The Cup is nigh and it’s time to lay down the Rules of Engagement!



The Kurilpa Performance Poetry Cup


Rules of Engagement.

The Kurilpa Performance-Poetry Cup is back for the fourth time and wow have we got a nice, shiny goblet this year!

Each year we go out and search nooks and crannies

to find the unique artefact that embody’s the Spirit of the Kurilpa Cup.

This years cup was duly located, after appropriate divinatory rituals,

lurking in a dusty box at the back of St Vinnies in West End

by our trusty Secretary, John Treason.

“It screamed to me of Poetry,”

he told the “Acquisitions Sub-Committee”

“true the plaque said;

‘Dubbo Womens Free-style Champion 1974’

but in my heart I knew it belonged to us.”

(John, it should be noted, will also responsible for selecting

this years wine for the Cup. We look forward to his choice.)

Regardless, even as we speak the engraver is applying

the final re-purposing to the coveted cup.


Oh yes, and as always the Winner also takes home

a $50 cash prize, a handsome certificate, and the traditional,

“loaf of bread, bottle of wine and book of verse.”

All this and the esteem of your peers!

Cup caption detail

So sports-fans, here are the Rules of Engagement;

1. Sign on from 1.45 pm. First on, first up. Starts 2.15pm

2. Props and musical instruments are ok

3. No strict time limit but try and keep it at the 3 minute mark.

4. There are two rounds.

An undetermined number of worthy contestants

will be selected to go onto the final round,

so have two poems ready.

5. The winner will be presented with the Kurilpa Cup, $50 in unmarked bills,

a loaf of bread, a bottle of wine and a Book of Verse,

AND a handsome certificate suitable for framing or wrapping fish.

6. Runners up will get something in the way of consolation

6. The Judges decision will be Arbitrary and Final.

They may or may not choose to explain their decisions

or utter some encouraging remarks.

7. The Cup is free to enter. (There will be a $5 door charge

on the day that everyone pays to help with the hire for the hall.)

cup outdoorsa green frame


AND ONE LAST TIME, the address is;

Kurilpa Hall

174 Boundary Street, West End.

Kurilpa Hall                             174 Boundary Street, West End

Kurilpa Hall 174 Boundary Street, West End

The West End bus 196 will take you to Boundary Street

and runs every 20minutes.

For further information see the Kurilpa Poets on Facebook

or write to

cup and curtain