A True History of the Kurilpa Cup

Reverend Hellfire's Sunday Sermon

Amongst the Reverend’s many pastoral duties is included his stewardship of the renowned Kurilpa Poetry Cup. Delving deep into the historical archives he has produced this learned dissertation for students of Poetry. With the 2016 KPC rapidly approaching (Feb 28th) we at Sunday Sermons feel the time has arrived to present..

cup of gold

A True History

of the Kurilpa Poetry Cup

Being an account of the customs, practises

and strange beliefs surrounding

this ancient Ritual.

by a Gentleman of the Cloth

The Origins of the Kurilpa Cup are shrouded in mystery.

Historical records from that period are sketchy at best, but from speaking to tribal elders of the Kurilpa Poets the following facts are known:

*The first Kurilpa Poetry Competition was held in December 2011, and at that stage there was no Cup as yet involved. It was billed merely as; “TheKurilpa End of Year Slam”.

*However, the…

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