Introducing SHANE KNEIPP- Guest Artist for 28th July

Shane colour self portrait

The KURILPA POETS are proud to introduce as Guest Artist for our Sunday 28th July event

the latest member of the KURLIPA INSTITUTE OF CREATIVITY, , Shane Kneipp.

Shane has been a respected artistic gad-fly and (Groucho)Marxist refusnik

on the Brisbane Arts scene for many years. Now he is breaking his Hermit like solitude

to share his Vision with us. One show only! No refunds!

Below, for the record, is his official bio. ..


Shane Kneipp is a Brisbane-based painter and

print-maker who is deeply beloved and respected and who

has never actually been formally charged with the deviant

molestation of small furry animals, it’s a lie, he wasn’t there

that night and none of the witnesses will live to make it to court.

Many people actually believe that Shane Kneipp is the sustained

mental delusion of either himself or someone else and

it is fervently desired that at least one of them wakes

up to themselves.

If you should happened to spot Shane Kneipp, the police

recommend that you barricade yourself in your home and

call for pizza.

If you feel that you would prefer Thai, you’re on your own.

home of the water rat



 “”KICI wishes to make the following retraction; Shane has NEVER been a Dadaist. Its a lie, a terrible, terrible lie.

The lowly crayfish in the Institutes’ employ, who might have insinuated otherwise in the July handbill has been brutally flogged and driven from our employ.
Last seen they were sleeping under a bridge and showing their sores to the public for loose change on the Turbot Street bypass.
Shane, like any self-respecting artist of note, is of course a practising Marxist of the Groucho Tendency Faction.
In the words of their founder- ‘Whatever it is, I’m against it’“”