Vasudha Harte and the Dinkum Bohos Bio

Feature Poet for March 30th


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“She can write a poem on a cigarette skin

and win a slam with it ten minutes later”- Daevid Allen, GONG

She is a talented pianist and songwriter with a voice to die for. Her performance skills have won her many admirers and far too many glam slams. At last here is her first book of poetry, “YOU NEAR VERSE“, so grab one while you can.

YOU NEAR VERSE front cover

YOU NEAR VERSE front cover

Born in rural Victoria, Vasudha combines the unflappable innocence and heartfelt social empathy of a country lass with the steady uncomplicated optimism of the Byron Bay Boho.

Her writing is firmly rooted in the Bush Ballad but adds to those easy folk rhymes with saucy cabaret masquerades and endearing balladeeringShe deftly applies her charm in the service of environmental activism or to anti corporate protest and concludes that Love directly applied can overcome all societies ills. 

Accessible, irrepressible, immediately digestible, her micro mantra fertilises its lineage with mycological precision.

VJ mish beachreduced

DINKUM BOHOS -The Real Deal 

Dinkum Bohos are multi instrumentalists Vasudha Harte and Jem Edwards in a saucy sonic tryst. They set an intimate and interesting atmosphere with their unique blend of sassy blue world jazz gypsy flamenco folk rock classical tango mojo – dramatic, romantic Spanish guitar, tango inspired piano and sublime sultry vocals. 

In 2011 Dinkum Bohos recorded their first CD “Stereognostic” live in their hometown Byron Bay then toured internationally, playing festivals and venues throughout UK, Europe and Asia. The variety of stages they appeared on suggest their far-reaching appeal: folk, Buddhist, punk and world music. People literally came from miles around to hear them play in London, such is Jem’s musical reputation in the UK, and several punters declared Dinkum Bohos the best gig they’d been to in a long time.

With an hilarious piano duet, Vasudha and Jem had four hands on the keys at the same time. The pair synchronized, tantalized and made athletic changes of position-all without missing a beat.” 

-Nimbin Good Times

“I’ve got the warm and fuzzy feeling flowing right through, I’ve got goosebumps!” 

-Andy Travis The Lighthouse Lounge Bay FM 99.9

“Truly Beautiful Music”

– Injoy Magazine


Check out the Dinkums perform live;

“Divine Tango” at 

“Tom’s Waitress” at 



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