Sunday 27TH July- 8 Minutes withKURILPA POETS

Hey thats NOW!!!


greetings from Nimbin

Main Street Nimbin, High Noon for Performance Poetry looms..



8 Minutes till Nimbin!

Special Extended Open Mic Sessions!!

Sunday July 27th, 2pm

91 Cordelia Street, West End,

on the edge of sacred Musgrave Park,

in The Olde Croquet Club

The July Kurilpa Poets Get Together this month features a special “extended Mic Session” where those local Poets preparing to journey south next week and appear

in the esteemed annual poetic event,

The Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup

(occuring as always

over the first Weekend of August)

will have the opportunity to have a trial run

to test their material out on a friendly audience,

and to get their poetic timing

nailed right down to the second.

(Those Nimbin judges can be right funny about Time).

Main street Nimbin

High Noon for Performance Poetry looms in the Main Street of Nimbin!

Reverend Hellfire will be MC‘ing

as well as running thru his own Nimbin Set,

his first performance since returning from

his recent much publicised, “Mysterious Disappearance”.  (see; 

Join the REV and other Water-rats

as they prepare to strut their stuff.

But it doesn’t matter

if you’re not going down to the Cup

or if you only have one short poem

or you have a ten minute story.

We’d still love to hear your Words.

(tho the story might be cut into two episodes!)

crowd shot


Also featured this month will be

the frentic video madness of Japanese Pop Artist,


and who knows what other AV madness

our Visual Arts Director Shane K.

will choose to dredge up from the vaults

and splatter on the inside of our skulls.

krazy keyboard antics

Local buskers and musicians are welcome also

to share their sounds/and or provide musical accompaniment

at the Kurilpa Poets gigs.

Buskers! Ask about becoming “Mystery Musician of the Month“!

Local Artists! Ask about our “Virtual Gallery

and appear on our walls!

Free on site parking! Just go thru the boom-gate!

Free food and drink provided as alwaysfood for the people help yourself

and as always we encourge

the community minded to bring a plate

or a bottle sweet to share at the feast.

Entry this month $5 to the public,

$3 to members and the poor,

but hey,

we aint turned away anyone yet.

If you’ve got poetry or music to share

we’ll always let you in.



club lawn and tree***************

home of the water rat2

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