KICI 2016 AGM in action

KICI AGM in action. Secretary John has the floor.


The Kurilpa Institiute of Creativity Inc held it’s Annual General Meeting on Sunday 31st July, and smoothly chaired by Kurilpa Secretary John Treason, successfully rubber-stamped its’ way into another years’ worth of existence.

In a rousing display of consensual democracy, the entire Management Committee (with the exception of retiring Committee Member Cam Logan) was once again unanimously elected in a shower of proxy votes.

Cam was given a rousing vote of thanks, and, as is traditional with retiring politicians, will be taking up a diplomatic post as the Kurilpa Poet’s Cultural Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of Vietnam. We wish him well.

Two new Commmittee members were elected to fill the gap,

Eido Boru and Gerard Bromley. The KICI Management Committee for 2016/17 is thus;

President: Reverend Hellfire

Treasurer: Carol Balfor

Secretary: John Treason

Visual Arts Director: Shane Kneipp

Committee Members: Eido Boru

Gerard Bromley

Linda Loop


The President, Treasurer and Secretary each gave a brief report, the overall summary of which being, that in it’s tenth year of existence, the Kurilpa Poets are still going strong, or at least managing to bumble along. While we’re not getting rich, we are paying the bills and meantimes we’ve got a growing, supportive community of poets, musicians and other creative types producing and sharing some great work.


Some discussion of Projects past and future ensued; Paul Dobbyn exhibited the Schools promotional package he’s been working on (looking sharp), the non-appearance of the printed magazine project was kicked around for a bit and it was agreed we really need Committee member & Legal Secretary Linda Loop to tidy up the KICI Constitution’s layout & structure.

KICI’s recent discussions with the QPF were also looked at briefly.

Full details of the AGM can be obtained from the Meeting Minutes, which will be sent out to Members & Friends in the not too distant future.

Kurilpa Poets logo


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