David Hallett warms up the crowd

Warm Winter Words;


Secretary John Treason & Treasurer Carol Balfor bask on the steps

Twas one of Brisbane’s perfect Winter Days, blue sky-ed, sunny and mild. The only dark thought was how hot next Summer is going to be if this is how warm it is in Winter.

Fortunately Poetry is generally carbon neutral and so we gathered with a free conscience to toast our toes in the fiery glow of Poesy.

Kurilpa’s favourite Mystery Musician, Jem Sparkle, filled the hall with her sweet tunes and rollicking rockers as the poets gathered from near and far to add their kindling to the flames.

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Master of Ceremonies for the Day, Cam Logan stepped forward to ignite the Open Mic and a succession of phrases and images tumbled out of our poets mouths/ snatching at the word-lines /scraps of poetry swirling in the currents like ashes..

First Time Kurilpa reader Brett Cravaliat impressed and left us with the curious mental image of a naked Samuel Pepys..The venerable Eido Boru set out to Offend the Offended and the Begating begun..stepping into the Void, MC Cam’s Voice was Lost & Found, one day playing with cardboard gun, the next a Gold Coast Kardashian..Gentleman poet, Michael Vaughan shared words of wisdom whilst The Reverend‘s warming winter words were Soup for the Soul while the Loaded Dog delivered a timely reminder to Do Unto Others..newcomer Carla Cravaliat rounded the first open mic off to well earned applause, and it was time to eat.

Jem Sparkles

And eat we did, with a generous abundance of Tasties donated by the water rats, and some rather nice wines were on hand as well to go with it as songbird Jem Sparkle trilled.

Happily also, with the kitchen successfully chained off from the mob this month, Crowd Control was no longer a problem for our hard-working kitchen crew.

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After an illuminating presentation on the days featured artist, Stuart Davis, by Visual Arts Director Shane K it was time for our Feature Poet from the rainbow region, David Hallett.

Quietly but clearly spoken, the casualness of his approach/appearance belies the polished professionalism of this powerful poets performance.

As with all good/great poets, David has the difficult task of being sooth sayer/ truth sayer in an Age where “ten million facebook likes can’t be wrong”, and where “Climate Change is a prank phone call” and the “roll call of extinction” expands exponentially every day. This Suburban Shaman reads the signs in the modern wilderness, there are revelations to be found everywhere, even in the simple act of trying to recycle batteries at Aldi. Can Poetry heal the Soul and Save the World? David Hallett for one is willing to give it a try.

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Too soon it was the Master Poets’ last poem, a moving tribute to Byron Bay and its’ healing nonconformist Vibes, celebrating the Power of Place. David gave us a professional performance and some Great Poetry; which kept the audience focused thru-out his set and won an extended round of applause for his efforts at the conclusion..

The Second Open Mic rolled around and was opened by songstress Linda Loop dashing from the Rotunda to sing a heart rending Schubert lieder that echoed agelessly thru the centuries.

Cahala gave us an amusing shaggy dog story concerning his adventures dealing with Coffee Culture & Veganism. later the author expressed doubts to me. Sure it was funny, he worried, but was it really poetry?

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New Kurilpa Poets member Brett returned to the stage

and explained that writing poetry allowed him to vent his Road Rage without feeling the need to reach for a sawn off shotgun. he then proceeded to blow away every highway irritant from Mercedes Benz Nazi’s to the bicycle before going on to explain that four wheel drives are the vehicle of choice for;

“overly hetero man/ where car and size of penis/ go hand in hand.”

Well, hand in glove I would hope, in this age of rampant viral infestations.

MC Cam gave us an absurdist haiku on a Magpie drinking from a styrofoam cup, whilst the Rev extolled the virtues of his Winter Bed.

The day rolled on to it’s conclusion. Before I let the photos do the rest of the talking, I’ll finish with these words of wisdom from Michael Vaughan;

“Withstanding raw, biting severity/

Prevailing through grit and tenacity.”

Linda Loop lilts lovely lieder 


-Words; Unckle Rat

-Photos Shane K


KURILPA POETS present PASCALLE BURTON, Sunday 27th March


proudly present;

Sunday 27th March, 2pm

Brisbane’s foremost

“Avant-Garde Performance-Poet Musician-Lady”;


Pascalle Burton in a blue mood

also featuring as Mystery Musician the fabulous;


Jem Spatkles2

with Master of Ceremonies;


Rev red n blue

and of course as always;





Croq Club Kurilpa Poets with tree reduced

All this for a mere $5 at the door/ $3 for members!

The Type writer girl with ribbons in her hair

Pascalle Burton; The Type writer Girl with ribbons in her hair

The Kurilpa Poets are indeed proud to present this month one of Brisbanes most exciting poets, the charming, self-effacing

“Avant-garde performance-poet musician-lady”, whose experimental manoeuvres with words and sound are usually founded in cultural theory and have been described as an ‘elegant dragnet’ whose elegance captures many a strange submarine creature

from the inky depths of the Id.

Ms Pascalle has performed at a variety of venues and a fistful of festivals, both in Australia and Overseas, in this Century and the Last, and her Poems have been printed in seventeen Dimensions.

Current projects include UN/SPOOL with Nathan Shepherdson, 24 Hour Gym with Tessa Rose, The Stress of LeisureI will say this only once  for if:book Australia, <O>PEN and Letter.Box.Stamp.Collect. for Queensland Poetry Festival, The Outlandish Watch project (with collaborators Nathan Shepherdson and David Stavanger), and her zine series Today, the voice you speak with may not be your own. Her debut poetry collection A Vast Laugh was released through Small Change Press in 2008.

To find out more about the charming Pascalle Burton, sample her Poetry, catch up on her many and diverse activities, or to simply start stalking her as a Sandra Bernhard style obsessed fan, please check out her fabulous web-site at


pascalle-burton and library

Add the melodious croonings of Kurilpa’s favourite Mystery Musician, JEM SPARKLES, free food, good company, the bizarre imaginings of the Virtual Gallery and the rustic charms of the Rotunda, simply put, you can’t afford to miss this one, sports fans!

So see you all at



In the shade of sacred Musgrave Park

club and tree foliage


Kurilpa Poets, Home of the Water Rat