Presenting the long lost photo-review of the July Kurilpa Poets Gig



The Reverend calls for the Poets to step forward

The Reverend calls for the Poets to step forward



There was a certain element of chaos in the days leading up to

the Kurilpa Poets July Gig and the much anticipated appearance

of QLD Poetry Festival Supremo’s

David “Ghostboy” Stavenger and Anne Marie Te Whiu.

For the much feared “Kurilpa Quantum Worm-Hole

appeared once more and swallowed this months Feature Poets,

as so many have been devoured before them.

Fortunately most of the Lost Poets are eventually disgorged at a later point in time.

Indeed, the Kurilpa Quantum-Mathematicians calculate

David & Annie will return to our space/time continuum around February 2016,

when they will appear as judges

for the Fabulous 2016 Kurilpa Poetry Cup.

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But back in the not-so-distant past, after frantic but futile last minute attempts

to find a suitable stand in, the Reverend Hellfire instead

announced to the audience on the day,

that THEY were to be that days Feature Poets.

Yes, everyone who came forward to take the Mic were

henceforth designated the days Stars.

And Yeay! They rose mightily to the occasion!

Stepping forth to be our fabulous July Feature Poets therefore,

were (in no particular order);

Alvin Kirby

Eidu Boru


Geoffrey Evans

Tony (Fats Parameter)K

The Loaded Dog

Wal Dav

Linda Loop


Sue Fihelly

Paul Dobbyn

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(If I’ve missed anyone let me know.)

All made sterling contributions to the day.

Newcomers to Kurilpa, Alvin and Wal, impressed the crowd muchly.

Wal was actually one of the old Bohemian Cafe crew back-in-the-day,

and his poem on the “Value of a Hug”

earned him a hug from the Reverend to general applause.

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Jem Sparkles was once again Mystery Musician,

charming as usual all who heard her, and

accompanied by yet another of her “Golden Boys

as musical accomplice/nameless minion.

The food was bountiful, the Vibe was mellow,

the new coffee machine, donated by our beloved Secretary,

John Treason, was hotly patronised.

All in all it was a lovely day.

I shall let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

See you all in September.

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words- Unckle Rat

photos- Shane Kneipp



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