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Just a reminder to Water Rats and Friends that this month, August,

the usual Kurilpa Poets last-Sunday-of-the-month-gig won’t be on,

as we’re having a break to give the Queensland Poetry Festival

 a clear stage for the Weekend.

But we will be back on Sunday 27th September, and indeed

we have some great feature acts coming up in the next few months,

so keep an eye on the Water Rat Gazette for upcoming details and announcements.


Your emergency MC for the Day The Blue bearded Reverend Hellfire

The Blue bearded Reverend Hellfire speaks at the 2015 QPF

In the meantime do checkout the QLD Poetry Festival this weekend. Kurilpa El President,

the Reverend Hellfire himself will be appearing as early morning filler

during Saturday morning Dead time, or

you could check out Clive Palmer sumo wrestling with Les Murray

in a giant tank of jelly while they both spontaneously compose and recite Haiku!.

It’s true! Check out the program at..

home of the water rat2


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