadowy Kurilpa Group

By contrast the Reverend Hellfire gleefully indulged

in his usual antics and thus, surely, a balance was reached.

The Open Mic poets

impressed as always with their intelligence,

sincerity and diversity. Surely the Open Mic sessions

are the “heart” of the Kurilpa Poets Word Happenings.


Secretary John T guards the gates

Up on the Virtual Gallery‘s big screen

the psychedelic visions of Brian Gilmore,

October’s “Unsuspected Artist

writhed and twisted, spat and gibbered.

Further twisted fare was served after the break

when Visual Arts Director Shane K, dished up

a veritable bevy of forgotten women surrealists.


Tony K’s politically subversive verse is the sort of thing that gives this group a bad reputation!





“Brothers and Sisters! Time to Eat!”



Kitchen Whizz Linda Loop


Cam Considers


Newcomer Kyle puts his best foot forward



Yeah I’m looking at you!



floral carnivoreBG

floral carnivore Brian GilmoreG


night cubist brown

Cubist nightmare by Brian Gilmore


click to expand

click to expand


Food and refreshments were in abundance as always.

And so October rolls away..


Object by Brian Gilmore

photo’s; Shane Kneipp              words; Unckle Rat


October’s Unsuspected Artist: BRIAN GILMORE

The Virtual Gallery

"a cat of mine on ketamine"- Brian Glimore

“a cat of mine on ketamine”- Brian Gilmore

Each month the Kurilpa Poets feature the work

of various local ‘Unsuspected Artists’.

There are many lurking amongst us,

infesting our homes and streets and schools!

Corrupting our young people!

Lying around on Welfare sniffing paint-thinner!

So we splash these Artist’s Visions

in Beams of Gaudy Light across

the white-washed walls of the Olde

 Croquet Club, as a cautionary example 

for young people.

This month we’ll be showing more

oddities and classics from the collection of our eccentric

Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp.

And as well as the usual historical stuff,

from the Land of the Living,

our feature Unsuspected Artist forOctober is;

Brian Gilmore-

dimensional shift

Dimensional Shift- Brian Gilmore

Psychedelic Visionary

Lurking in his shambling Fortress of Solitude by the waters of Moreton Bay, few passers-by suspect that within these crumbling walls, a Mad Visionary has been relentlessly exploring the Edges of Reality for many years.

Brian’s meticulously detailed Imaginary Vistas

chart his heroic journeys through the Archtypal Planes

and the bizarre Inhabitants encountered there.


UFO-Brian Gilmore

Brian is rumoured to be the mysterious ‘Dr Bob’,

companion to the Reverend Hellfire on the occasion

of their abduction by Aliens.

If these rumours are true, it would certainly explain

the Other-Worldly aspects and Multi-Dimensional

themes that abound in this artist’s work.

Or perhaps some weird bio-hallucinogen

lurks in his genetic structure, a familial trait

as it were, for Brians elder sibling himself was a former Pineapple from the Dawn of Time, no strangers they to Psychedelia.

insect attack

Space Insect Attack- Brian Gilmore

Yes, truly the Psychedelic Impulse

flows strong through the Gilmore veins.

So come tripping with Brian at the Virtual Gallery!

2pm Sunday 26th October, 2014

91 Cordelia Street, West End

-Unckle Rat

Spiral Universe- Brian Gilmore

Spiral Universe- Brian Gilmore


ELEANOR JACKSON- KURILPA Feature Poet, Sunday 26th October

The Kurilpa Poets


Eleanor-Jackson in Black and White

Eleanor Jackson

Our October Feature Poet

Sunday, October 26th, 2014, 2pm

Abandoned as a baby on the banks of the Amazon,

Eleanor Jackson was raised by a family of friendly pythons,

from whom she learnt not only her Poetic skills

and the languages of the animals,

but also the gift of Prophecy.

Her Poetry has been described as being quiet, powerful,

and lucid to the point where several have achieved Sentience,

and gone Feral, scuttling off into Brisbane’s

lush, sub-tropical undergrowth.

There they will undoubtedly lay eggs at some future date.

Whatever hatches, it is certain to cause demarcation disputes

between Zoologists and Librarians.

Eleanor herself has appeared at so many Festivals and Venues around Australia, (from Tasmania to Queensland and everything in between), been broadcast on so many Radio Stations

and published in so many respected Journals,

that one suspects she has possession of a Time Machine.

Miss E also collaborates with known associate, Betsy Turncoat,

in the shadowy “Helles Belles” Poetic-Terrorist group.

So come and see Eleanor Jackson

and her amazing Performing Poems!

At the Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, West End

beneath the treees of sacred Musgrave Park.

from 2pm.

Pay $5 at the door and pay no more!

Also featuring..

*Free Food and Parking!

*Open Mic Sessions!

*October’s “Mystery Musician“!

*The  Virtual  Gallery

Brians Spiral art modifiedsidewise

with October’s “Unsuspected Artist”



Gil Daley- KURILPA POETS, Feature Artist; 28th Sept

Gils firewalkers detailreduced

The Virtual Gallery

Each month the Kurilpa Poets feature the work of various ‘unsuspected artists’

(and there are many, infesting our homes and streets and schools!

Corrupting our young people! Lying around on Welfare sniffing paint-thinner!)

and we splash these Artist’s Visions in Beams of Gaudy Light across

the white-washed walls of the Olde Croquet Club.

This month we’ll be showing more Surrealist, Symbolist and general Obscurist

oddities and classics from the collection of our eccentric Visual Arts Director,

Shane Kneipp.

And as well as the historical stuff, from the Land of the Living,

our feature poet for this month is;

Gil Daley- Abstract Artist

cherry blossom spring sky reduced

Another Art-World Outsider, Gil has been quietly working

on her Abstracts on and off for years. Gil likes to let her Art speak for itself,

and is happy for people to put their own interpretations on her work,

but nonthless I asked her for a few words about her Art…

“Usually I work with Oils, Acrylic and Water-Colours on canvas.

The pieces are my interpretation of Nature.

I use brushes, sponges, palette knives

and my fingers to create my works.

I just enjoy expressing myself with colours”

Maybe it’s best if we let a few samples

from Sundays Virtual Gallery

speak for themselves for now. Enjoy..

Birds of Pardise-w red frame; Gil Daley
Birds of Pardise-w red frame; Gil DaleyBirds of Pardise-w red frame; Gil Daleycherry blossom spring sky detail reduced
golden years; Gil Daley thgorn gardencropcolourreduced

(All art displayed in this post is the  the work of Gil Daley)