The Peoples Poetry Platform Group comes to Kenmore!

Vic Chandra, Kurilpa elder, now PPPG founder

Vic Chandra, Kurilpa elder, now PPPG founder


The Kurilpa Poets are sending their tentacles Westwards Ho! KP elder, Vij Chandra has started a branch project under the KICI umbrella, with the imposing title of the “People’s Poetry Platform Group“.

The PPPG is not a revolutionary Marxist splinter group waging unrelenting class-warfare in the jungles of Mt Cootha, rather, it is a cultural revolution of sorts that Vij hopes to achieve; bringing Poetry and the Spoken Word into the middle-class cultural wasteland of the Western Suburbs.
The Group will be holding regular open poetry reading sessions at the Kenmore Council Library, located at the Kenmore Shopping Centre on Moggill Road. There’s no Feature Poets or musicians at these low-key events, but instead its a good chance to share some words in an informal setting with other lovers of the language.

Vij is asking people to bring in either their own work, or words by other Poets that inspire and move. If you’ve never read your verse in public before, this might be a good place to start. 
The next three scheduled PPPG meetings are
Wednesday Nov 20th. 2.30pm to 5pm
Thursday Dec 5th. 5.30 to 8pm…
Thursday Dec 18th 5.30 to 8pm

These events are Free and open to all friendly persons.

So if you live in the Western Suburbs (or indeed beyond) and want to participate in Brisbane’s thriving poetry scene why not call in on Vij and the PPPG.  And so, we fellow travellers at the Water Rat Gazette say;

“All power to the PPPG! Long live the Poetic Revolution!

Vij C approaches the microphone..

Vij C approaches the microphone..



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