The Wild Women of Poetry!

The shocking photos!

November 4th 2012 the Kurilpa Poets held their infamous “Wild Women of Poetry ” event. Now for the first time we show the shocking photos from this legendary event.

The crowd trickled in to the mandolin melodies of local busker Paula Hackney, this months Mystery Musician. (We first found Paula busking at the corner of Vulture and Boundary street outside the chemist)

Paula Hackney

Paula Hackney

Kalkadoon & Pitta Pitta Nation elder Theresa Creed

Kalkadoon & Pitta Pitta Nation elder Theresa Creed

First feature poet of the afternoon Theresa Creed electrifyed the audience with the intensity of her performance and words. The Kurilpa Poets are truly honoured to have had her appear on this occasion.

A Rachel & wonder Woman

Next up Urban Flower child & fairy goddess of poetry Rachel Dean  channeled the spirit of Wonder Woman to deliver a knockout set.

Rachel Laughs off rumours she's really Violet Wade

Rachel Laughs off rumours she’s really Violet Wade

Following Rachel , fellow League of Extraordinary Poets member, the charismatic Arafa Al-Mughairi softly seduced the audience with her revelations of lyrical longing.

Stephanie Petrik projection.

Stephanie Petrik projection.

Intermission saw the Melbourne bound Stephanie Petriks visual-artpoems sliding across the walls, while the crowd chatted or slipped outside for a smoke.

One day we will play croquet

One day we will play croquet

Stephanie petrik; "Revenge"

Stephanie petrik; “Revenge”

The OPen Mic session saw some of the chaps get up and have a go,

League of Extraordinary Poets member Sasha Cuha

League of Extraordinary Poets member Sasha Cuha

John Tracey tells us about john Howards tatoos

John Tracey tells us about john Howards tatoos

A very blurry Paul Dobbyn

A very blurry Paul Dobbyn

 and  some more of the girls..

The always ebullient Tania Tulip

The always ebullient Tania Tulip

                  Meanwhile in the back of the hall..

While Linda Loop keeps chaos at bay in the kitchen

While Linda Loop keeps chaos at bay in the kitchen

             And a good time was had by all..

A crowd shotWW2        And if there’s one thing we learned that day its this;

Geoffrrey-Wild thing






“You handle the sonnets, I’ll do the odes.”


Wild Women

of Poetry hit West End


Attention all lovers of poetry in the Brisbane Area!!

On Sunday 4th of November, starting at 2pm, The Kurilpa Poets will be staging their latest poetic extravaganza, intriguingly entitled, the “Wild Women of Poetry” show. Featuring some of Brisbanes finest female poetic practitioners, this event is sure to entertain and enlighten.

The Kurilpa Poets are conveniently located at the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End. This charming litle hall is situated right next to the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the edge of Musgrave Park.

Performing on the day will be..

Theresa Creed

Theresa is an elder of the Kalkadoon and Pitta Pitta nations. She has performed nationally and internationally as a singer, actor and dancer and is now reinventing herself as a poet. Theresa’s words speak of the deep scars of invasion and colonisation as well as the irrepressible joy of Aboriginal life.

Rachael Dean

Theformer host of the renowned Cafe Checocho’s Poetry Jam and now member of the League of Extraordinary Poets has been described as; the flower child/ fairy-goddess of poetry.”

Her verse like sacred mantras,

ranging from Lullaby to Hurricane,

creating and destroying Universes in between..or so it is written.

Her work can be found on the net under the psuedonym of Violet Wade at


Arafa Al-Mughairi

Known in the underground hip-hop scene as “The Sneaky Poet”, Arafa Al-Mughairi presents a lyrical orchestra of longing, of softly intoned desires, of the understandings and revelations we etch on our lover’s skins. As a member of The League of Extraordinary Poets, Arafa has wowed audiences across the country.Her work appears on their site

http://league of extraordinarypoets.wordpress.com

Stephanie Petrik

This Wildchild of the Written Word will be making a special Virtual Appearance through the wonders of technology. We look forward to this manifestation.


Mystery Musician of the Month;

For each show the Kurilpa Poets goes out and selects one of the fine local buskers found on the streets of West End. This month the fabulous Paula Hackney will be wowing us with the sweet sounds of her magical Ukulele.

She doesn’t have a website but she can often be seen on the corner of Vulture & Boundary Streets on Friday nights.

Token male;

The Reverend Hellfire will be providing gender equity as Master of Ceremonies.

Open Mic Session-all genders welcome!

As always there will be our popular Open Mic Session, where all are invited to come forth and share their poems in Kurilpa’s famously informal and friendly atmosphere.

Tea, Coffee and Light Refreshments will be provided by the Kurilpa Poets. But we’re just a bunch of poor poets, so if you’re feeling generous we’d love people to get involved and contribute something to the table. Be it a pack of bicuits or a loaf of bread or a bottle of cheap red, we’d appreciate the gesture.


The price for this fabulous event is a mere $5 for the waged and $2 for the poor.

We’re close to West End & Fairfield bus routes and there is on-site parking.

Hope to see you there!

The KURILPA POETS dedicate this event in honour of the PUSSY RIOT COLLECTIVE.