ELEANOR JACKSON- KURILPA Feature Poet, Sunday 26th October

The Kurilpa Poets


Eleanor-Jackson in Black and White

Eleanor Jackson

Our October Feature Poet

Sunday, October 26th, 2014, 2pm

Abandoned as a baby on the banks of the Amazon,

Eleanor Jackson was raised by a family of friendly pythons,

from whom she learnt not only her Poetic skills

and the languages of the animals,

but also the gift of Prophecy.

Her Poetry has been described as being quiet, powerful,

and lucid to the point where several have achieved Sentience,

and gone Feral, scuttling off into Brisbane’s

lush, sub-tropical undergrowth.

There they will undoubtedly lay eggs at some future date.

Whatever hatches, it is certain to cause demarcation disputes

between Zoologists and Librarians.

Eleanor herself has appeared at so many Festivals and Venues around Australia, (from Tasmania to Queensland and everything in between), been broadcast on so many Radio Stations

and published in so many respected Journals,

that one suspects she has possession of a Time Machine.

Miss E also collaborates with known associate, Betsy Turncoat,

in the shadowy “Helles Belles” Poetic-Terrorist group.

So come and see Eleanor Jackson

and her amazing Performing Poems!

At the Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, West End

beneath the treees of sacred Musgrave Park.

from 2pm.

Pay $5 at the door and pay no more!

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