Oct 25th Feature Poets; RIDDHI & EIDO BORU

Kurilpa Feature Poets for 25th October


Gypsy Queen of the Airwaves

High Priestess of Bohemia

riddi. peacock tailjpg


“In every culture Poetry emerges before writing and is considered the highest form of writing. However in this day and Age our writing has been hijacked and funnelled into the narrow confines of advertising, marketing and financial competition.”



This October 25th we are proud to present as our lead Feature Poet

Byron Bay Beatnik and advocate of all things eclectic,

the original Riddhi, red-headed presenter

and creator of the fabulously maverick

Bohemian Beat radio show.

Housed and hosted at Byron Bay’s renowned BAY FM,

the Bohemian Beat has been nationally broadcast since 2007,

acquiring a dedicated following with its iconoclastic selection of Music and Interviews, Art and Poetry, Culture and Counter Culture.

“Her taste for the Avant Garde is impeccable”, says the Reverend.


This Bohemian Avatar is herself also a noted poet, writer and activist.

When not chaining herself to a tree or culturally-terrorizing the airwaves,

she’s writing her own individualistic verse. The

late, Great Daevid Allen, for one, thought much of her work.


Check out the Bohemian Beat for youself at


for more information and podcasts of past episodes.

You may even want to listen to Riddhi’s interview with

revered Kurilpa Poets El President, the Reverend Hellfire, at



But at all events make sure you turn up this Sunday, 25th October at 2pm to welcome our fellow Bohemian from the Rainbow Region.

riddi tree


Our second Bohemian Feature Poet on the 25th October

is none other than the venerable Eido Boru,

who joined the Water-Rat clan earlier this year.

Is he Buddhism’s answer to the Reverend Hellfire?

And if so what was the question?

We explore these issues..

Eido Boru the radiant

Eido Boru-the Monk Punk

a brief explanation

In the world of performance poetry, Eido Boru considers himself to be a Modern Celtic Buddhist Bard.  Celtic because of his Irish ancestry, Buddhist because he is and Bard because he writes and recites his own irreverent verse. Modern because it’s now.

For many years, he gave talks to inmates in a maximum security prison in Brisbane.  During these visits, he started to write and recite his irreverent verse to the inmates as a light hearted way to discuss ethics and morals.  It worked. The inmates responded by affectionately naming him after his irreverent verse as;



because he is and


because his stuff was often rude, crude and ungrammatical.  

Monk-Punk is finding its way as a social commentary on prisons, politics and principles. 

With apologies to Mr Shakespeare, Monk Punk simply asks;

“To pee or not to pee, That is the question”.

eido contemplates
Below is a sample of the Venerable One’s work-



Wanna deb8

Life’s gr8

In the Sunshine St8

Behind the Main G8

Until 2078

You did penetr8
Your best m8

With a bayon8





Doctors’ oper8

To determin8

Your mate’s f8

A dead w8

Cops indic8

You’re the desper8

Judge adjudic8

You did perpetr8

And assasin8

With no compassion8

Now Cell 98

Life deterior8

No love only h8

As you w8

No benef8

It’s too L8

Now you’re 88

Buried in a cr8

-Eido Boru


So come along on the 25th October

to be spiritually and aesthetically challenged

by the uncompromising Buddhistic Punkery

of the way Venerable Eido Boru.

Come see Kurilpa's very own Two Wise Men, Reverend Hellfire & Eido Boru this Oct 25rh

Come see Kurilpa’s very own Two Wise Men, Reverend Hellfire & Eido Boru this Oct 25th



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