Kurilpa Poets present SASHA ČUHA 24th Nov



Sunday 24th November 2pm

Last Exit from 2013!

Sasha Cusak eyes the world 

Its the last Kurilpa Poets Event for 2013, so don’t miss out

fellow Water Rats and Friends!!

This month featuring

the Verse and Visions of



Sasha C profile  

The Gold Coast is noted most for its Beaches, Bling and Bikers, but it is also the home of this months Feature Poet, the ever dapper and debonair, Mr Sasha Čuha. A noted performer & poet in clubs and bars and dives of todays Poetry scene, Sasha

wields a mean paint brush as well, and will be graciously exhibiting a selection of his artistic works on this occasion for our delectation and delight.

Sasha is one of the youngest Kurilpa Poets and surely one of the most multi-talented.

Not only is he a poet and painter but actor as well, having made numerous appearances on stage and screen,

including a stretch as a Witch in Macbeth and a leading role in a recent production of the Glass Menagerie. Sash further likes to stretch the envelope by doing stunt-work in his quieter moments! So come along November 24th and watch him crash-test the Arts!


the electric sasha C

As always one of our magnificent

Bob Mud plays


will be providing melodious Modes and Moods

to massage the minds of the masses.

Open Mic time

Open Mic time


Don’t forget to bring your own poems or stories,

raves or rants

for your last chance in 2013 to participate in

Brisbane’s Openest OPEN MIC SESSIONS.

Come share your own words,

You will be heard,

First time readers welcome!

reverend profile red


Master of Ceremonies is the always unpredictable

Reverend Hellfire

who will on this occasion be reading a unique poem

never before, or evermore to be, heard again

in celebration of the year past!


food for the people 2

As always a delicious array of afternoon edibles and refreshments

are provided as part of the door price. Please note we encourage

the community-minded to bring a plate,

or a bottle of something cool, to contribute to the feast,

but bring yourself at the very least!

food for the people help yourself


Free on-site parking!


All this and more for a mere $5!

At the Old Croquet Club

91 Cordelia Street,

West End.

on the edge of historic Musgrave Park

So come and join us beneath the trees,

we’ll share our words and be at ease!

The Olde Croquet Club-House & Tree


Note; The Laura Street Festival is on also later that day and is an easy walk from the Olde Croquet Club. So you can start your Cultural Safari

in air-conditioned comfort with the KURILPA POETS

before wandering out to taste the wonders

of Laura Street in the cool of the afternoon.


to contact the Kurilpa Poets write to


Kurilpa Poets Logo





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