lunchbox poets

Lunchbox Poets.. Packed with Goodness!

Twas brillig and several slithy toves were seen

gimbling by the wabe, but they were soon removed

by Council workers and the day continued as programmed.

A savage storm sprung up out of nowhere and lashed the park

at precisely 2.10pm, but by then the stragglers were safely

inside and sheltering behind our new

“Zombie-apocalypse proof” metal roller-blinds.

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Yes, there was a fine turn-out of new faces and old hands gathered to bathe in the Poetic Fountains of Eternal Youth,

while Mystery Musician Jem Sparkle, appearing for the first time without her “Golden Boys”, warbled and wailed her way thru a melodic selection of covers and originals to open the affair..


Jem played an interesting mix of originals and old favourites.


Jem Sparkles on with or without Golden Boys!


Guest MC Sophie Tarrant, wearing a fetching

 Maggie Thatcher style power-bouffant soon had the crowd warmed-up and launched into the first Open Mic session. (Interestingly Sophie has apparently never heard of Margaret Thatcher! Honestly! Young people today!).

Sophie shares words of advice for young people

Sophie shares words of advice from HOT TEEN SLUT

Tendering some avuncular advice, the Reverend Hellfire advised the impressionable audience to burn their bridges behind them. (Not to mention ripping up the rail lines and cutting the optic fibre).

Linda Loop emerged from the kitchen to inspire us all with an Acapella version of The Impossible Dream. Also pleased to see one of our former feature poets KUDOS turn up after a too-long absence and deliver a couple of his rapid-fire, word-perfect, hip-hop styled poems. He also apparently has a single coming out soon so listen out for that one. We’re hoping to have KUDOS back for a feature spot real soon.

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Of course it’s not Open Mic without the Irrepressible Jeffrey Evans to spout a bit of Keats or one of his own rambling soliloquies and so he did. It was good to see long-time Kurilpa supporters Glen Manga and Dushan Bojic back up at the Open Mic again after being MIA for a couple of meetings. Nor would it be a real Open Mic without Kurilpa regulars, Paul Dobbyn, Tony Kneipp (who’s developing a disturbing resemblence to Karl Marx lately)and Sue Fihelly delivering something thoughtful for the occasion and they did not disappoint.

Glen Manga and the Eternally Young crowd

Glen Manga and the Eternally Young crowd

Up on the Virtual Gallery’s big screen, Shane’s Saul Steinberg retrospective gave the day that little extra bit

of wacko eye-candy we’ve come to love so much.

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The rain stopped and after the break with fine food,

 much talk and more melodious tunes from Jem,

we returned for the much anticipated Lunchbox Poets set.

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Resplendent in stylish summer hats, together the three girls, Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer, quickly & quirkily introduced themselves, before taking turns to hold centre stage. Each LunchBoxer in turn proved to be a confident performer with a depth and maturity to their words that some perhaps may not have expected.

Interesting to contemplate just how good these young poets may become if they continue working on their Craft

and have a few more years of writing

and performing experience

behind them.

The only dissappointment with their set was I would have liked to see them on stage

working together on delivering a poem. A thought for the Future, perhaps.

Beware Claire Fitzpatrick's sly humour says the Rev..

Beware Claire Fitzpatrick’s sly humour says the Rev..

Claire F surprised some of the audience more familiar with her impassioned extemporising by delivering an almost demure performance.

Retro-resplendent in flapper attire,

She read her poems with a quiet intensity

and understated humour that kept the audience’s

attention focused thru-out.

Clair is another young poet whose work, I believe, shows

great promise for the years ahead. Indeed, I have just learned

that she has recently been offered a publishing contract

for a novel she’s written. Well done Claire! WE at the Water-Rat Gazette salute you!

Claire Fitzgerald

Later, more Open Mic.. supposedly an “under 30” session,

but no-one was looking at ID and I think not a few

of the Open Mic poets were a little over the legal limit.

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Like Doctor of Philosophy, Gerald Keaney for example.

Dressed as always with his usual quiet, good taste,

Gerry definitely delivered the afternoon’s liveliest performance.

Look forward to seeing more of Dr Keaney’s antics

when he brings his merry brand of Musos,

“Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys”

to Kurilpa in November for our special end of year

Word/Sound Bash!

