KURILPA POETS present…DAVID HALLETT, 26th April 2015

What's black and white and read all over? Poets David Hallet and the Reverend Hellfire

What’s black and white and read all over?
Poets David Hallet and the Reverend Hellfire


Homeless, Roving Poetry Group appears in new Venue!

Features Word-Warrior of the Rainbow Region!

On Sunday the 26th April 2pm,

those vagrant vagabonds of verse,

the Kurilpa Poets

are proud to present;

David HalletT

David Hallett Rainbow

An esteemed Elder amongst our Poetic Cousins from across the border, David is a man with poetry at the core of his being. A Poetic Fixture of the NSW North Coast,

hosting the long running “Writers at the Rails” (amongst other ventures), he has been writing, teaching and promoting poetry there for over twenty years. His poems are polished perfection like the smooth black pebbles washed up on the shores of Seven Mile Beach. His words a breath of fresh sea air with the tang of woodsmoke.

He has performed his work worldwide.

A sample of his work, and further information, can be viewed at this link


Heading our way, David H

Heading our way, David H


And where???





Norfolk Road runs off Boundary Street. From the Boundary St/Melbourne Street Junction, just follow Boundary street (towards town) past the Coles carpark and Norfolk is the first street on the left. Wec House is located conveniently near that corner.

Bus Routes 196 and 199 will take you from the city to the Boundary Street/Melbourne St junction .(bus stop 5)

Map of West End Community House


AS always there will be not one but two (count ’em!) Open Mic sessions, this months Mystery Musicians, The Virtual Gallery and its artistic obscurities, Free Food and Refreshments, the Reverend Hellfire as Master of Ceremony and more!

Yes, despite the relative obscurity of the venue, this event is sure

to be one worth dragging your torpid body

out of its’ usual sedentary rut for.

Trust us. We’re Poets.

David Hallett handbill 2015 JPGAddress



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