Kurilpa Poets Open Mic – 31st of March

Rachel Cecilia

RACHEL CECELIA; Kurilpa’s Feature Poet for March

Greetings, good citizens!

The rumours bounding about the suburbs are true – after an unusually long month The Kurilpa Poets are returning for another round of open mic, so come and try out our new PA system, the old one having burnt out after too many sonnets!

After the strange environs of our excursion to House Conspiracy, we return (for now) to our original home at the West End Croquet Club.

Moreover, our Feature Artist can now be revealed – acclaimed performance poet Rachel Cecelia!

Here is a sample of her credentials:

Rachel Cecelia has been writing and accidentally performing poetry for at least three years, gracing stages at Ruckus Brisbane, B-Sides and the Jungle Love Festival. Moving many audiences with her words about relationships, breakups, and occasionally her vulva, Rachel Cecelia is filled to the brim with courage and a constant champion for self love.

And as for our Mystery Muso…

Well… it’s a mystery, you see – you’ll have to come and find out!


UNSUSPECTED ARTIST for March is English figurative artist Stanley Spencer, (1891-1959) famed for painting Biblical scenes using characers and scenes from English rural life.

(c) DACS; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

So come join us on Sunday, the 31st of March!

Address: 91 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane

Time: 2pm – 5pm


Bring a poem, and bring your bitter words!

(Trendy collage flyer coming soon, I promise).


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