Virtual Gallery Artist for June- RB KITAJ



the-rise-of-fascism by RB Kitaj

This month our eclectic and encyclopedic Visual Arts Director,

Shane K ,

will be showing the Artistic Visions of

Mr J B Kitaj


on the Virtual Gallery’s big-screen

and, we hope, at some stage in the afternoon learnedly lecturing on said Artists’ career and accomplishments.

america-baseball RB Kitaj

June 2016 handbill with frameJPIG


MARTIN SHARP, Virtual Gallery feature, Sun 27 March

Virtual Gallery features

Martin Sharp Image


Kurilpa Poets, Sun 27th March

Kurilpa Poets Visual Arts Director, the reclusive Shane K,

has announced that The Virtual Gallery‘s Feature Artist for the Kurilpa Poets 27th March Event,

will be none other than Tiny-Tim-obsessed, Luna-Park-loving, iconoclastic, 60’s Flower Child,


sharp mariln

Get ready for some old-school visual fireworks!


m sharp

March 27th Pascalle flower handbill



February Mystery Musician revealed!

Jeff Usher BIRD WINGS Front cover

Jeff Usher, Giant of Jazz

 to play Kurilpa!

The Kurilpa Poets are indeed honoured to present

as our Mystery Musician for February 28th

non-other than the legendary Brisbane based jazz pianist,

Jeff Usher.

Jeff Usher has been at the forefront of jazz and blues in Brisbane since the early 1980s, first coming to notice with the Jeff Usher Jazz Unit.

Highly respected as a pianist, composer and music educator,

he has toured extensively thoughout Australia and overseas.

He has also been a tutor at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University since 1998, achieving a Master’s Degree in 2006, and will be completing a PHD in Composition from the University of Queensland in mid-2016.

Jeff Usher with Joanna Funk

Jeff Usher with Joanna Funk

Jeff has seven albums to his credit, including the award winning

“Leaps and Bounds” and most recently his 2015 release,

Bird Wings”, which was recorded live in concert

at the Brisbane Jazz Club with his ten-piece group,

A Love Supreme Super Band.

This album, featuring compositions written by Jeff as part of his PHD studies, is a high quality production that well captures the intimate atmosphere of a Jeff Usher gig.

“Bird Wings” will be available for purchase at the door and will cost a mere $20 (and I’m sure the artist will be glad to sign it for you if you ask nicely).

Birds of a Feather; Jeff Usher and friend

Birds of a Feather; Jeff Usher and friend

His recent activities have included successful performances at Jumpers and Jazz in 2014 and 2015. In May 2015 he commenced work as resident pianist at Nu Orleans Restaurant in Ipswich. He also recorded an album with the Brisbane Big Band in November 2015, and commenced recording a solo piano album in December 2015, which will hopefully be available later this year.

Now this Giant of Brisbane Jazz will be playing two sets for the Kurilpa Poets at the Kurilpa Cup on Sunday 28th February. Surely this years Cup will be an afternoon long to be remembered!

Jeff’s first set will be commencing at 2pm so make sure you turn up early so as not to miss a minute. Doors open from 1.45pm. Entry $5.

Here’s a couple of little samples of Jeff Usher in action to whet yr appetite..



Virtual Gallery feature artist SAUL STEINBERG

Shane K discusses this month’s Virtual Gallery Feature Artist..


Saul Steinberg

Dear folks,

among my crimes against humanity,

I am the Visual Arts Director for the Kurilpa Poets.

. One of my duties is organising a visual display each month

to accompany the poetic flights of our performers.

This month the Virtual Gallery‘s feature artist is Saul Steinberg.


Saul Steinberg was born to a Jewish family

in Râmnicu Sărat, Buzău, Romania in 1914.

He studied architecture in Milan, graduating in 1940.

Shortly after his graduation the introduction of anti-

Semitic laws by the Fascist government led him to leave Italy.

He spent a year in the Dominican Republic

whilst awaiting a visa to the United States.

Steinberg’s entry to the USA was sponsored by the New Yorkera magazine he was to be intimately involved with,

creating 87 covers and over 1200 drawings.


Steinberg brought a European sensibility to his work and an outsider’s sense of the foibles and follies of American life

as well as a genuine affection for his subjects. His Art blurred the line between

cartooning and “fine” art and his work was often shown in galleries.

As well as drawing, he enjoyed creating crude, vital masks out of such materials

 as cardboard and paper bags.

His work was wide-ranging and hard to easily define.

Many were reminiscent of MC Escher and explored the links and gaps

 between perception and reproduction, leading his work

to be highly praised by the great Art theorist EH Gombrich.


He was also one of the finest political cartoonists of the 20th century,

 mocking the post-war American cult of the “Organisational Man

and showing a USA whose deities included Sigmund Freud,

Santa Claus and Uncle Tom.

