Poetry, Hellfire, Surrealism and more! 27th April

Picasso's portrait of a poet

Picasso’s portrait of a poet


The Kurilpa Poets

are proud to present their


Sunday 27th April, 2pm.


Feature Poet:

The Reverend Hellfire


The Reverend Hellfire arises!

The Reverend Hellfire arises!



with Special MC:

The ever-lovely Linda Loop

and also

“Surrealism-Poetry from the Psyche”

persistence of memory

Featuring Films from the archival vaults.


Mystery Musicians of the Month:

“Mr Gray and the Dark People”


Mr Gray photo

and as always

Brisbanes Openest “Open Mic” sessions!

Free Refreshments and Parking!

All this and more for a mere $5!


the Olde Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street, West End,

under the trees of sacred Musgrave Park.


lord of the dance

Yes call us April Fools but we thought we’d do things a little different this Month.

Emerging from the sanctuary of the kitchen, the ever-lovely and multi-talented Linda Loop will be acting as Mistress of Ceremonies. Meanwhile after a year of introducing other poets, the Reverend Hellfire steps forth with a special Feature set of all his most banned, forbidden, and censored poems! Yes, these are the poems that, “caused a problem”! Look out for spontaneous combustion!



Meanwhile Alternative/Cabaret Terrorism outfit “Mr Gray and the Dark People” will be serving up their own elegant brand of musically enhanced Poetic visions. Compared to everything from the Bad Seeds to Leonard Cohen, the Dark People’s performance is eagerly awaited by devotees.

Mr Gray n Dark folk

As usual our free-ranging Open Mic sessions will provide an opportunity for folks to share their thoughts and words with the world.

trotsky and sureealist

The day will be winditrotsky and sureealistng up with


trotsky and sureealist

trotsky and sureealist




POETRY FROtrotsky and sureealistM THE PSYCHE

our miniSurrealist film festival, featuring a mash-up of archival material loving collected by our Visual Arts Director, Shane Kneipp. Shane’s learned dissertion on the Surrealist movement will be appearing in the Water-Rat Gazzette this weekend at https://kurilpapoetry.wordpress.com/

and he’ll be introducing the films on the day.


As always drinks and fine refreshments are provided as part of the door charge.

(Tho we encourage the community-minded to bring a plate or bottle of something to share.)

With Free parking and the friendliest poets in Brisbane, this is surely the best value event in West End that weekend. See you there!


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