David Hallett Gig- PHoTO REVIEW

David Hallett in sunreduced


progress looming over west end

As Progress loomed menacingly over West End,

and the rising Tower Blocks cast their lengthening shadows

towards the suburb like dominating digits of Doom,

demanding more and evermore Development,

a Motley Mob of Poets gathered in Defiance

of the Dollar-Death-Cult

to Celebrate Life, Love, Liberty and Laughter

through the Power of the Word,

and to bask in the Autumnal warmth

of the afternoon sun.

crowd shot

The Kurilpa Poets are still a Nomad Nation, wandering from

venue to venue whilst our traditional Home,

the Olde Croquet Club in Musgrave Prk,

undergoes an extended period of renovation.

April found us fetched up down the back of West End Community House (Thanks for your hospitality folks!)

It being such a lovely, nay, such a lyrical day,

we spontaneously decided to relocate

the days activities outside in the pleasant courtyard area.

crowd shot 2

Despite a last minute cancellation of the Virtual Gallery

due to our sorely missed

Visual Arts Director, Shane, being indisposed,

and the Mysterious disappearance of our Mystery Musicians,

there were Words and Verse, Food and Good Company a plenty.

David Hallett

Our Feature Poet, coming all the way up the coast

from that big “Little Town” Nimbin, Word Maester David Hallett,

did not disappoint the crowd.

Looking relaxed and fit, he delivered his Verse

with both confidence and passion.

Surely one of this country’s most consummate Poetical Performers,

his Poetry is Political without being preachy,

compassionate without being sentimental.

David and audience mmember

The Open Mic sessions (as always the “Heart”of Kurilpa Poetry events)were, as usual, both entertaining

and diverse in the selections offered; from the Reverend

Hellfire‘s experiments on the Elasticity of Time, to Michael Vaughan’s fragments on the properties of precious stones.

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“and his ghost lingers on” Christine tells the tale


Jefferson “stone the crows” Evans

Usually a “Water-rat wall-flower”, Kurilpa regular Christine amused us all with the story of the ghost of her pervert neighbour

who still haunts the coffee shop built over the house

where he once lived and leered. Lovely Linda Loop moved many to tears with her beautiful acapella rendition of a Schubert Lied,

and Jefferson Evans gave us an extended “ode to a checkout girl’,

until he was gently led away.

An unusually dapper Gerry Kearney, turned his poem into

a veritable paper chase, with segments secretly posted all around the courtyard he dashed from verse to verse

till he reached the poems exciting denouement.

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Fiona Privitera read some selected extracts from Aidan Coleman’s

“Avenues & Runways”fiona privetera

while Sue Fihely read us selections from her own slim volume of verse.

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John Tracey and Tony Kneipp both contributed insightful and subversive versification,

John Tracey in flight

while an exuberantly Fez-clad Danksta Downunder made his last appearance before disappearing off to America to sample the delights of the Austin International Poetry Festival.

Informal, intimate, the vibe of the day was both warm and resilient, as the rag-tag tribe of the Kurilpa Poets celebrated once more what it means to be Human.

See you all next month.

Linda, our charming  photographer for the occasion

Lynda, our charming photographer for the occasion

(Much thanks to Lynda Bell from down Nimbin way who stepped

in for our lost Visual Arts Director and took the days photo’s )

home of the water rat