October’s Unsuspected Artist: BRIAN GILMORE

The Virtual Gallery

"a cat of mine on ketamine"- Brian Glimore

“a cat of mine on ketamine”- Brian Gilmore

Each month the Kurilpa Poets feature the work

of various local ‘Unsuspected Artists’.

There are many lurking amongst us,

infesting our homes and streets and schools!

Corrupting our young people!

Lying around on Welfare sniffing paint-thinner!

So we splash these Artist’s Visions

in Beams of Gaudy Light across

the white-washed walls of the Olde

 Croquet Club, as a cautionary example 

for young people.

This month we’ll be showing more

oddities and classics from the collection of our eccentric

Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp.

And as well as the usual historical stuff,

from the Land of the Living,

our feature Unsuspected Artist forOctober is;

Brian Gilmore-

dimensional shift

Dimensional Shift- Brian Gilmore

Psychedelic Visionary

Lurking in his shambling Fortress of Solitude by the waters of Moreton Bay, few passers-by suspect that within these crumbling walls, a Mad Visionary has been relentlessly exploring the Edges of Reality for many years.

Brian’s meticulously detailed Imaginary Vistas

chart his heroic journeys through the Archtypal Planes

and the bizarre Inhabitants encountered there.


UFO-Brian Gilmore

Brian is rumoured to be the mysterious ‘Dr Bob’,

companion to the Reverend Hellfire on the occasion

of their abduction by Aliens.


If these rumours are true, it would certainly explain

the Other-Worldly aspects and Multi-Dimensional

themes that abound in this artist’s work.

Or perhaps some weird bio-hallucinogen

lurks in his genetic structure, a familial trait

as it were, for Brians elder sibling himself was a former Pineapple from the Dawn of Time, no strangers they to Psychedelia.

insect attack

Space Insect Attack- Brian Gilmore

Yes, truly the Psychedelic Impulse

flows strong through the Gilmore veins.

So come tripping with Brian at the Virtual Gallery!

2pm Sunday 26th October, 2014

91 Cordelia Street, West End

-Unckle Rat

Spiral Universe- Brian Gilmore

Spiral Universe- Brian Gilmore