ELEMENTAL –Photo Review

The Alchemy of Poetry

Photo Review: Kurilpa Poets at West End Library

19th July, 2014

featuring:  Sasha Cuha,

                   Cameron Logan

and the  Reverend Hellfire.

Review written by Unckle Rat. Photos by Shane Kneipp

The Reverend Hellfire invokes the Alchemy of Poetry

The Reverend Hellfire distills the Alchemy of Poetry


curious crowd gathered that Thursday evening

to witness the Kurilpa Poets work their magic

in an attempt to transmute the base substance of Reality


into the Alchemical



of Poetry.

Dealt some technical difficulties at the last moment

with the projector, the Poets overcame handicaps

and delivered a powerful performance.

Down to mood lighting and candles,

a suitably mystic ambience was created

as the three feature poets took turns at the Mic.

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and this chap came all the way from Manchester to be here

and this chap came all the way from Manchester to be here





crowd shot

Performing for the first time a suite of “Elemental” poems, the Reverend struck a ritual note that gave the Evening structure and added new dimensions to the groups work. The Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit were all exposed to a surrealistic/impressionistic character sketch cum invocation.


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neil short

Neil Short of the West End Library was our genial host


audience member Mr Keneally spake also

audience member Mr Keneally spake also












Spontaneous artistic contributions from the audience was the order of the day. Bob Mud wandered around

playing soothing ambient sounds on his eclectic collection

of odd instruments, whilst known Sasha Cuha associate,

Red headed Samwise on guitar, likewise

provided some Life and colour to the night’s proceedings

with his impromptu riffings and melodic explorations.


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test rev amuses crowdopen mic bob mudtes5sash bent  lib crowd cam greentestsash crwodxtest red revx





test sammie clapsTony Kneipp steps up



Later, suitably refreshed, the house lights went back on

and we were treated to a diverse selection of verse

from audience members. The feature poets also

did a reprise at this time

bringing the evening to a successful close.

Poets up Late?

Why, the evening for some of us had just begun!