PHOTO REVIEW, Kurilpa Poets, March 2016

Kurilpa Poets March 2016


Twas a vibrant and colourful day indeed. Our fabulous Feature Poet, the ever-vivacious Ms Pascalle Burton, was herself as colourful as a tree full of parrots and charmed us all with her witty and sensitive verse. She also at one stage channelled the spirit of Samuel Beckett to render a ridiculously extended “shaggy dog story” of a poem to great effect.

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Kurilpa’s favourite Mystery Musician, the shimmering

Ms Jem Sparkles and her nameless minions, the Golden Boys” kept the vibe high throughout.. (Jem’s developing a definite growl to her voice which really brings an edge to her original songs.)

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The Open Mic was varied and entertaining as always, with a good mix of old and new readers stepping up to take their turn at the Mic.

Sharing their words with us that day we had Dr Michael Vaughan admiring a dragon-fly’s skilled hovering like a helicopter, more of the venerable Eido Boru‘s punk poems,

whilst newcomer Sharnty’s cutting off of wings impressed the crowd.

The Reverend Hellfire channels Moses

The Reverend Hellfire channels Moses

Geoffrey Evans love poem cajoled it’s Intended to be “congenially conjoined”, Sue Dreaves was colourfully clad and quietly well-spoken as always, last month’s newcomer Bryce returned to share some thoughts on Love, whilst Nigel Qpapayandi took us walking into the Future and earned a hug from the Reverend Hellfire.

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Brother Trent‘s new anthem proudly assured us that Australia’s “coal is girt by sea”, whilst Tony Kneipp read a moving tribute to recently departed West End Artist/Bohemian Scrounger Brad Harms. (Amusingly Pascalle later revealed that she was a collector of “Harmiana” herself, having swapped a pizza for a couple of Brads’ paintings back in the day.)

Latest Kurilpa Poets member, the just-signed-up Thomas Nelson received the traditional welcoming chorus of “Gabble Gooble! One of Us!” from the assembled Water Rats.

Newcomers Kerry and Fiona both bravely stepped forth in turn and each earned earnest applause, whilst that ragged, rat-bag Doctor of Philosophy, Gerry Keaney, rounded the Session off with a typically explosive performance.

Gerry K unleashes one of his sensitive odes

Gerry K unleashes one of his sensitive odes

As always public-spirited Water-rats contributed generously to the Feast with food and drink, and the resulting magnificent spread was happily shared by all.

Kitchen Crew

Kurilpa’s heroic Kitchen Crew prepare the feast

Shane's not just Visual Arts Director- he makes a fine tray of "snails" as well

Shane’s not just Visual Arts Director- he makes a fine tray of “snails” as well

Up on the Virtual Gallery, Arts Director Shane K took us thru the high points of the career of Aussie Pop-Artist and Tiny Tim fancier, 60’s rebel, Martin Sharp.

Martin Sharp Image

A surprise appearance by the legendary Kurilpa Rat himself brought the day to a suitably religious conclusion, as he scurried about distributing his gifts of choklate eggs and joy to the assembled poets.

Kurilpa Rat scampers amongst the crowd

Kurilpa Rat scampers amongst the crowd distributing his bounty

Later, as the Sun headed towards the horizon, across the road in the old church a tribe of happy-clappers prepared to celebrate Easter in their own weird & white-bread way. It was time to move on. And so, as has become traditional, the heavy thinkers and heavy drinkers of the Kurilpa Clan then adjourned to the Big Lizard down at West End for Happy Hour.

I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

See you all next month!

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Words: Unckle Rat

Photos: Shane K


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