Howdy Folks!

Kurilpa Poets will be back in action on the 29th of July.

Come out of the cold and join us in the Musgrave Park Croquet Hall from 2pm-4:30pm.

The winter may be long, cold and dark as a hardline sermon, but we’ll muster a warm welcome for our mystery musos of the month: The Dinkum Bohos!Dinkum

Following two live albums, “Sterognostic” and “”An evening of poetry and music”, Dinkum Bohos are working on their long awaited first studio album “The Merman and the Moonbeam”. Check them out at:   http://www.dinkumbohos.com and  


As well as the genre-bending beats of our mystery musos, one half of the Bohos will be treating us to a Feature Poet set! Pilgrims and Sojourners, put your hands together for VASUDHA HARTE!

03-Vasudha NPPWC

Vasudha Harte is a performance poet, singer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist who has called northern NSW home for over 20 years. She has performed her poetry in venues and festivals around the North Coast, Queensland and overseas including Woodford Folk Festival, Gold Coast
Writers Festival and Buddhafield Festival UK. She has won many poetry slams, sometimes with an anti slam poem, and has been a finalist several times in the Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup.

As well as all this great entertainment, we also have our (in)famous Kurilpa Open Mic! Hit the stage and share your warm sentiments with us (or your coldest frost).

All friendly folk welcome! Bring a plate of food to share, and most certainly bring a poem!


(Quick reminder – entry fee is now $5 for members and $8 for non-members. Thank you very much to the loyal fans, artists and assorted characters who help to keep Kurilpa Poets going.)


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