X-MASS PARTY & “End of Year” Slam REVIEW


the crowd trickle in to the sound o f"roots blues alt/county"

Kurilpa Poets’ X-mass Party On!

SLAM a “big hit”!

 This report is very delayed. Illness, floods and end of year madness intervened, but here at last Kurilpa Poets correspondant “Unckle Rat” reports on this historic event..

Sunday December 4th saw the last of our monthly gigs for the year, and to mark the Event and finish the year with a big bang, it was also the occasion of the

inaugural Kurilpa Poet’s End-of-Year-Slam.

Fourteen eager poets competed for the honour of winning this prestigious event. Aside from the esteem of their peers, the Winner could look forward to receiving a bottle of fine wine, a loaf of excellent bread, $20 in unmarked, non-sequential bills, and a handsome certificate, suitable for framing.

Further to this, we in the Kurilpa Poets believe that effort should be rewarded, and accordingly, on this occasion, every competing poet was awarded a small mystery prize.

Awarding the prizes and acting as Slam Judge, Jury and Executioner was the Reverend Hellfire. 

Judge Judy & Executioner-the Reverend hellfire

 The Reverend complained afterwards of the difficulty of his task, “Someone else can be judge next time. The overall standard was pretty high and I found it extremely difficult to try and pick a clear winner ahead of the pack. I was just glad I was able to award the mystery prizes by way of compensation.”

The prizes were indeed a diverse collection, ranging from finely carved crystalline rabbits to 4,000 piece jigsaw puzzles of the Golden Gate Bridge. It reminded me of Christmas at the Orphanage, but the poets all seemed happy with their prizes, and none went home disappointed. 

appearing on dry land- the Swampfish!


The advertised ‘Mystery Musicians’ turned out to be The SWAMPFISH, a duo comprising of longtime local musicians Liz & Kym. Playing their own special blend of laid back music (a style they describe as ” roots Blues/ Alternative country”) they really helped create a mellow mood that set the tone for the afternoon. Everyone I spoke to enjoyed their contribution, so SWAMPFISH, come back soon! 

tent town

 The Slam itself presented an interesting assortment of poets for our edification.

Opening up was a young lady called Sam from the Occupy Brisbane tent people, who were fetched up next to us in Musgrave Park. (It seemed only neighbourly to invite them in to share the festivities.) “No photos!” she said, so heres a picture of her feet..

Then,looking more like Hunter S Thompson with every passing year, Dusan Bojic entertained us with his suave urban meanderings. 

reading the fine print-Dushan Bojic


 Linda Loop impressed with a lively Germanic version of Lewis Carroll‘s Jabberwocky that brought cheers from the audience.


the vorpal blade went snicker snacke! Linda loop

  I also liked Glenn Manga‘s anti authoritarian rantings and Cameron Logans resonant Shakespearean tones.


Glen MangaMr Ivan RadixAmanda smiles


Amanda smilesIvan Radix


Speaking of resonant tones, Mr Ivan Radix‘s earthy half growl/half purr won over the growing audience as he delivered his usual polished performance. Kurilpa Poets stalwart Amanda Maystone-Towell made her debut in Slamming and won appreciative applause for her effort.

Another Kurilpa Poets fixture, the gentlemanly Vidge, stood out from the crowd by bringing his very own portable PA system, which he wore around his waist.

testing one ..two..

 Now Vidge is a very quietly spoken man, so the amplification was a boon for those of us who love his poems but sometimes have trouble hearing them. All he needs now is a drum machine!

Lesley Synge had the whole place convulsed with her wickedly satiric poem about the neighbours from hell. Her mimicry nailed the archetypal suburban sounds.. “No Darryl Don’t!! I’m pregnant!!” Great stuff. I’m sure I’ve lived on that street. 

"No Darryl Don't!" Mz Leslie Synge

 Kurilpa Poet stalwart Paul Dobbyn had a novel approach, laying his poem out as a diagram on the floor, like a How-to-Dance floor chart. Poetry in three easy steps!

Marilyn explains

 Also reading and winning prizes that day were Glenn Manga, Mz Gyan, Jeff Nielson and Marilyn Roberts. My notes have “good” written next to each of their names.

Not so young John Austin, who supplied the days R rated material with a tedious poem, in my humble opinion, of gratuitous filth which driveled on for far too long. But we at Kurilpa Poets are Cosmopolitan enough to ignore the misbehaviour of a child or crazy person and so the day continued on undeterred. 

Jeff NielsonThe Rev does a Song & Dance


After a musical interlude with the SWAMPFISH, the second round commenced with four determined finalists. Again the quality was evident, but at the end of the day the Judge must make a decision, and lo it came to be..(trumpets please).. Mr Cameron Logan.

I do believe Cameron came all the way from Ipswich to participate in the slam, so his victory was perhaps especially well-deserved. 

Slam Winner Mr Cameron Logan

 But this was one Slam where it is true to say that EVERYONE was a winner, with the Reverend Hellfire ensuring that everyone had an appropriate award for their efforts.

“I tried to get the prize to match the poet,” explained the Rev’,” and I had a vague idea what was in some of the packages but mainly I awarded by instinct and that seemed to work OK.”

So, yes, a big thanks to all the participating poets, we hope to see you all again in the coming year. 

Thats all folks! Till next year..