Upcoming Event-Kurilpa Poets July Gala!


The Kurilpa Poets, Sunday 29th

July Gala 


The greatest Triple-Header since Cerebus stalked the underworld, with not One but Three Feature Poets struggling for supremacy. These wondrous wordsmiths are non-other than:

*”Unckle” Fats Parameter This anarchistic rat-bag is the infamous creator of the legendary hit-single “Pig City“. A respected local musician, long time radical ratbag and most recently a notorious HEMP activist, Unckle Fats is also a poet of surprising vision and unsuspected depths.


*Cameron Logan was the winner of the Kurilpa Poets 2011 End-of-Year Slam, and now returns to give us a further demonstration of his Art. A regular performer around the Brisbane poetry scene, Cameron’s style is highly theatrical, his humour veering from high cultural satire to the crudest of japes. Surprisingly he claims not only Shakespeare, Yeats, Eliot and the “usual suspects” as influences but contemporary Brisbane poets as well!

* Dushan Bojic usually makes his living hustling as a pool-shark and writing other people’s Phd’s for them. The correctional facility has given him day release for the occasion, (it counts as Community Service) thus allowing Dushan the opportunity to inject us and infect us with his projectile texts. His multi-dimensional presentation will illuminate and consummate the afternoon’s performance.


*The Reverend Hellfire will be Master of Ceremonies for the occasion, so Fire Marshalls will be standing by to prevent outbreaks of spontaneous verbal combustion.


Aside from these poetic luminaries, the traditional Kurilpa Poets Open-Mic section will of course take place. Remember, participating poets get in cheaper, so dust off that poem at the bottom of the cupboard and bring it in!


And if you need further incentive to get up and read your poem, how about world-wide fame?

Yes, the whole Event will be video-recorded and later featured on You-Tube and the Kurilpa Poets Blog site, “The Water-Rat Gazette


Also appearing of course will be this months MYSTERY MUSICIAN. Your only hint; she’s a local lass who, plays a mean ukulele!


There is ample parking and Tea, Coffee and Light Refreshments will be served.

Entry fee is a gold coin donation for Kurilpa Poet members, open-mike performers, pensioners, students & the unemployed. Everyone else pays $5

STARTS; 2pm, Sunday 29th July

The Old Croquet Club, Musgrave Park

91 Cordelia Street, West End




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