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A little shy, newcomer Joe Simington nonetheless delivered some excellent verse which gave notice

of another developing talent. Another Kurilpa first-timer, Sue Dreves, also delivered some fine verse, in a quietly confident, understated manner.


Water Rats Linda & Guy here bear an uncanny resemblance to the Kurilpa Logo!

Water Rats Linda & the Rev here bear an uncanny resemblance to the Kurilpa Logo!

Kurtilpa poets logo resized

 All around it was a fabulous day. The rain soon let up and though the croquet lawn was now a paddy-field the air was refreshed and invigorating. Some great poetry and music was heard. The Past was Celebrated and the Future looked forward to. The vibe was mellow/electric, and the food as always, was varied and tasty.

Molly, Hai Xia and Morgan AKA the Lunch Box Gang.

Molly, Hai Xia and Morgan AKA the Lunch Box Gang.

Thanks to everyone who brought food and/or helped in the kitchen or helped set up/pack up chairs at the end.

(special call-out to Hai Xia‘s mum Jen

for helping bring order out of the kitchen chaos!)

Thanks to Carol for guarding the door as always,

thanks to those who read, and thanks to those who Listened.

See you all next month!

Enjoy the pics!

Visualk Arts Director Shane Kneipp; "Shows over folks..nothing to see here.."

Visual Arts Director Shane Kneipp; “Shows over folks..nothing to see here..”

Words; Unckle Rat

Pictures; Shane Kneipp


“YOUNG ETERNAL”with the Lunch Box Poets, 27th Sept.

The Kurilpa Poets

proudly present

a new generation of Brisbane talent;


“Young Eternal”

Sunday, 27th September, 2pm


The Lunchbox Poets; from left, Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer

The Lunchbox Poets; from left, Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer


(Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole, Molly Sanders-Dwyer)

plus Mystery Musician

Mystery Musician Jem Sparkles will light up our lives once more



with Special Guest MC

sophie t



The Virtual Gallery, Open Mic Sessions,

Free Food & Refreshments,

Free Parking & Wheelchair Access,

and some of the friendliest folk you’re likely to meet!

Yes, All This and More


for the low price of $5 /members $2

91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane,

on the fringe of sacred Musgrave Park.

(Just down from Jagerra House)

final logo Jpig

Well, our August break is over, the Queensland Poetry Festival has come and gone, and the Kurilpa Poets are back in business at the Olde Croquet Club in Musgrave Park.

And to celebrate the Spring, and all things new and blossoming,

we have planned a special showcase of some of the new generation of rising, young Brisbane poets, under the banner,


on Sunday 27th September at 2pm.

The Kurilpa Poets are very excited to be presenting

on this occasion our youngest feature poets ever,

the precociously fabulous LunchBox Poets.

Lunchbox Poets logo

The Lunchboxers are a trio of local High School students,

Morgan Larkin, Hai Xia Wang Pole and Molly Sanders-Dwyer.

Morgan Lunchbox

Morgan Lunchbox

They graciously gave the Water-Rat Gazette a short statement of their aims;

“Lunchbox Poets is dedicated to providing a space

for young poets to speak out and be heard.

So far we have organised events for World Poetry Day,

with QPF and Brisbane Square Library, as well as events with Avid Reader

in West End, Visible Ink and The Nest Community Inc.

Lunchbox is made up of three dedicated girls

with a love of poetry and dog photos. ” _

Molly Lunchbox

Molly Lunchbox_

Guest MC for this occasion is the non-other than

Sophie Tarrant,

whom Kurilpa members will remember fondly

from her lively feature performance at the “Mad Maids and Muses”

gig back in May. Sophie is looking for more young poets for this event

so if you’re keen to participate contact her at; 

Sophie boogies down at Mad Maids & Muses

Sophie boogies down at Mad Maids & Muses

Jem Sparkles is no stranger to Kurilpa,

having been our Mystery Musician a number of times this year.

But we love her so much we have to have her back once more,

and indeed her effervescent warblings should provide the

perfect background vibe for this occasion.

Jem sparkling away

Jem sparkling away

Plus of course the usual Kurilpa Wackiness and Good Vibes,

the fabulously informal Open Mic sessions and much more.

Be sure to attend and don’t forget, we ask the community minded to bring a plate or a packet or a bottle of something nice to add to the Feast.

feeding time