sue wards off eevil!


April Foolery, Sunday April 24th 

The theme this month was April Foolery and in that spirit,

the Reverend Hellfire, clad in traditional jesters’ foolscap, kept the fun coming through-out the afternoon with a string of puns, folk-doggerel and bawdy limericks. And indeed twas a most amiable crowd and mellow afternoon through-out.

the reverend needs a rest

EVOLVE organiser Dhaniella dropped in to sample the renowned Kurilpa hospitality whilst “usual suspect” Tony Kneipp presented some thoughts on the recent passing of a dear friend. Ever elegant Sue Dreeves (“I just shop at Target;” she demurred) was visibly vibrant in Sapphire blue, whilst “Door dog” Jeffrey radiated down the infra-red end of the spectrum.

tea time in kitchen

Former Unsuspected Artist Gil Daley returned to Kurilpa this month as a Kitchen crew volunteer and buzzed

about busily all afternoon. We welcome you aboard Gil!

kitchen crew Linda Gil John Gerrard

Kitchen crew; Linda, Gil, John, Gerrard.

Meanwhile a Special treat was provided courtesy of Brendan who suddenly decided we needed a keg of craft beer and miraculously, made it happen! The beer aficionado’s amongst us were very happy indeed!

beer time

We were pleased to see Kurilpa stalwart, Paul Dobbyn, return after a bit of a break from active Poetry Duty, looking fit and tanned. (Paul retired earlier this year and swiftly disappeared into the Bush to rejuvenate.)

Paul Dobbyn

Speaking of prodigals, old water rat associate Padraig also made a welcome re-appearance and while he mainly focuses on his musical endeavours, he also turns out decent verse and shared some of his recent creations with us.

april crowd shot

Linda Loop took her turn at the mic and, with a little help from Mystery Muso Matt, rendered a powerful version of her original song, “Let it be Known” that displayed a voice both strong and pure.

Lin & Matt

While Buddhist punk-monk Eidu Boru‘s T-shirt questioned everything, Brother Nigel Qpapayandi‘s resurrected an old time anti-police rant that brought tears of nostalgia to my eyes.

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Visual Arts director Shane Kafka told a dark tale of Feral Ballpoint pens running amok with a suitably ironic ending.

Natt the blues master

Matt Barnes, the local blues legend in the making with the flame red slide guitar, stomped and thrummed and hummed

and growled over in the musician’s corner,

sometimes sliding into a smooth reverse and

playing eerily eternal notes strung out on a high wire

forever vibrating in the Wind

over some Grand Canyon of the soul.

Andrew Ell man in tan

Feature Poet and this year’s KPC winner, Andrew Ellery smiled the impish smile of a naughty four year old as he reeled off his raunchy X-rated riffs mixed with a healthy dose of social unease. Not to everyone’s taste for sure and some audiences may have been shocked by the raw material presented in Andrew’s erotic verse, but we Water-rats are a Cosmopolitan crew, and merely called for an encore at the end.

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The day wound to a close. The Rev distributed trinkets as prizes to those poets who had kept him amused.

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There was more but I lost my notes, so sorry if I forgot someone. The Sun started to set and we parted, promising to meet next month. Only the pictures remained to tell the story..

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The Cranes of Progress loom over Musgrave Park

As recalled by; Unckle “I lost my notes” Rat

Photos by; Shane “What lens cap?” Kneipp


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