In the 1970s he did a series of drawings of Mousketeer terrorists,

those cute young kids from the 50’s have acquired Armalites

and seem keen to fuck things up.

Steinberg died in 1999, but his work remains influential.

The New Yorker still continues to occasionally re-print his covers.


Don’t forget, he next meeting of the Kurilpa Poets is on Sunday 27 September,

at the South Brisbane Croquet Club, Musgrave Park, West End at 2pm.

Local Visual Artists who are interested having their work shown 

on the Virtual Gallery should contact Shane K or Rev Hellfire at

Meantime come along this month and check out the eclectic weirdness

of Saul Steinberg.

Kurilpa Poets- Where a good time is always had.




Belated Photo Review of







Here without further ado are the long lost “Missing Photo”‘s promised some time ago, of the celebrated return to West End of Poet & Songstress extrodinaire, Ms Vasudha Harte, and her Musical partner in all crimes music, and all Terrorism cultural, Mr Jem Edwards.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What can I say? Of the Dinkum Boho’s themselves, they were brilliant. We were privileged to have them appear at our humble gathering. they deserved more money and a bigger audience but they played their hearts out anyway and delivered their best like true professionals.

Of Ms Hartes poetry one can say that it is wise without trying to be clever, warm without being melodramatic, simple without being banal. It bears repeated listening/reading, and we at Kurilpa Poets once more heartily recommend her slim volume of verse, the whimsically entitled You Near Verse.

You Near Verse Front CoverJPIG

This was our last event for now at the Kurilpa Hall and we’ve had some fun here the last two months.  I for one will miss the crank old piano, that only Cam Logan was game enough to play and make sing! As always the Open Mic sessions added heart and soul to the occasions,

with old faces and new trying their compositions out on the attentive crowd.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As always a generous community contributed food and drink to make a fabulous feast.

Next month our host is West End Community House,

but wherever the Kurilpa Poets sets up its camp,

you know that that’s there will be where fine verse, fine music,

fine food and fine company can be found…

home of the water rat

Photos by Shane Kneipp except where otherwise stated.

"OK Now who took the damned camera?"- Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp

“OK  Now who took the damned camera?”- Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp


Zel for bio

The Kurilpa Poets’ ‘Unsuspected Artist’ for November,

known to the Art World only as ZEL,

has broken his austere Vow of Silence to issue

a short communique on this, the Event, of one of his

rare appearances. For like the fabulous Phoenix of Legend,

or the humble Cicada of Summer, the ZEL is a creature

whose long periods of torpor are broken by rare appearances

to the surface world we inhabit.

We re-print the statement in it’s entirety;


Zelico Maric was born in Croatia and grew
up in Mount Isa.
A hungry dog
chewed on the bones
of memory
On the seashore of desire.

Jabberwocks ZEL


final logo Jpig


Greetings Water-Rats and Friends!

This is just a last notice to remind

(or to inform those who haven’t heard)


there will be no KURILPA POETS gathering today.

This being August

A lot of people are down with various forms

of colds, flu and various viral infections,

so rather than become a vector

for the various diseases affecting the Poetic Community

we’re going into lockdown mode.

We’ll be back in business at the Olde Croquet Club

on Sunday September 28th, 2pm.

See you all then!


In the meantime the Reverend will be catching up

during the next couple of weeks

on processing the backlog of photo’s,

videos footage, and reports of the Kurilpa Poets
recent Activities,

so keep your eye on our Facebook page

and the good old WATER-RAT Gazette.


squarey watch thisspace2



a swampfish emerges on dry land

a swampfish emerges on dry land


Calling all local Buskers!




“Mystery Musician of the Month!”




Calling all West End, indeed, calling all Brisbane Buskers; How’d you like to have a gig out of the wind and rain? Salvation is at Hand!


For it is the tradition of the Kurilpa Poets to have a Mystery Musician perform at our monthly events at the Olde Croquet Club Hall in Musgrave Park. We like to leaven our Words with Music, and indeed Performance and Visual Art are also tossed into the mix when in they’re in season.


And in order to foster community culture, it is our Policy to select each month one of our fine local buskers off the streets of West End to be the Kurilpa Poet’s Mystery Musician. (Favoured scouting locations include the Big Lizard and the corner of Boundary & Vulture outside the chemist.) We’ve had some great musicians enliven our sessions, with perhaps the blues/roots duo, “The Swampfish” evoking special memories with their down-home tunes.


But now we’re casting the net wider and inviting all local Buskers and Musicians in general to apply for this esteemed gig. Just get in touch with us here at the Water-Rat Gazette or at;


or send us an email to;


and you can send us a demo or tell us when and where you’re busking.

For full details go to