Feasting with Poets!

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The Kurilpa Poets Breakfast!

September 8th, Lucky Duck Cafe!


Greetings fellow Water-Rats and Friends!

The KURILPA POETS are skipping their usual “last-Sunday-of-the-Month event in August, as the Queensland Poetry Festival is occurring that weekend.

But Despair not! As part of the Brisbane Fringe Festival, the Kurilpa Poets will be hosting a fabulous


at the Lucky Duck Cafe

15 Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill

10am to 1pm

Sunday 8th September!

Free admission!

Hosted by Rachael Dean & the Reverend Hellfire

and featuring a tasty smorgasbord of local poets and musicians

as well as the Lucky Duck’s fine food and coffee,

this Epicurean event is sure to whet your jaded appetite

and stimulate all your senses.luckduck logo


Whether you like Word Salad

or prefer Semiotic Stew

There’ll be some tasty verses

and some sweet tunes too!


What better way to start a Spring day

Than feasting with poets

and dining with bards?

Join Rachael and the Reverend at the Lucky Duck on September 8th

and feel free to bring a poem, song or story

for our fabulous Open Mic session.

Miss the Poets Breakfast? Not this little black duck!

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contact us at

kurilpapoets @yahoo.com.au

or connect to our Facebook page


Cool interiors of the Lucky duck

Cool interiors of the Lucky duck

finishing touches to the courtyard out the back where the Kurilpa Poets will hold court

finishing touches to the courtyard out the back where the Kurilpa Poets will hold court


Kurilpa Poets; END OF YEAR SLAM!


Kurilpa Poets End of Year Slam!

 Greetings Friends!

The Year is drawing to a close, the Mayan End-of-the World Doomsday Event is nearly upon us, but fear not, for on Sunday, 25th November, at 2pm, the Kurilpa Poets are holding their annual End-of-the-Year Slam!

A traditional feature of this Slam is that no effort goes unrewarded, for every competing poet recieves a small mystery prize! And what does the Winner get, you ask? (Roll of drums) The Poet awarded First Place will receive:

* a $50 cash prize in unmarked, non-sequential bills.

* A handsome certificate commemorating their Victory

* Plus; a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and a book of verses!

The winning poem will also appear on our website, the Water Rat Gazzette.

So come one, come all! The Slam is Free to enter. Poems can run up to 4 minutes or so. Bring a second poem in case your selected as a finalist. Props and instruments are allowed.


Plus Special Feature Poet; DAVID HALLETT

Besides the fun of the Slam, the Kurilpa Poets are proud to be able to present the Master Slammer and legendary Performance Poet,

David Hallett.

David is the founder and manager of two of Australia’s longest running and most esteemed poetry events; Byron Bay’s “Writers at the Rails” and Lismore’s “Live Poets.” He is also twice winner of the Poetry Olympics at the Sydney Writers Festival, as well as winning the 2003 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup, the Byron Bay Festival Poetry Prize AND the “Spirit of Woodford Prize” in 2005.

His poetry jumps from page to stage, leap-frogging sexual, social and personal politics wearing its heart on its sleeve and its tongue firmly in cheek. He has performed in the beat Cafes of New York and the Sydney Opera House. Now he manifests in Brisbane for the Kurilpa Poets. Don’t miss this his only Brisbane show!


Plus this Months Mystery Musician; Tania Tulip

Each month the Kurilpa Poets selects one of West Ends fine buskers to appear as our “Mystery Musician” and provide a musical interlude. On this occasion we will be serenaded by the soothing sounds of Mz Tania Tulip and her Magical Ukulele.


Also appearing that day, to amuse the crowd with his unpredictable antics & fire-breathing poetry, will be

The Reverend Hellfire as Master of Ceremonies.

Non-attendees be warned; you will be excommunicated!


Tea, Coffee and Light Refreshments; are generously provided by the Kurilpa Poets. But we’re just a bunch of poor poets, so we love it when people get involved and contribute something to the table. Be it a pack of bicuits or a loaf of bread or a bottle of cheap red, your gesture will be appreciated.


The Kurilpa Poets are conveniently located at

the Olde Croquet Club, 91 Cordelia Street, West End.

This charming little hall is situated just down from the Aboriginal Tent Embassy on the edge of Musgrave Park. Come and join us in its air-conditioned comfort.



The price for this fabulous event is a mere $5 for the waged and $2 for the poor.

We’re close to West End & Fairfield bus routes and there is on-site parking.

Hope to see you there!


Check out Kurilpa Poet updates, news and reviews on our website,

The Water-Rat Gazette

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David Hallett words and works can be found at